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Mondays Love to Hate: Trends

When it comes to trends, there is more to that concept than fashion and beauty. I’m always hearing about what’s going on and is popular right now from my oldest friend. The entirety of our 20+ years of friendship have been filled with our chats about her pursuits of the latest trends.

I will admit, I notice what’s “in”for the most part, but there are so many trends that go over my head or I don’t even give a second look. There are also ones I can’t seem to let go, and I get super excited when they circle back around and become cool again.

I know following what’s trending isn’t exactly original or whatever, but the participation of it all doesn’t exactly make you a follower. When something is a hit, it’s unavoidable. I also try not to let it make me worry about other people’s opinions. That’s why trends are a love to hate, double edge sword kind of thing.

The trends that I love aren’t just the ones circulating right now, I tend to hold on to something, rather than upgrade to the next one, so there’s a few trends I love that aren’t “in” right now or are coming back around or maybe even just left.

Trends I Love

  • Chokers- I’ve had varying types of these necklaces since I was in elementary school in the late 90’s. I love a simple thin, black choker. My current fav is a leather one, but I do try to class it up on the holidays with velvet.
  • Coconut Everything- I use coconut milk, oil, and water. I love that it can be used with hair, food, and skin. It’s just an all around great thing.
  • Denim- As far as I’m concerned, denim is always in, but cut and style change a lot. I love double denim and denim jackets so much that it’s a look I sport every fall. I also like darker denim and slightly distressed jeans.
  • Big curls- When I was in junior and senior high, we flattened our hair to death. Stick straight hair is a curse I had also. So after babies, my hair got a lot of body and wave. This past summer my waves started to curl and bounce. I will always pursue big curls!
  • CBD Oil. With science ever expanding and new laws constantly going into place, CBD is legal and helping people with varying illnesses and pains. Being legally blind and having pain in my eyes has always caused me issues. I also have anxiety. Once I saw the promotion of CBD oil, I did my research. I definitely love and support this trend. My eyes feel better, and my anxiety attacks are almost none existent.

Trends I Hate

  • Denim- I know I just said I loved denim, but I just read something that made my heart drop into my butt. Low rise jeans are coming back. I made so much fun of my moms mid and high rise jeans while I was in high school. Now, I apologize every time I shop for jeans. I pushed large children out of my body, but not before they did months of damage that my workouts are still trying to subdue. Low rise jeans terrify me. I just hope other styles don’t become sparse.
  • Avocados- Good fats are making there way into diets since the fear of all fats has been debunked and better nutrition is becoming a more popular industry. I like avocados. I like guacamole. I don’t want to eat them on my toast or everything that they can go on. I just get tired of hearing about them. They are good. Always liked them. Can we move on with eating them without talking about it or taking a picture of it.
  • Keto and Gluten Free- I personally don’t hate these, I just hate when someone jumps the gun to try fad diets before doing research. Both of these are specific diets for health issues and people with allergies. If not carried out properly, these diets could do more harm than good. Be smart and talk to a doctor. Also, stop telling me to take away card and eat cauliflower pizza please.
  • Glitter makeup- I hate glitter. I love to look at it, but I will not touch it, especially to my face. It’s like a plague,it spreads. I’ve never had luck with sparkles and even had an eye infection from a decoration that shed it’s glitter all over until it made its way to my eyes. Many props to those who can carry this trend out though.
  • Fake and big glasses- I hate fake glasses. I try not to get offended at the filters of fake glasses or the big granny glasses people wear for style purposes. As someone with horrible eyes, I have been mocked and made fun of my entire childhood for wearing glasses, but now it’s cool to wear big frames. People suck.

Half wet messy curls and my big bifocals

There are always going to be things going in and out of style. I could extend these lists forever- like matte lip products. I love this trend, but I do like to have a variety of finishes. I don’t like man buns, but I wouldn’t tell Johnny Depp he looked bad with one.

Trends are just an ongoing part of life. What’s your favorite fads that are in or out? Are there any you can’t stand?

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