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Month: November 2018

Shopping is My Self-Care

Reading the title may have some of you thinking I’m most likely in debt or have more than enough credit cards. I have to say that both of those assumptions […]

Mondays Love to Hate: Handyman Husband

For the last two months, my husband has been working on redoing my mom’s kitchen counters. He finally finished the install this weekend. He even had to work on her […]

When You Want to Give Up

Disclaimer: This post discusses some of my difficult struggles with anxiety and depression. It’s a bad day. It’s an overwhelming day. We all have them, whether we admit it or […]

Mondays Love to Hate: Potty Training

The Faces of Potty Training I’ve posted about potty training in the past.  My son turned 3 this past summer, and potty training is still an ongoing process.  There isn’t […]