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Bold Lips for Blah Days

I am by no means a makeup artist or guru. I own makeup brushes and sponges, but I still use my fingers to blend my shadow most of the time. I still suck at doing my eye brows, and I can only make my lip liner look good if I have a lot of time to get ready. Even though I’m a hot mess kind of mom, that doesn’t mean I don’t love makeup.

Here is what I look like fresh faced on a Monday.

I didn’t own lipstick until college. Now, lipstick takes up the majority of my makeup bags. I have so many colors and finishes. It’s an obsession even if I’m not that great at a stunning application.

The thing I love about lipstick is how put together I feel when I have a light face and a bold lip color. I’m a makeup minimalist as it is, but when I wear a bold color on my lips, I can go very simple with my other products.

The days I prefer to go this route are those blah days where the weather is overcast and we have errands to run. Going out in public with yoga pants and a ponytail is tempting, but I like to beat that blah feeling with a bold lip.

The best part of fall is the color trends. I love when it’s vampy lip season, because there are so many variations of reds and maroons. I use to shy away from these colors because I don’t like drawing attention to myself. Once my confidence grew, my lip colors expanded outside of the nude and beige range.

Today is a blah Monday. I’m not leaving the house, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sport a red lip while I vacuum and fold laundry. Who says you can’t play hide and seek with toddlers while wearing a metallic burgundy liquid lip? Sometimes, being bored and blah means working a bold lip. Hey, it cheered me up, so that’s all that matters.

My hair is frizzy from being tied up during my morning cleaning routine, and I left out the lip liners. I might not have Kylie Jenner’s lip skills, but that’s okay.

When it comes to brands, I own mostly drugstore products and things I can get at Target. Taking toddlers into Ulta isn’t my favorite activity. If they had carts to tote my tiny tots in, I’d feel safer about my kids not destroying their beautiful beauty products.

Do you have bold lip favorites? Post pictures in the comments and spread some beauty vibes.

The products I used. The Rimmel by Kate is 111 Kiss of Life. The NYX is VMLS 05 Volcano.

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