Clutter Cleanup

I’m told at least once a week that I clean too much, but my house is definitely not spotless. I do clean everyday, but I don’t deep clean. I take my housewife hustle seriously. It’s apart of my job to clean, and it helps me keep my sanity.

I have a cleaning routine that rotates during the week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I dust and wipe down the living room, playroom, and bedrooms. On Tuesday and Thursday, I clean the bathroom and do the floors- by doing the floors I mean vacuum and dust mop. Actual wet mopping depends on the weather because I have dogs and a husband that leave tracks.

The kitchen is the one room I try to wipe down and clean everyday. We cook a lot, and it’s the room that sees the most traffic. It sounds like a lot to some people, but it doesn’t take more than 2 hours to get it all done and even that’s a stretch.

The biggest issue I have is clutter. If there’s an overfollowing basket or pile of clothes or shoes, I’m on it. I’m legally blind so clutter can get dangerous. Plus, it annoys me. I like to have space for the kids to dump their toys and play. We do pick up the toys at every meal time, before we leave the house, and before bed. It’s nice not to impale yourself on legos or toy cars when getting everyone ready.

Teaching the kids to pick up clutter is a nice way for them to learn the importance of tidying up. I’m not a crazy cleaning lady though. I’m not one of those moms that puts plastic wrap on the couches. I have kids and dogs, so there are stains, spills, and crumbs. Some days I clean off the coffee table and seconds later, my daughter is finger painting with her milk where I just cleaned. That’s being a mom.

I get told how weird I am for likeing to clean fairly often, but I have my reasons for enjoying it.

  • Less Germs. I like cleaning because I dont like being sick. Kids are germy, and cleaning helps cut down the chances of sharing colds.
  • Mood lifter. When the house is clean, everyone is in a better mood. It just feels good to sit and relax in a clean house.
  • Keeps Routine. I like to stay organized and cleaning helps to keep me on track in terms of daily schedules and routine.
  • More Time with Family. I clean in small doses and keep the dishes at bay, so I have more time with my family. If I let the chores pile up, I would have to spend a full day or two doing nothing but cleaning. Spreading it out gives me more time in the afternoon and full weekends to have fun with the family.
  • Relieves Stress. If my day isn’t going as planned, scrubbing a wall or cleaning out my fridge helps me blow off stem. Plus, I feel fairly accomplished afterwards.

I think cleaning is important. It’s a job, but I always feel better when I get it done. It doesn’t have to consume your morning or whatever time frame you pick. There are easy tips to keep cleaning light but effective.

  • Use Disinfecting Wipes. Rather than getting out all of the sprays and sponges, use the wipes on almost every surface. They kill germs, remove sticky spots, and smell nice.
  • Do Dishes Often. If I use a cup, I wash it. As soon as a meal is done, I do the dishes. I keep my sink empty. As a kid, my parents would let dishes sit for a few days until the counters were full. Since I’ve lived on my own, I’ve kept my dishes clean and sink empty. Less lumps of time spent doing dishes that way.
  • Storage is Key. I use totes for toy storage. I make sure when I pick up the toys they are all stored neatly so the floors stay open and clutter free. I have a few baskets placed on end tables to help organize pull ups and just everyday items we use.
  • Freshen Up Fabric. I love fabric sprays that smell light and clean like citrus. I spritz curtains and bedspreads to give the house a fresh feel when it’s not a laundry day. It always perks up the mood on rainy days when things can feel musty.

Cleaning is just an essential part of my job. I always hear that I should use that time to play with the kids more, but I think it’s important to teach them about the benefits of cleaning. Besides, a clean house is easier to play in. They have plenty of time to be messy.

If you visit, I will rush around and try to clean. I have had to hear about pet hair and smell from some pretentious people in the past, so I do my best to keep it fresh. Most likely, I will still apologize for the “mess.”


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