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Fall Came Early at Our House

I hate the heat. Summer is my least favorite month. Spring and summer are also the seasons that I don’t get excited to decorate for. Sure, for the first few weeks, I enjoy the flowers and bright colors. After awhile, I start to really miss my fall decorations.

I couldn’t wait until September for a seasonal change. I had to make a trip to the Dollar Tree for some fresh decor on a budget.

I decorate with your standard fall themes. There are leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and warm, food scented candles. I start with the fall basics until October, then I replace a few things with some ghosts and spiders. After Halloween, I go back to Scarecrows and add some Thanksgiving themed items until December.

I love to have my house in tune with the holidays and seasons and grew up surrounded by it. My husband grew up bouncing around from different foster homes with different religions, so he didn’t get to have the same experience I did until he ended up with his current foster parents towards the end of high school. He considers them his actual parents, and his mom enjoys decorating like I do.

It was really important to me that my kids got to experience the fun of the season change and getting the house done up to be festive. I know the amount that I decorate isn’t too much, because I grew up in a house that was decorated floor to ceiling. I loved and hated it, so I like owning my own home and having control over what decorations I put out.

I always see cute fall items in the dollar stores, and try to have a small budget to update or replace what I already have. The main thing I avoid is glitter. My husband refuses to have glitter in our home because it spreads like the plague. We also try to avoid thin glass items since we have little ones.

With our family, it’s best to decorate counters, walls, and anywhere my kids won’t climb. We have a large entertainment stand, and I have lanterns for each holiday that are placed on top of it. I also like to do wall hangings and pictures in our kitchen. The kitchen, living room, and front porch see most of the decorating action.

Now that my random ramblings about our personal decor are over, I have a few pictures of what I put out last night, because I’m ready for August to be over. My son and daughter also made their way into my snapshots. Discloser: They have bedhead and a quick ponytail and pjs. My littles ones aren’t the type of toddlers to sit still and smile on cue. They are wild animals, so I got lucky and will cherish these pictures.

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