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Hello October: Beauty, Babies, and a Full Weekend

Besides having colds all week, we were excited for our last weekend in September. My husband didn’t have to work overtime, so we decided to welcome October with crafts, cleaning, and a few beauty shake-ups.

Before the fun and chaos happened, I wanted to get my fall cleaning taken care of. I have a good cleaning regimen, but when the seasons change, I go the extra mile.

  • Scrub the walls that see the most action. I wipe down walls every 2-3 weeks, but I really go over the ones in the rooms we spend the most time in for the season change.
  • Dust ceiling fans, curtain rods, and high corners of walls.
  • Declutter all baskets that have mail and paperwork. (Those baskets accumulate a lot of expired coupons and little bits of junk.)
  • Organize toy totes and play room. I try to keep toys sorted and easy to find for the kiddos. The season change gives me an excuse to go through those bins.
  • Get clothes organized by season. Put summer things in back of closet and sort out dressers.
  • Wash all coats and hoodies.

It sounds like a lot, but it feels good when it is all ready for the brisk days and Falling leaves.

We love being able to show the kids that the leaves are starting to fall and that means changes in the seasons are coming. We also decided to welcome October with a spooky craft.

We aren’t the craftiest family, but we try to do new things with the kids when we get the chance. When I was a kid, we made stick ghosts. Bare with me on my explanation.

You find a solid stick as the base. It can vary in size depending on preference. A stick you can push down into the yard is what we try to find. The hunt for your base is part of the fun, or you can buy something that would work at the craft store. Then, you use either a white sheet, curtain, cheese cloth, or older towel of sorts to make the ghost.

You can make the face with fabric markers, paint, or cutting felt shapes and using fabric glue. We try to keep it simple since our kids are younger. There are so many different approaches and examples online as well.

Once the kids have fun with welcoming the spooky month of October, we try to treat ourselves too. I haven’t dyed my hair since before I had babies, so I wanted to mix it up. I swore I’d never go red again, but I let my husband pick a color he loved.

Usually, I have no issue with going to a salon, but we wanted to have a date night and dye my hair and cuddle up with a movie. Sometimes, staying in is our treat. My husband has no issues helping dye my hair since my sight has been decreasing. It turned out great in my opinion!

We used a box of Olia: Darkest Red Rose. We like Olia, because it’s ammonia free and has a 60% oil blend. I know it’s not salon quality and the concerns of box dye, but it’s always come out great for me.

This is unstyled and wind blown, but I’m enjoying this color because it’s not a fake looking color. I’ve done very cartoon colored hair before, so I wanted it to be a color that felt some what natural looking.

My husband is a natural red head, and I envy him so much for it. However, since we’ve had babies and he’s gotten older, he’s noticed a bald spot on The top of his head. So to give him a hair change, we shaved his head. He’s enjoyed the head rubs and lotions once it was done. Maybe it will grow back or maybe not. He needed a boost of confidence too.

To round out our October preparations, we took a nice mountain ride, and watched movies in the evenings. Even though we were stuffed up with sore throats, we made the most out of welcoming October.

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