Help a Momma Out: Winterizing Hair Tips and Curly Girl Questions

So, this isn’t just a post about how to prepare your hair for cold weather. The lucky ones live in a constant, sunny climate, but in Pennsylvania, I take extra measures to winterize my hair. This is also a post that has a slight plea for hair answers. Part one will be the steps I take to ensure as little breakage and dryness as possible during fall and winter weather. Part two will explain my latest hair dilemma as a toddler momma with very little spare time.

My hair routine and products change with the seasons. It’s not an overnight type of change, but I usually take mid September to mid October to fully adjust my noggin. I slowly start changing how I wash, the products I use, and styling.

Keep in mind, not everyone needs to do this. My hair type is all over the place. I have a mix of straight and wavy hair with new spirals staring to form all over -the second part of this post will talk about hair type and ask for advice from fellow hair loving ladies.

Winterize time!

Deep Condition More. I try to deep condition at least every other week. It’s nice to sit in a tub and let my hair soak up some yummy smelling deep conditioner. In the fall and winter, I try to do this more often, like once a week. My hair needs some extra quenching power because it gets dry and brittle quickly.

Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Renewal System is awesome. I love the way this stuff smells. It makes my hair feel new, if that makes sense. Before I discovered the Shea Moisture brand, which I’m very much obsessed with, I used Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. It worked great and smelled good. It’s also a fraction of the price.

Change Products. I don’t throw away any of my hair products; I just shift the types I use. When it’s warmer weather, I use a lot of creams and oils. In the colder months, using these can weigh down my hair and make it feel heavy and kind of flat. I still always use a leave-in no matter what the weather, but how I finish out my styling is where the change-up happens. I try to stick to mousses or gels with a little bit stronger of a hold when it’s colder. Sometimes, a cream gel keeps my locks hydrated without wearing them down.

Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpt Cream Gel is a product I really like. The entire curl sculpt line is pretty decent. It all depends on ingredient preferences, but this specific cream gel works for me.

Less Heat is Better. I’m fairly lazy in my styling. I use a leave-in and usually one other product and plop my hair on my head. I mostly stick to air drying, but if there isn’t time, I use a diffuser. I never just blow dry my hair either. I use a flat iron maybe 6 times a year. I had a big obsession with stick straight hair in college, but now I prefer waves and curls with very little heat maintenance.

In the colder months, your hair is more prone to breaking, so using heat products will increase dryness and breakage. It can be a double edge sword though because leaving the house with wet hair in cold weather could be equally as bad. Frozen hair is not fun or healthy. Try to plan ahead if it’s a wash day.

Get a Trim. I’m guilty of not following through on haircuts. I need to get a trim more often. It’s important to cut away the dead and split ends. I have pretty long hair, and my biggest fear is getting a bad haircut. I’ve had super short hair, and it doesn’t look great on me. This year, I will follow through with my hair trim schedule.

These steps usually work well for my hair in the chilly months of the year. Now, the next part of my post is open to comments, advice, and any help you can offer. Help a momma out!

In high school and most of college, I had fairly straight hair. After my son was born, it started to get a beachy wave texture. When my daughter was born, I started getting curls and spirals on top of the wave. Since my partial hysterectomy, it’s gotten even curlier. I have a small section of straight hair on the very bottom layer that peaks out underneath a combination of big waves and curls. I’m so confused by my hair type majority of the time.

I didn’t even know what hair/curl type I had. I still kind of don’t. My hair ranges from a 1-3A and has all the textures in between. Most of it is 2C-3A right after washing. I’ve done research but I must be dense, because I’m a bit confused. On second day hair, my curls turn into an “S” shape.

The above pictures are a second day hair with no product besides a leave-in conditioner. My top curly layer usually turns into big waves. If I brush my hair, it frizzes out like a lion mane, so I avoid that if possible. I guess my biggest request is how the hell do I manage my hair when it’s slowly becoming bigger and curlier. I’d love all over curls, but that doesn’t feel possible.

I’ve even considered a perm, but I spent years dying my hair with box dye, and gave it up 3 years ago. I finally have healthy, chemical free hair. I will admit, I want to go to a darker, warmer brown for fall. I’ve been told waves and curls show less damage when they are a darker color. However, frizz is already an issue, and I don’t need more damage.

I’ve researched the curly girl method and taken steps to help my hair out.

  • I only use a cotten shirt for drying and plopping- never a towel.
  • I comb through wet hair with a wide tooth comb during washing process. Very rarely do I brush or comb dry hair.
  • I “squish to condish” on wash days.
  • I use a water/leave-in conditioner spray combo I made for second and third day hair.
  • I try to use a light cleasing cream shampoo no more than twice a week.
  • I try to avoid alcohol, sulfates, and silicones in my products. Still learning and sometimes over looking depending on how the product makes my hair feel.

I still can’t figure out the best way to sleep with my hair. I’ve tried “pineappling” with a scrunchie, but it doesn’t look that great in the morning.

I keep researching, because I want consistent curls. Is that possible? Dear reader, help a momma with ever changing hair.


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