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Mom Days

Ever have an entire day completely planned out and have absolutely nothing line up? That has been our Wednesday. No one in our house got more than 4 hours of sleep besides our geriatric gentleman of a cat. We had a million errands and appointments in a span of 3 hours before my husband had to leave for work. Here I am- two toddlers who’s schedules are out of whack and the slowest part of my day.

Waiting. Waiting until it’s their dinner time. Waiting until they have a short nap, so they are awake to see their dad tonight. Waiting for them to be sleeping, so I can eat without sharing. Waiting for the coffee to make my cape to appear.

It’s a mom day. Those are the days my kids can’t function unless they are clinging to my legs and saying mom so much their voices get hoarse. These are also the days where they do things you only see in movies.

These kind of days aren’t all bad. Everything got done early, which means I’m not cleaning or working out. I’m focused on the kiddos, and they definitely want to challenge me.

Let me just highlight some of the moments that have made my most recent mom days this month. These are just the face palming and humorous moments of October.

  • My 1 year old daughter managed to scale the window and climb up the curtain until she was stuck at the top and too afraid to slide down. I had to get a chair to get her since I’m super short. I only left her alone because I wanted to poop by self for the first time in weeks. Her upper body strength is alarming.
  • My three year old son figured out his junk could float, so he’s been filling up cups, sinks, and anything that will hold water. Once there is water, he takes his pants off and tries to make his “pee-bug” float. He still swears he can’t dress himself, but he clearly is capable of taking clothes off.
  • My daughter brushed both of our dogs teeth with my toothbrush and then brushed her own. Multiple times. We are out of toothpaste, and they all have the poops.
  • My son fed my daughter’s baby dolls his cantaloupe and then hid them, so I didn’t discover the sticky messes until I went into their closet to hang their dress clothes.
  • My daughter wanted to workout with me, so she went into my dresser and got a sports bra. She couldn’t figure out how to put it on herself, so she put it on the cat- successfully, without getting scratched or anything. Our one cat doesn’t run. She accepts their antics.
  • My son locked my daughter in a dog crate, and then, he bungee strapped it shut for extra hold. She was only in it for a minute, but she wanted back in after I got her out.
  • My daughter put pieces of her chocolate bar down the heat vent. I found it when I smelled it. It’s been chilly, so we had the heat on for a day or two. Thinking about finding chocolate scented candles now.

These are just the moments I can remember while I sit here blinking one eye at a time from exhaustion. Most of these made me laugh, but there are always minutes of panic that set in too. I do wish I could of got some of these moments on camera, but I never think about until the chaos settles.

Usually my toddlers and pets are partners in crime. They are like a mob family that makes decisions, but I’m that one cousin that doesn’t find out about these decisions until something is already happening. Thankfully, when situations like this happen, I’m close by and we have minimal accidents. These are my mom days.


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