Suffering with “Surprise Eggs”

If you have a toddler or young child and have yet to see the “surprise egg” or Play Doh egg videos on YouTube or Youtube Kids, don’t do it! Don’t let them watch. It is a rampant addiction that starts out innocent and feeds their curiosity. Now, my son thinks they will solve all of his problems.

If he gets a boo boo, “egg shows cheer me up.” If he has a belly ache, “egg shows cheer me up.” If it’s potty time but he doesn’t feel like it, “I need egg shows to pee.” He throws in random plugs all day about how those videos are essential to his life.

It started with my sister-in-law showing him videos of kids doing toy reviews and it expanded from there. It sounds harmless until the massive tantrum happens. My 3 year old genuinely believes they will make him feel better in any aspect and telling him otherwise doesn’t always go smoothly.

I just don’t want to be one of those moms that relies on technology to babysit my kids. It’s great in short doses to teach them things, but I don’t want to let my kids space out in front of a screen.

I wanted to spring clean one day, so I figured I’d give these videos a try for an hour. My son didn’t budge except to say if one was boring or not. I tried turning them off, and he lost it. His world was ending because he was so sucked in. From that point on I decided they were not allowed anymore. We don’t even use them as a reward for the potty because he wouldn’t go without them.

My son was beyond obsessed. I think they can be wonderful and fun in short amounts, but not for my kids. If you do use them and don’t have issues, that’s awesome.

If they are apart of your household and haven’t banned them for a week or two like I have try these channels.

Ryan’s Toy Review

Toy Lab TV


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  1. Haha! These videos are a curse! I just don’t understand why kids would rather watch someone else play with toys. My little especially enjoys when they play with toys HE HAS! Good to know we are all suffering 😉


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