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Pursuit of Body Goals- Workouts After Hysterectomy

Since February, I have been trying to make healthier choices when it comes to eating and working out. I’ve mentioned struggling with an eating disorder in the past but have been doing wonderful in terms of not relapsing since we started our family. I lost all of my pregnancy weight within the first few months of giving birth, but my body still changed. It is easy to be hung up on appearance. Even though I make better choices about my body, that doesn’t mean I don’t lack confidence most days. I wanted this year to be different. I wanted my kids to see me love myself in a consistent manner. I figured easing my way into better eating and working out at home was a great way to do it.

When I first started making changes, I just drank more water and less soda. I slowly started changing my bread choices and working on portion sizes. While that was happening, I was trying different at home workouts and doing simple crunches and planks. My main focus has always been my belly.

Once summer rolled around, I saw a difference in my body but not the numbers. I saw less bloat and small amounts of definition. So, I wanted to amp things up. I starting making small routines for myself.

I really started making smarter choices in the snack department and drank very little soda. I also wanted to try free workout apps. As soon as I picked up speed on pursuing my goal body, the doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy. I knew it would fix so much of my pain, so it happened.

The hardest part of the healing was not working out. I was swollen and in pain. I wanted to workout and be active, but I had to rest.

It has been roughly 2 months and 3 weeks since I had to have my partial Da Vinci hysterectomy. You can read more about the what’s and why’s of my surgery at Hysterectomy Post-Op.

The moment my doctor cleared me to workout again, I was back at it. I started slow, but I was listening to advice from my husband. He was concerned how obsessive I seemed about losing my belly pouch. I noticed it getting out of hand, so I found apps I could rotate. I would focus on my core and stomach one day and total body the next day. I would rest on weekends, but sometimes, I worked out on Saturdays if he worked overtime. I also decided to work on all over eating choices. I love food and still want to enjoy my favorites, so I concentrate on cutting out added sugars. I eat good fats and protein. I don’t hide from carbs, but I don’t eat a ton of them. It’s a balance that makes me happy.

These free apps I have tried have great instruction and my workouts stay under 45 minutes. Some take even less time, but I combine workouts a lot of the time. I like to work until I’m sweating and feel accomplished. I have to get to a point where I feel like I did enough but am still able to conquer my busy day with toddlers. Moderation isn’t easy for me and has been a reason I relapsed in the past.

I don’t usually do before and after pictures. I haven’t worn a swim suit in over 3 years. I just hate showing my stomach because I’ve had babies and a fair amount of surgeries. I try to embrace my stretch marks and scars, but I’ve heard a lot of negative comments in the past. My husband pushes me to be the best I can be and is constantly telling me to love myself at every stage of my life. It hard looking at the extra skin and scars, but I love how I feel. So, I’m on the right track.

Recently, I realized my clothes don’t fit, but the numbers on the scale have only gone down a small amount. It’s hard to not focus on numbers, but I’m realizing that beauty isn’t a number- it’s how I feel. After trying on new jeans this weekend, I realized the results are there. My body is changing the way I want, and for once, I’m being healthy about it. I’m so proud of myself.

I have been known to take pictures of my body and send them to my email and put them in a folder I hardly use. It keeps me from staring and zooming in on the parts I hate. Today, I took a picture and compared it to one I took the second week of September. It’s been a little over a month, but seeing that small difference makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

Taken the second week of September when I was cleared to start working out.

I took this picture this morning after my workout.

For me to share these pictures on the damn internet is incredible. It feels good to be open about my journey to someone other than my husband and one friend of 20+ years. It feels good to say look what I can do and am going to keep doing.

I am on a different side of the blog universe than the the health bloggers. My MO is babies and occasional beauty posts, but it feels good to talk about my health journey. I follow all types of blogs and have learned amazing things from the giant blogging community, so it’s my turn to share what I’ve been doing.

I’m pretty sure I have tried all of the free workout apps. I like the 30 days challenges the best. I tend to skip their advised rest days and pick my own. I also restart them when I finish if I really liked the routines. I’m always trying to change things up a bit. I recently got hand weights that I’m going to start incorporating, so I’ll be on the hunt for a routine that will be good for incorporating those.

I will continue to share my journey now that it’s out there. At the same time, I may delete this entire post and hope no one writes negative things. I do love to hear about other people’s journeys too. Tell me what your up to in your journey to better health, and if you aren’t on one, that’s okay too. Love yourself- that’s what’s important.

Love yourself. Without makeup, without filters, and without editing. Embrace that version from time to time.


  1. You look incredible!!!! What an awesome accomplishment. I loved reading about your journey and am so glad that you decided to share it. I wrote a post and shared pictures about my health journey and it was so hard to do so I give you so much credit!!! I can’t wait to read more posts about your journey!!! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • That means a lot to me! I love your blog so much. Even if I don’t always comment, I’m constantly reading it and recommending it to friends. Thanks for your support. Everyday is a challenge when it comes to my body and eating disorder recovery, so taking this step, was a big deal for me. ❤️😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my goodness, thank you so, so, so much! I can’t even tell you how much that means to me! I love your blog as well and am so glad that I found you through Twitter! You’re going to help so many people with your stories and I’m so happy to know you and be here for it!!!! 💕💕

        Liked by 1 person

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