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But First, Coffee

Coffee is magic. Coffee is the universal fuel of moms. Sure, not everyone drinks coffee, but when I hear someone mention they don’t like coffee, I raise a brow. When I was growing up, I saw it being consumed by every mom and grandma I knew.

My grandmother has always drank black coffee- Maxwell House brand to be specific. My mother didn’t drink coffee until her thirties and would only drink it if there was ice cream in it. To this day, she buys all the fancy flavors and adds milk. I tend to between my mom and grandma. I prefer Maxwell House, but I like a small bit of sugar and milk. I will drink black coffee with my grandparents and cold coffee if it’s brewed to be cold, not just cold from sitting. I also occasionally like the frozen ones that taste like milkshakes.

Regardless of how I drink it, I do so every single day. People are pretty intense with coffee. It’s a big industry that goes beyond consumption. I have a coffee themed kitchen. The tile backsplash in my kitchen is supposed to be varying shades of espresso and coffee brews. I have multiple coffee paintings, and my curtains have mugs and beans on them. I even have coffee themed pjs.

I’m not obsessed, but coffee makes me happy. It’s more than the caffeine, because I could drink tea or other other beverages and get the same or even more amounts of caffeine. It’s not the trend or brands- I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks. I don’t Instagram or post pictures of my coffee. Although, there is some pretty incredible foam art I’ve seen.

Having that first cup of coffee in the morning makes me feel like I can conquer the day. It’s a warm, ensuring embrace. It’s like a therapy session that gives me the confidence I need for whatever my toddlers will throw at me.

I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning, sometimes black or with my little fixings, depends on my mood. If I’m running low on energy after a few bottles of water, I have an evening cup. It never really interferes with how I sleep though. I’m not a big soda drinker, so I usually have coffee, water, and sometimes sweet tea.

Coffee is my favorite. It’s just essential to my day. It seems to be fairly essential to mom culture, and that’s okay with me. Feel free to share how you enjoy your cup of joe. I’m always willing to try different variations.


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