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No Bustle in My Hustle

It’s one of those days. It has been raining for the last 4 days with few moments where the sun peeks through the clouds. My husband has been working 6 days a week and 10 hours at a time. The kids are stir crazy. I just have no motivation. Even writing is like pulling teeth today, but here I am.

We’ve all most likely had days like to today. I have been treated for depression and anxiety in the past, but having a day like today doesn’t always have to mean something is clinically wrong. It’s okay to have down days. It’s okay to not be all about the housewife hustle and super momming today. Every mom needs a day.

I used to have guilt about days like this. I used to push myself so much harder to try and overcome that blah feeling. It took 2 kids and a long talk with my husband to finally be okay with relaxing. I don’t relax well. I can be a pretty intense person.

I tried doing my typical housework but at a slower pace. That way, I felt like I worked without over doing it. I still did my morning workout, but I let the kids play on me and incorporated them into it more than usual. It definitely wasn’t a strenuous day.

Since it’s common to have “off” days and want to take some self care time, I made a list of my favorite things to do. I’m not a fan of spa days or spending time away from my kids. I’m a bit of a homebody when I’m feeling down, so these ideas cater to what I’m interested in. But if you need a complete day away from the house, by all means, go for it girl!

  • Ditch the Mop. I cleaned, but it was light. I wanted my floors done, but instead I did a quick dust mop instead of dragging out the bucket and solution. Stick to an easier mode of tidying up. I usually just declutter and call it done.
  • Take the Mind Elsewhere. I have toddlers, so I still have to pay attention to what they are up to, but during naptime, I like to scroll through Pinterest or play Sims. Sims always brightens my mood. I usually create a character that can takeover the business world since it’s the opposite of my job. It’s a nice little escape.
  • Eat What You Want. My husband and I have been trying to eat healthier, but today, I’m having a treat or two. I’m going to have some banana bread and make steaks for dinner. I don’t over endulge because I don’t want to binge and make my mood worse, but a treat is nice.
  • Take a Bath. I like bubbles and super hot water. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting in a steaming bath with a glass of wine or margarita. I’ll wait for my husband to come home so I can take 20 minutes to soak.
  • Find a Movie. I love putting my feet up and having both kids at my side while we watch a movie. It’s cuddly and cozy. I put it on close to nap time, so they drift off, and we an doze together.

Days where you aren’t feeling it are okay. It’s always nice to have that time to recoup anyway. If you’re feeling down, then it’s probably a good thing to take the day off. Enjoy it!

Drop some of your favorite lazy day activities in the comments.

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