Our House is a Zoo

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Sunday afternoon, we needed to go to Petsmart to get our big dog a new collar. Before we even got out of the truck, my husband turned around and told me and the kids that we were only here for a collar and not a new pet. I’ve been telling him we should get another kitten, and he has been protesting. I don’t really want our house to become more of a zoo than it already is, but it’s funny watching him get flustered.

As soon as we walk in, he noticed cages lining the back of the store. We picked out a collar, and made our way to the cages. The kids looked at all the cats from a shelter that was out of town in another county. My husband saw a 14 year old, orange male cat. He was huge and very fluffy. He was recently declawed, which I don’t really agree with, but he was a sweetheart nontheless.

My husband said he shouldn’t live the rest of his life in a cage. He wanted to adopt 3 cats total, so I teased him about how quickly he changed his mind on a new pet. I told him we weren’t bringing home more than 1. After recently telling my in-laws I don’t think we’ll ever get more cats, we spent an hour and a half doing paperwork. Meet Moose. He is our new geriatric gentleman. He loves everyone but is the boss over our dogs. Hopefully, he will be able to adjust to life outside of and a cage.

Prior to adopting this new, majestic old man, we have 3 other pets. We have 2 male dogs and a female kitty. They are their own odd group of furbabies that tend to take over our home right along with our toddlers.

Our house is a zoo, and I’m okay with it.

The pet we have had the longest is our 4 year old, female kitty. She is gray and on the smaller side. She’s like a Sour Patch kid. One minute she’s super cuddly and the next she is attacking you with her tiny pin like claws. I bottle fed her at 3 weeks old. She and her sisters were found on my in-laws farm after their mom was hit by a tractor. My in-laws raised her sisters and found them homes, and we got her. Meet Winnie!

Soon after we got Winnie, we adopted a Doberman American Bulldog mix from a family that lived 2 hours away. His mom was this massive Doberman that looked like she would rip your face off and win a dog show at the same time, and we were only able to get a glimpse at his dad. He was a very thick American Bulldog, who was not happy about his puppies being adopted. He and Winnie are only about 3 weeks apart in age. He’s very protective of me and the kids, but he’s such a sweet heart. Meet Toretto!

Unexpected Blessing

Fast forward 3 years after getting Toretto, we bought our own home. A few months into living in our new place, we read about a puppy that was going to be sent to a kill shelter a few states away from us. We were already looking at large breed dogs to adopt, but once we found this one, we went on a small road trip.

Originally, we were told this black and white male puppy was a Great Dane Labrador mix. The first owners said they thought he was a Mastiff Pitbull mix, but the vet told them otherwise. He was apparently too hyper for their apartment too, they weren’t going to keep him. He is fairly jumpy but such a cuddle bug. Meet Fergus, our unknown mutt!

We love having 4 pets, but it does get chaotic. Animals are such a big part of our life. We couldn’t have a home without them.

I’d love for you to share some pictures of your furbabies.

-With Love


3 thoughts on “Our House is a Zoo”

  1. They’re all so adorable! It can be so hard to resist a cute furry face. I only have one cat, but definitely dream of having more. My brother and sister-in-law, though, are on track to have their own small zoo, complete with chickens and a goat!

    1. We always say if we win the lottory, we will open a big shelter or animal preserve. Taking care of animals is so incredible. My husband has worked with so many more kinds of animals since he was raised on a few farms. Someday, a small farm is the goal.

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