Mom Hacks of the Week


I’ve seen this topic posted a million times, but I always read them because every mom does something slightly different. I like having options and that’s why I’ve decided to share my favorite hacks. A few of these my grandma told me about and the rest I figured out on my own. I have tested a few that almost all moms have heard about as well.

I will probably do 5 new hacks here and there. These are the 5 ive been using the most recently, but there are a ton out there.

  • For Picky Eaters- Mix Ensure, Pediasure, or other similar nutrient packed drinks in with the morning cup of milk. My son eats wonderful some days, but other days he “hates” what he ate the day before. I started mixing those healthy shakes into his milk, and he loves it.
  • For Independent Dressers- The stricker trick! Cut a sticker in half and put a side in each shoe, so when the shoes are put together for the correct feet, they match. My son loves this. When the stickers wear out or fall out, he helps me to redo it. It’s been very helpful with learning left and right.
  • For The Vitamins- My kids love fruit gummies. They don’t always love medicine or gummy vitamins. Even though the gummy vitamins taste good, my kids still consider them medicine. Just grab a snack pack of regular gummies, put them in a little bowl and add the vitamin in there. They never know the difference.
  • For Snack and Freezer Food- If you don’t always have a clip to seal those snack bags or freezer food bags, use a hair tie. My kids and husband broke the majority of our clips. I started doing this when my daughter became obsessed with those veggie sticks with sea salt. I just twist the open bag and use a small hair tie to seal it tight. It’s quick and easy.
  • For Trips to The Store- My kids love wallets and the idea of money. I don’t let them have money unless it goes into a piggy bank though. We did decide to get them wallets, because they always want to hold ours or help at the store. We put stickers, extra business cards, and tokens in them. It makes them feel involved and helps distract them.

Share some of your favorite hacks and I will give it a try if I haven’t already.


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