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Monday Love to Hate: Chores

So my posting isn’t very routine. I post at least twice a week, but I don’t do it on specific days. Sometimes, I have a quote of the day if I’m feeling empowered or need a pick me up. However, I want to start a regular post on Mondays.

We all have situations, things, people, etc that we love to hate. By that I mean, we drag our feet or aren’t fans of something but end up appreciating it in the end. You might not like it or want to do it, but once it’s over with, you feel better.

This first love to hate post is about chores. My Mondays are usually packed with cleaning, because we have chaotic weekends. I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. I dread it, but once I start, I can’t stop.

Dusting – When I remember where I put my dust pad handle that extends to just the perfect height, I avoid looking up at my ceiling fans. I know they need cleaned. I know there are probably cobwebs in certain corners of the house, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to get a stuffed up nose to make the house a little more breathable for everyone else. So, I do it anyway. After I dust every curtain rod, corner, door frame, and fan, I feel like Wonder Woman! My eyes itch a little and my nose is stuffy, but it’s a fabulous feeling.

Cat Litter – I scoop and clean the litter box every other day. Sometimes, it’s everyday. No matter how often I do this chore, I hate it. The entire time I’m scooping, scraping, and emptying that poopy box, I’m cursing. I’m swearing that I will never get more cats. Once it’s done, I act like my cats live in luxury. I hate doing it, but I love those fluff balls and a clean litter box.

Scrubbing the Tub – I clean my bathroom very regularly, but I loathe scrubbing the tub. Our bath tub is fairly large and is surrounded by tile. I have to drag out multiple cleaners and keep the kiddos out while I wash the walls and bathtub. I hate it because I obsess until the tile looks new, and it’s always a challenge. I spend a decent amount of time scrubbing and rubbing. After it’s done, I get so excited that I want to take a candle lit bubble bath. At the same time, I’d rather everyone shower with the hose in the yard so they don’t wreck my masterpiece.

Wiping Down Walls – Sometimes, I do this too much, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. If I see a spot or notice a wall needs my attention, I can’t leave it alone. I ended up taking paint off of a wall last week. Once I start, I can’t stop. I end up cleaning too much and too hard. If I do it without going overboard, the house feel so refreshed. It feels like a newly painted wall.

Cleaning Out the Refrigerator – Sometimes, the fridge just needs a good wipe down. I can never just clean the shelves and wash it without doing too much. It’s another chore I go overboard on. I hate going through the shelves and cleaning out the fridge, but it goes hand and hand with wiping it out. I hate finding suspicious looking cocktail sauces and funny colored cheeses. My husband is great at tucking things into spots where they get hidden or overlooked until it’s too late, all because he didn’t want to share. I hate finding that half eaten candy bar hiding under the celery that is way too brown. Then again, when my fridge is clean and fresh, I want to have dinner parties and play Martha Stewart. It’s a lovely feeling to open a newly cleaned refrigerator.

So there ya have it. I hate certain chores. I drag my feet and groan on the phone to my mother about not wanting to do them, but once I get everything on my list done, I feel glorious.

Everyone tells me I clean too much. They act like I live for it, but they only see the aftermath of how happy a clean house makes me. I dread the before. I hate setting down my morning cup of coffee and opening up my cleaning supply cupboard, but somebody has to do it. That somebody is this mom. It’s apart of my housewife hustle.


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