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Thanksgiving Style: Don’t Forget the Comfort

I’m not going to try to sell you the outfits in this post. Maybe another time I will tell you what clothes I love from Amazon or Target. This post is about sharing my love of style and comfort and it isn’t specifically about the certain pieces shown. I do have outfit recommendations for this upcoming turkey day, but they are also my actual outfit choices. I’m still undecided.

I’m not the most fashionable, even if my Pinterest makes it seem like I have great fashion sense. I’m not as brave when it comes to wearing what I picture in my mind. I want to embrace my inner fashion diva, but it can be intimidating.

When the holidays roll around, I try to spice up my typical jeans and tee, and sometimes, I even throw on a dress. My biggest concern for the holidays is comfort. If I’m going to be chasing toddlers and eating all the cheat foods, I need to be comfortable and not just cute. Cute is great, but I don’t want to feel like I can’t sit and slouch when I need to. Combining a good look with all over great feel is the goal.

With all that being said, I’ve rounded up 3 outfits and took some not so professional pictures. I haven’t decided which one of these I will wear yet, but each one has a different vibe. I will know how I want to look when the busy morning hits me.

Outfit One: Floral Wrap Dress & Cognac Tall Boots

I love this dress. It’s a light jersey material wrap dress with a keyhole neckline. It also has belled sleeves at the end, which aren’t my favorite part, but I don’t dislike them.

I paired it with my favorite tall boots and a grey tank underneath- I’m way too chesty to not wear anything underneath. I have a pair of Vera Wang knee high socks I bought back in high school that I occasionally break out on the holidays since I hate wearing tights.

I love this outfit option because florals are one of my favorite things to wear all year long. They are sweet and pretty. As a curvy girl, they never make me lose confidence when it comes to wearing a print.

This outfit feels effortless, and the dress is long enough I can bend and handle any mom duties. It always makes me feel pretty and relaxed.

Outfit Two: Stripped Peplum, Jeans, and Brown Booties

This is a more casual look, and I’ve worn similar outfits before. It’s a simple black and white stripped peplum top paired with pre-ripped, dark wash skinny jeans. I wore brown booties with a small block heel to dress it up a bit.

I’m a jeans girl. Some ladies love yoga pants, I love jeans. Yoga pants are nice too, but nothing makes me feel better than a perfect fitting pair of jeans.

I don’t skip the guilt inducing foods on the holidays, and a peplum can be forgiving but still gives shape, which I love. A good structured top always makes me feel confident.

The boots aren’t the fanciest boots, but they are a comfortable heel that I can run around in without having achey feet later.

This outfit is something I might wear out to lunch with friends, but a bold lip really helps make it pop for the holiday if need be.

Outfit Three: Faux Leather Leggings, Black Plaid Button Up, Green T-Shirt, and Black Booties

These pictures are not the best, but I was already into the wine for the evening- it was my liquid courage to actually take pictures of myself trying on outfits.

My husband likes this outfit the best, but I don’t know if I will be confident enough to wear it. I love the leggings, but I always chicken out when I want to wear them. Not hiding my curves is something I’m adjusting to, but I love how comfortable these leggings are. They feel amazing, and I originally bought them so I’d venture out of my denim comfort zone.

The black plaid shirt is a very light material that doesn’t cling, so it’s nice to layer it with t-shirts and tank tops. It doesn’t give me much shape, but it lets the faux leather stand out and is very comfortable.

The black booties are more comfortable than most of my flats. I don’t know what type of magic that Walmart put into those heels, but I could run for miles in them. Plus, what’s not to love about a simple black bootie?

What to Where

Deciding on what to wear is more than just going into the dressier side of my closet and picking something nice. I like to have a set style or motif for the holidays. Do I want to look sweet or edgy? Do I want to have glam eyeshadow or a simple glow with a bold lip? My outfits are always chosen the morning of because I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I wake up.

It may sound a bit nuts, but some mornings, I wake up confident and a pair of faux leather leggings might make me say “hell yeah.” At the same time, I could wake up feeling blah and not want to bother with pants or heels, and that’s when a dress comes in handy. A wrap dress can feel effortless and easy.

Each outfit has a different appeal and style. I recommend doing this if you have a hard time deciding. Pick a few different looks that have slightly different vibes. Let your mood pick your style for the day.

These strategies could be really helpful if you’re not a super fashionista. Then again, I’m a mom and lifestyle blogger not a real fashion blogger, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love clothes. Just remember an easy rule: wear what makes you feel good about yourself.


  1. Oh my God I love the rock chick option! I like them all but the last looks fabulous! I’m all about warm so dresses in winter aren’t my thing unless I’ve got thick tights on. It’s lovely though and all three are lovely, the last is what I’d pick!

  2. Im a jeans girl too, but i love a good shoe! I love dresses and tulle skirts too, but they’re harder to match so i usually do my two or three go-to jeans like a safety blanket. I think I’m still discovering my style as a 35 year old- had NO idea Vera made socks, so im def on that! Your rock chick outfit is my mostly everyday style, skinny jeans with a boot, usually moody looking! But im a rock and roller at heart and in life!

    • Thanks! Glad someone is with me on loving jeans. I have a bunch but only wear like 3 pairs. I want to be comfy and cute without looking like I tried too hard. It’s still a toss up!

  3. Cute and comfy and I love it! I love a good peplum. I always favor comfy. Converse are my fav for going out with the girls. The other night they cracked jokes about my sneakers and purple knit chunky sweater at the bar. Guess who was swinging around, dancing, warm and having fun? This girl lololol Also, you have the best booties! I love the different style options and how you dont limit yourself.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

  4. So what did you wear girl?! I love them all. Also? You are beautiful! You know what catches my attention? How you say you wake up some days like HELL YEA To leather? THAT IS SO ME. I can NEVER plan outfits ahead of time and if I have a big special thing I try to have 2-3 outfits planned so that I can pick something depending on my mood that day. Some days I’m like BRING OUT THE HOOCHIE MOMMA SHORTS but most days? Just kidding. All days. I’m like: me?! I’m a mom. I would NEVER! Lol. I tend to be casual-cute. Ripped up skinny jeans and loose tops or yoga leggings and tees lol. When I’m not in something like that my man is all WHERES MY WIFE??! So I try to switch things up but girl
    It’s hard to step out of our comfort zones isn’t it?! Ugh.

    I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!!!!

    • This comment says it all. It was so hard to decide, so I went with the ripped skinny jeans but wore the lose black plaid shirt and black booties. I think I used elements of all three outfits. I’m just unpredictable since I struggle with body issues. Some days it’s like “fuck yeah, I’m hot.” Other days I’m crying on the floor of my closet surrounded my clothes. But I enjoyed doing this post and getting the feedback. Might do this with all the holidays!

      • Omg I’ve been there on that closet floor girl. Literally. I’ve cried fat tears of im too fat for everything and nothing anyone says matters because I’m
        Not BLIND DAMN IT! I see the mirror!!!dont feed me lies! lol don’t feed me anything actually!

        Def think you should do it for other holidays! Oh Christmas break years and valentines!! Yesss girl.

      • Glad to know I’m not alone. I’m pretty sure I’ll do it for future holidays.

        I had a long but nice holiday. Got to spend time with the hubs and babies, so that always beats being around crazy family and not sleeping. Hope yours was good!!

        Enjoy your Monday, gorgeous! Thanks for always being awesome!

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