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Shopping is My Self-Care

Reading the title may have some of you thinking I’m most likely in debt or have more than enough credit cards.

I have to say that both of those assumptions are wrong. Aside from our mortgage, we have very little debt. I have credit cards, but they are always paid up except for maybe one every so often. We are also not wealthy even in the slightest bit. My husband is a welder and I’m a SAHM. Yet somehow, I’m a shopper.

I’ll admit, I had a problem in high school and college. My money went to designer bags and over priced everything. I bounced my account on more than one occasion. I’m pretty sure I was trying to fill my angry void from being teased by mean girls for not having name brand clothes. It’s okay, the majority of them are unhappy now.

As I got further into my twenties, I became really good at budgeting and planning. I also realized two things: I didn’t need designers to make me happy, and I could shop and keep all of my bills paid with money to spare.

When we started our family, I ditched the majority of my designer items except for a bag or two and a fancy pair of shoes. When the babies came, I realized shopping was more than just buying stuff for me or gifts for my husband. I turned my slightly selfish shopping trips into self-care that covered everyone.

When I talk about shopping, it isn’t just singled down to going into a store and buying clothes, shoes, ect. Shopping also doesn’t always mean spending money. Window shopping and making lists is all apart of my it for me.

Wish Lists

I have an entire section of my planner that lists all the things I want to buy within the next year. This list has furniture, home projects, and big ticket things like new tires for our truck.

I also make these lists for the holidays. I do a list for who we need to buy for and a list for our kids.

Lists are apart of shopping, and organizing makes me ridiculously happy. Taking an hour to sip coffee and compose a well thought out list is self-care for me. It relaxes me and helps me to refocus.

Window Shopping

Window shopping counts as shopping. Whether it’s online or when we decide to take a random trip to Lowe’s or Target, it all makes me smile. Looking and thinking about what we could do to our house to spruce it up for the season or upcoming holidays is fun for me.

I look online and compare prices for the kids’ toys and clothes. It helps me to think about what we are going to need since they are growing. I can read about what brands run small and which jeans hold up best in the laundry. It’s like shopping research, and I love it!

It’s not stressful for me at all. If I can sit in a bubble bath and look at reviews on cleaning and beauty products, I’m in heaven. There’s so many items that we go through like shampoos and deodorants. There are reviews, coupons, and so much to check out online. It’s nice to try different options and find new favorites. To me, that’s also apart of shopping.

Buying Time

Even the smallest purchases can be self-care. I could get my daughter a few new hair products, and it will make my day. I could help my son pick out a couple different packs of Pokémon cards, and it will be enjoyable. I could try a new moisturizer and leave-in conditioner this month and be incredibly excited.

The little purchases make me happy. I could be having a shit-show of a week, but being able to make a trip to a store, whether I buy something or not, can always cheer me up.

Saying shopping is a part of my self-care sounds so selfish and like I’m throwing money at everything, but if you break down what all shopping can entail, it’s not even close to the assumptions. It makes me smile, so people with those preconceived ideas can mind their business.

Why not turn something you have to do weekly or monthly into a part of your self-care? I get it, shopping and lists make some people cringe. I’m just not one of those people.

After I publish this post, I’m going to check my Amazon wishlist to make sure I have it updated for Christmas. I will have a hot cup of tea and put my feet up while I do it too. Self-care!


13 thoughts on “Shopping is My Self-Care”

  1. This was so interesting to read! ☺️ Glad you will be taking sometime for self care today!

    List writing and budgeting are so essential for me. Whenever I tell myself I’m just going to splurge a little bit, I end up spending way more than I intended… I’m actually on a No-Buy right now (for shopping for myself) for this reason lol

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    1. I’ve been there! I found that staying organized in a way that I can make enjoyable and relaxing keeps our budget and me happy. The holidays get so overwhelming with purchases, so I need to find my zen with the chaos. If I didn’t make lists and do so much research and window shopping, I’m pretty sure we’d be in the hole.


  2. List freak here!! Also! I’m a huge window shopper like just adding a bunch of things into my Amazon cart makes me happy. Then I just move it to a wishlist or something when I decide it’s not necessary. Sometimes, like at TARGET for example, I just grab everything I possibly like. Lol. Just to say like HEY if I want this, and I really need this, I can do it. But then I make adult moves and put the stuff back. It’s just having the power… to say I can but I won’t. I don’t know. Hard to explain. When I want something the MOST Is when I’m told by someone that I can’t have it. Ohhhhh Satan hold
    Me backkkk. lol but give me the freedom to choose and I probably won’t buy much for myself.

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