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Month: July 2018

But First, Coffee

Coffee is magic. Coffee is the universal fuel of moms. Sure, not everyone drinks coffee, but when I hear someone mention they don’t like coffee, I raise a brow. When […]

No Bustle in My Hustle

It’s one of those days. It has been raining for the last 4 days with few moments where the sun peeks through the clouds. My husband has been working 6 […]

Toddler Hair Trouble

When I was growing up, I barely brushed my hair. I was either climbing a tree or playing a sport. I hated anything to be done to my hair other […]

Meaner as a Mom

In my family, I’ve never had an issue calling my family out on their drama. I’m also the sarcastic joke cracker. I try to lighten the mood in awkward situations. […]

Sorta Fit, Sorta Fat

The pressure to have the ideal body type is still around despite more companies showing diverity in body image. Personally, I have struggled with these types of issues since a […]


Adventures in Parenthood


The (sometimes) painful part of being a mom, plain and simple, its not always easy


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