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Dear December

Dear December,

How did we get here? How is it that this year has passed by so quickly? My babies aren’t actually babies anymore. My house has turned into a home. It’s a shame you’re the last month of the year, but at least you get to see us settling into our lives after some of the biggest changes we’ve ever experienced.

You are known for your busy days and cold nights. The gratefulness of Thanksgiving has come and gone, so everyone uses your thirty days to plan, purchase, and put their goals into focus.

We don’t mean to overlook you. We don’t mean to rush through the calendar. It’s just that the end of the year is coming, so it feels like there’s little time left. The hurried tasks are what take my breath away, and I have to say, I’m sorry December.

I’m happy you represent cheer. My little ones love this time of year. I’m happy to say that for once, I’m going to try and enjoy you. I’m going to try and not tire myself out. I’ll do what I can to be thoughtful in a positive way.

Thank you, December. Thank you for reminding me that we need to continue our thanks and put our stress to bed. It’s a time to give love and not just things. Thank you, again.

Blogmas or Bust

As much as I want to be a part of Blogmas this year, the thought of writing, posting, promoting, and all the in between tasks terrify me. I love to write, but burning myself out is really easy this time of year.

For once, I want to enjoy my December. I don’t want to be a stressed Scrooge, so I still can’t decide if I will be apart of Blogmas. I may just write more than twice a week, but I’m still not sure about everyday yet.

We just moved my grandfather on my father’s side to a nursing home after almost losing him because of a fall. He wants to be in an assisted living facility, because he is scared. Seeing one of the strongest men in my life give in to his age has been so difficult for me. His health is getting worse everyday, and my heart is breaking.

My grandmother on my mother’s side has bone cancer. She’s beat cancer before, but this kind can’t be cured. They can treat it to buy her time, but there isn’t a happy ending this time. It has been a rough few months to say the least.

Originally, I thought writing everyday would be a distraction from the pain and stress. Except, I don’t want to hide my feelings anymore. I don’t want to bury my real emotions in a wall of writing. I want to love and live. I want to show my kids that it’s okay to feel scared and sad.

I will continue to blog, but I doubt it will be everyday. It’s slightly disappointing to tell myself I need to wait until next year for Blogmas, but it’s probably for the best.

This blog has become so important to me. I want this passion to become my career. I love the blogging community and weaving my story into my posts. Despite the pain and hardships that will come our way, I will keep fighting. I will keep writing. It’s who I am.




  1. Praying for you and your family. I know what you mean by feeling overwhelmed by life and writing it’s hard to squeeze it all in. Self care at times like these is so easy to forget but so important to remember! Happy December!!!

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  2. I love this post. I’m praying for you and your loved ones. Remember health and self love always come first. But I believe writing is a huge part of that too. Am
    I right? Just not, the forced kind of writing .. not the “work” kind of writing. Just the “this makes me happy this is my therapy this is for ME” kind of writing. Positive vibes your way!

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    • Have I mentioned that I freaking adore you! Thanks so much for your kind words all of the time. I totally hear ya on the writing. Somedays, the world is draining, and I can’t force myself to write. Other days, words just flow. 😊❤️


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