Top 10 Mom Memes

We are a second shift family. When my husband worked first shift, him and I got a lot less sleep. Our kids have always slept in late and just done better on second shift. Making the change in our schedules has given us better attitudes towards each other, but it has draw backs.

We don’t get to spend as much time together, but we argue less because we are more rested. The hardest part is when the days go by slowly. There are moments when the kids start asking for daddy every 10 minutes, so we have to find new ways to stay distracted until he’s home.

Thursday evenings are the hardest for me. The kids take a decent nap mid-day, so I have spare time. I still get pretty lonely and bored because I have the majority of my housework done. That’s where the glory of the internet comes in. I can check news and social media. My Facebook is more memes than anything, so I made a list of the ones that I connect with the most. Enjoy a good laugh.


Categories: Motherhood

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