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Mondays Love to Hate: Handyman Husband

For the last two months, my husband has been working on redoing my mom’s kitchen counters. He finally finished the install this weekend. He even had to work on her project on our anniversary, so it met my mom’s time line. It really made me realize that I love my husband, but sometimes, I hate how handy he is.

My husband has had so many jobs. He loves to learn new skills, and for the longest time, he couldn’t decide on what career path he wanted. He’s good at everything he does, but he finally settled on welding, which is what he went to school for.

My Husband’s Previous Jobs:

  • Cabinet Maker. He worked for a small business that made and installed custom cabinets. He’s made some beautiful kitchens!
  • CNC Machinist and Assembler. He’s worked in a few factories running machines and assembling parts.
  • Deer Farmer. My husband has worked on a handful on deer farms and would do any job needed. He could give a sick deer meds, feed, and anything in between.
  • Tractor Trailer Mechanic. He used to fix broken trailers, brakes, tires and anything but the motors on big rigs.
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic. He worked for an excavating company and would fix their machines.
  • Regular Mechanic. My husband fixed cars, trucks, and a few lawn mowers for friends and family.
  • Welder. He can MIG, TIG, and stick weld. He loves welding and finally settled in with a company he loves. I’m sure he will retire from this one.

His resume is quite lofty. He has so many skills. He also took classes and got certifications in electrical work. He is just so damn handy. Now, I’ve had a few people in my family who could install ceilings fans, fix dry wall, and do little tasks. However, my husband is the most crafty and skilled person I know. Even though he has so much ability, there are pros and cons.

What I Love

Money Saver. Very rarely do we have to call a professional. My husband has fixed most of our home projects, and he always repairs our vehicles. He’s fixed water heaters, washers, and all of the big expensive items around the house. It saves us money, and it gives us full range of how we want to redo the house. I take recommendations into mind, but I fully trust my husband to keep things going.

Learning Experience. If the kids or I are curious about something he is fixing, he will take the time to teach and explain. I’ve learned so much from him in these last 5 years. Some of my favorite memories are working on vehicles with him.

Helps Everyone. This is the double edge sword, but the good part is how helpful he is. He will help any friend or family member out for little to no money. He always makes the time to help in anyway he can and as quickly as he can. He has helped so many people in my family avoid pricey mechanic costs. He does most of their home improvement projects, and he usually accepts a baked good or hot meal as payment.

He doesn’t just help my family. There are a lot of guys he works with who moved here to be at their company. If they need a vehicle fixed, they come over, I feed them, and he works on whatever they need.

What I Hate

He’s Always Busy. My husband works a lot of overtime, and if he isn’t working on a weekend, he’s probably fixing something. It gets hard to try and plan family time around his schedule. He always wants to help people, so sometimes, it feels like we are on the back burner. I try to remember he’s just very big hearted.

People Take Advantage. My husband has some crappy family and a few “friends” that take advantage of his kindness. He’s very loyal and hates seeing people need help, so he will go out of his way for them even if they have done him wrong.

It’s hard to watch him help people who have put him down and used him in the past. He’s aware of how certain people are, but he still tries to be the better person and help. It’s hard not to throat punch these people, but he reminds me that being kind is the better option.

People Don’t Pay. I’m not saying this to be greedy, but people expect too much for too little. I love accepting a cake or casserole in return for oil changes and small projects. It just gets difficult when my husband is working on bigger things and spending all of his free time helping people who don’t give any compensation. It doesn’t bother him, but sometimes, these people aren’t even grateful. Appreciation is a form of payment too, and if you can be thankful, it gets difficult for me to hold my tongue.

The Take Away

My husband is a better person than I am. He will do anything for someone in need. I’ve watched him hand money to people who would never pay him back. I’ve watched him fix vehicles for people who ridiculed his work but expect him to keep working on their vehicles. I’ve watched him help people who have put him down time and time again. The hardest part is that no matter what, he smiles and cares. He loves to help. He loves to make a difference. He has really shown me just how good someone’s heart can be. Now, there have been moments where I told him he needs to walk away, because you can’t change the way people are. No amount of handyman abilities can make people be kind or love you.

I’m so grateful for how skilled and helpful my husband is. He is the sweetest and most patient man. I couldn’t do what he does, but I appreciate him so much. This is the time of year to talk about how thankful we are, and I am truly thankful for my handyman husband.


  1. Awwwww! I love that you talked about your husband and how wonderful he is. It’s easy to see why you’re so protective of him too. He sounds like a great guy!

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