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Monday’s Love to Hate: Makeup

The lip stuff I carry in my purse.

Lately, I have been getting more interested in makeup. I’ve worn makeup since I was 15, but a lot has changed since white shimmer eyeshadow and roll on lip gloss was popular. Makeup is now very next level. There are so many possibilities with a good palette and a handful of brushes.

As someone who is legally blind, doing my makeup isn’t super easy, which is probably why I’m just now amping up my makeup game. To be honest, I just bought primer for the first time this weekend. I’m not going to lie, it makes me feel fabulous.

The beauty industry is ginormous, and for me, it’s addicting. I love makeup, and there are some awesome aspects to having a drawer full of pretty products. There are also parts of the makeup game that make me want to pull my hair out. It’s a love and hate industry for me.

What I Love

The Variety. I love going to Target or Ulta and just browsing at all of the options. I love scrolling through Pinterest and seeing the different pins about what types of lipsticks are going to be popular for the holidays.

Makeup has so many brands and within those brands are colors, finishes, and formulas. The variety of products is incredible. I have a bag of lipsticks that are all just different variations of red. I don’t mean I have pink and burgundy in this bag. They have separate bags. I mean I have a full bag with a ton of bright reds- all slightly within the shade range of each other. It’s magnificent!

The Bonding. If my sister-in-laws have a big event, date, or just want to look good for a store run, they ask me to do their makeup. I’m not even close to being good at makeup, but sharing that experience is a bond I love to be apart of. Having them trust my opinion on what they should wear makes me smile. It’s a trust we share. Plus, I own the most makeup out of everyone since I became obsessed last year, and I do a hell of a job for someone who wears bifocals.

It may sound silly, but the makeup community is big. I love being a blogger and following MUAs and style bloggers. The beauty and fashion bonds are really wonderful. It’s a industry that has a lot of unifying power. Sharing favorites and techniques online makes it so welcoming at times. It’s great to make friends with similar interests, but makeup artists are pretty hardcore with their knowledge base. I love the comradery of it all.

The Confidence. I wear makeup because I like it. It’s like clothing. It can be used to embrace and show off your style and personality. When I have the time to do my makeup really well, and I walk into a family event, I have more confidence talking to people. I feel good and feeling good makes me happy.

I will admit that I’ve worn makeup on days where I didn’t feel my prettiest, but that’s okay. Swiping on some red lipstick makes me feel like a boss. I love how empowered it can make me feel. If a nice suit can do that, why can’t makeup? I don’t hide behind the shimmers and colors, they bring out parts of me that I really enjoy.

What I Hate

The Variety. Makeup has elements that are a double edge sword. I love the amount of diversity that makeup is now including. The issue I have is that there are a million options, and making a decision has become harder than ever. I try to research a few products that are similar and then make my pick after reading some reviews. I can spend hours in Ulta, and it can be problematic. Having a few handfuls of lipstick is awesome, until I can’t figure out which one I want to wear. I love it all, but deciding what to buy, especially on a budget, can be frustrating.

The Prices. I try not to complain, because good makeup costs money.  There are drugstore dupes for almost everything, but great makeup with lasting pigment costs money. It’s like a tattoo. Good ones will cost you, but if it’s something you’re going to wear, you should probably get the good stuff.  Granted, makeup isn’t permanent.

I try to limit my spending since we are a family of four. My kids need new shoes over me needing a new brush set. So, when it comes time for a makeup purchase, I do price research and look into whther the dupes or the cheaper brands are going to be worth it. I don’t want to waste money on something that won’t last.

I will admit that I’d rather have a pricey palette that I know will deliver the right look, but there are some pretty great brands that offer good makeup at an affordable cost.  Again, makeup is like clothing in that aspect. I would love a pricey pair of jeans, but my Levi’s do the trick!

The Shaming. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone ask why I think I “need” makeup and doesn’t it make me feel fake? Um, no! I know a lot of mean girls that catch me off guard by saying, “oh, I like your lipstick. I wouldn’t wear it, but that’s because I don’t need makeup.” Girl, bye!

I hate rude people. I don’t care if you think that I’m not naturally pretty. All that matters is what I think. I think I’m going to keep rocking bold lips and learning how to give my skin that beautiful glow. Everything becomes a competition, and makeup is no different. Some people look down on others who wear makeup, and some amazing makeup gurus look down on others for not being the best at makeup. There will always be pretentious people, but we need to look past that kind of shade and focus on what shades of beauty make you feel your best. I love makeup, and the shaming is one thing I am learning to look past. It’s not easy, but it’s about learning to love yourself. You can love yourself and wear makeup, so don’t let other people put you down! Embrace what makes you happy.

The Take Away

For me, there are more pros than cons. I love makeup. It’s frustrating when I can’t afford something I really want. It can be difficult deciding what highlighter I should go with, but that doesn’t deter me from finding my favorites and making it work. I will go to my grandma’s Christmas party and listen to my cousin tell me I shouldn’t try so hard to “look pretty.” I am pretty.  I’m pretty in the morning without the concealer covering my dark mommy circles, and I’m pretty in the evening with my brows perfected and cheekbones highlighted.

The important thing to remember is that makeup is YOUR choice. If you love it, go for it. If you like the natural look, that’s awesome too.  Don’t let beauty choices be a divider.

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