Toddler Hair Trouble

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When I was growing up, I barely brushed my hair. I was either climbing a tree or playing a sport. I hated anything to be done to my hair other than a braid or ponytail. The only success my mother or grandmother had was during picture day or Sunday morning for church, and that was pushing it. I remember sitting between my mom’s legs on the floor with tears running down my cheeks while my she ripped a brush through my messy mane.

To this day, I still don’t feel like a “real girl” when it comes to hair. My blow dryer and straightener both literally have dust on them. Honestly, I can only do a simple braid or ponytail. I can’t French braid, and I don’t own a curling iron. Growing up, I had very thick, straight hair.

After kids, my hair became super wavy with a few random spirals. Usually, I just put a little curling cream or leave in conditioner in my hair and let it air dry. Even though I don’t do a lot of cool things to my hair, I was looking forward to actually having a girl and doing her hair.

Pinterest Fails

Luckily, my daughter has wild but amazing hair. It has ringlets at the bottom and it’s thick and bouncy. At a year and a half old, it was already past her shoulders, and she’s always getting compliments on her hair. I’m always looking on Pinterest for simple ideas to pin it out of her face and give it some extra cute style.

The amount of posts I see claiming to be simple include what looks like four dozen bows and braids. My daughter may have gorgeous hair, but she will only allow it to be touched if she’s moving. She needs to be hog tied and held down for any amount of styling to be successful. She will bite, punch, and throw her head back.

I’m always seeing posts or pictures on social media of girls her age wearing the cutest bows and headbands. My daughter fed a few of her hair clips to the dog, but I have gotten a few pictures of her hair before she yanked them out.

She has tried to flush headbands, and it was almost a plumbing disaster. For the most part, she lets me brush it, but aside from a low ponytail, she wears her hair down. If I’m feeling up her combativeness, I will attempt pigtails, but she’s scrappy.

Toddler Hair Trouble

When I’ve asked other moms what their methods or tips were, I got laughed it. Usually, I hear a remark that insinuates that it’s my fault. Then, they offer to do her hair, because they are sure she will allow them to style it. While they sit on their high horse, I just roll my eyes until I get a headache. The only person who my daughter will sit for without a struggle is my husband.

At some point before my daughter goes to school, I’m determined to master the cute hair styles. I will continue to buy headbands and clips in hopes of wearing her down. Thankfully, the dog now takes things from her with caution.

Growing and Changing

I’ve noticed her taking the brush into her room and slowly growing interest. She loves attempting to brush my hair and her dolls hair. Hopefully, she eventually grows to enjoy it.

I know that nothing is permanent when it comes to the interests of toddlers and kids, and I may seem a bit discouraged in this moment. But I will be persistent.

If you have any tips, tricks, or favorite styles for your little girl, feel free to share.

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  1. I’m the same way you are about my hair, and I feel sorry for my daughter. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a lot of hair stuff for her, but we do braids and clips!

  2. I’m going to try and learn as my daughter gets older, and maybe it’s something we can bond over and do together.

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