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Favorite Fall Fashion

When it comes to style, I’m not exactly a self-proclaimed fashionista. I try to stay fairly current with trends, but mostly, I have a personal style that I stick too. My style has definitely changed as a mom, and I can honestly say that I’m more open to trying new styles and colors. It’s all about finding what looks great and is able to keep up with my busy life.

Fall is my favorite time for fashion. I love the colors, layers, and boots. I know every season has some new trends and colors, but I have some staples that I like to keep around. I am very excited that mustard is a big color this fall, because that means there will be more options in stores. I would have worn the mustard pieces I already have regardless, but I also like to update some items. 10 years ago I would have never worn the simple styles I do now. I mainly wore black shirts or anyhing with a label on the front.

There are some “new” styles that I’m not a fan of. For example, I just read low rise jeans are making a comeback. That’s all I wore in highschool, but after having 2 kids, there’s no amount of planks that could prepare my midsection for that kind of fit. I’ll stick to my mid and high rise jeans. I’ll wear skinny, straight, bootcut, or flare, but not low rise.

There are some trends I also never really retired. When chokers came back, I was prepared, because I’ve always loved them. I love a simple, thin black choker. I think it can elevate a lot of casual outfits. I also have always enjoyed cutouts, especially in the neckline and back. I love a good criss cross neckline or peekaboo back.

I’m pretty much a jeans and tshirt kind of woman. I’ll add heels and a red lip to boost my casual outfits though. Occasionally, I’ll throw on a blazer or wear a flattering wrap dress, but I’m not known for my style by my friends and family or anything. I just really like fashion, even if it doesn’t always come through in my day to day outfits.

My grandma compliments me the most in terms of style, because I’m not like anyone in my family, I’m a little basic and that’s cool with me. My female cousins wear a lot of too tight and too short items. They like skin and more power to them for having confidence. My mom mixes boho and pagent queen. She’s usually overstyled and the star of any family function. She even ordered a fancy customed eye patch when she had her prosthetic eye surgery. My Aunts are all about comfort, and have no shame in their sweater game. I’m the only one that lives in jeans. They all hate denim, but I’ve been know to double down on my denim.

I fell in love with clothes during my early struggles with bulimia recovery. I have a natural hourglass, but I have never really known what my actual body looked like when it was healthy until this last 3 or 4 years. I was so busy trying to be skinny, that I never learned to dress for my curves. Now that I’m healthy, I’m still learning what looks best on me and what makes me feel confident.

Fall fashion is my comfort zone. I love flannels, cardigans, and blazers. If the fit is right, the layers don’t have to be used to cover problem areas. They can be used to highlight curves. I also think boots of all styles are magical. I love leather and suede the most. They just make me feel put together, and when I feel put together, my confidence is on point.

The fall colors I always stick to are burgundy, olive, mustard, and navy. I also use my staple black and greys too. I’m not super big on wearing prints, but I like wearing thin stripes and plaids. My boots are usually cognac, black, or tan, but I do have some velvet, navy blue boots that I adore.

I like shopping on a budget, because I can buy more over time. I like having a good quantity of items in my closet to pick from and having a nicely priced bag or bracelet to finish out the outfit.

Some of my favorites include:

Fringe Booties

These little boots are from Walmart, but I wear them more than any other boot. I love them so much. They are comfortable enough to do errands in too.

Perfect Crew Tee

I like shopping from Victoria’s Secret, because of the amazing deals I get with my card that’s through them. Their Pink line has very comfortable shirts that I like to dress up or down depending on my mood. I love their mustard colors this year, and you can never go wrong with a thin navy stripe.

I’ve had these boots for a year and the blue, velvet pair for two years. The tall pair is from Target and the other pair is from Kmart. I’m usually shopping at Walmart or Target, but Kmart has a few gems.

A lot of my fall items are from previous years. I have multiple flannels with different plaids. I have one that has a mustard and dark purple color pattern that is my favorite and I pretty much live in. I believe it is from Kmart. I also am looking forward to adding a new blazer and some long cardigans to my closet.

My style is fairly simple as a mom, but I do enjoy a good season change and clothing update. Fall is the best! Feel free to share your go to fall pieces or how your style has changed as a mom. I’ll also accept some style pointers, because I’m open to change!


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