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Mondays Love to Hate: Real Christmas Trees

So this year, we decided to get a real tree for Christmas. We haven’t had a real tree for 3 years for multiple reasons, which I will divulge in a bit.

Growing up, my parents made sure we had a real tree every year. We didn’t have a lot of money, but no matter what bills were rearranged or put on hold, they managed to get us a tree.

I vividly remember tree day every year of my life. My mom was so excited, and my dad was just as cheerful. Then, they would find their favorite tree, but as soon as we got it home, the yelling started. Getting it through the door and in the stand was always a fight. They would argue, and my brother and me would stay out of the way. Once the tree was in and settled, it was like a flip switched and the merry attitudes returned.

My dad always scoffed at artificial trees, but I thought they would be so much easier. I had a fake one through college, and I have seen some pretty gorgeous artificial trees. They are so easy and convenient, but my dad is right- there’s nothing like a real tree. If you tell him I said he’s right, I’ll lie, by the way.

What I Love About Real Trees at Christmas

  • Tree day. Tree day is when you set an entire day aside to go to a tree farm, and the whole family gets to find the perfect one. I make cookies the night before, and we get all of the decorations together. We try to pick a theme or color scheme each year. It’s just a fun and festive day. The kids always sleep great after having a long day after setting the tree up, which is nice.
  • The smell. My husband loves the smell of a good Douglas Fur. He loves coming home from work to that pine smell. He’s very outdoorsy, so it makes him smile. If he’s happy, then I’m pretty happy too. It does do a fairly decent job of masking any puppy smell that we occasionally have lingering about.
  • The look. I’ve seen some pretty amazing artificial trees, but nothing beats that look of a well decorated, real tree. It just sets the mood for the room. It brings all of decorations together and makes everything feel so much cozier. I love sitting down with a movie and just having the lights of the tree on.

What I Hate About Real Trees at Christmas

  • I’m allergic. Pine trees give me hives if I touch them too much. I’m always congested when we have one. The soft, long bristled ones make me feel like death, but the Douglas Furs aren’t as bad. I will feel a little rough for the majority of December since we got a real tree this year. I did it for my kids and husband, so the sacrifice of breathing is worth it.
  • Animals are assholes. My cats live in a real Christmas tree if they can. They won’t mess with the artificial tree, but the moment a real one is up, they are in it. They run around and act crazy the entire time it’s up. Decorations hit the floor and become toys. We’ve come home to a tree on the floor and decorations and lights scattered. The last time we had a real tree 3 years ago, our Doberman was a puppy. He contributed handsomely to the chaos that the cats created. December becomes their favorite month if we have a real tree.
  • Maintenance. Real trees need water. The needles need vacuumed up. The decorations seem to fall off of them easier than on the artificial tree.  Watering isn’t difficult, but it is annoying when coming close to needles causes a rash. Plus, I have a fear of fire, and whether it seems unlikely or not, I’m afraid the tree will get too dry and catch fire from the lights.  I’m constantly checking it, which adds to my stuffy head and itchiness.  I like that you can leave an artificial tree alone expect to turn the lights on and off.

The Take Away

I don’t hate real trees. I love nature. We have lived in the country for the majority of our relationship and marriage, but there’s something about pine that makes me congested. I do love the look and coziness that comes from having a nice full tree decorated and lit up.

I love seeing the kids faces while they find the perfect tree. I love watching my hunky husband carry it in the house and set it up. I love it more than I hate it, so I guess that’s why I put my Scrooge ways aside. I hope they love me extra for this.

Let’s see pictures of your trees, real or fake, in the comments!

Partially decorated. Need to get hooks for the balls. Doing a rose gold theme this year.


  1. Well, that settles it. I’m sticking with my fake tree. My fear of fire would go through the roof for sure and I don’t want to deal with pine needles.

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    • I have a fire fear too. I’m always unplugging the tree after a few hours. Tinsel makes me nervous too. I just try to keep reminding myself it’s for the kids and be smart.


  2. At this point in my life, I think it would be a lot easier & cheaper to have a fake tree. However, our daughter would never allow this, lol. All hell would break loose if we ever bought a fake tree! I think it’s her favorite rant – how plastic Christmas trees are bad for the environment.
    There are pros & cons, of course. One year, my brother cut down a tree from his yard, brought it inside & decorated it with his family. After a couple of days inside their warm house, all kinds of spiders emerged from hibernation & began spinning webs all over the Christmas tree!

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    • My kids are now obsessed with real trees! The farm we go to plants two for every one cut down. I couldn’t even imagine a spider mess like that. I’d lose it!


  3. I’ve got my first real tree this year (mini version to fit in my bedroom) and I’m currently typing this with painful, itchy hives along my thumbs and the tops of my hands 😑 I also found it more difficult to decorate as the light just seemed to slide off and the branches aren’t separated as perfectly for decorating as a fake one but it is pretty. Maybe I’ll alternate each year 😊

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  4. We got our first real tree this year. I’ve always had real trees growing up, but my husband and I just stuck with a fake one. Since having our little one, we decided to start the “real tree day” tradition.
    I agree with you, having a tree is a love/hate process but so very much worth it. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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  5. You’re braver than I am with your allergies! My entire family is allergic and we discovered it after 3 Christmas’s in a row where everyone got sick. My mother was okay with that. She didn’t have to vacuum up pine needles all the time.

    If you have that bad of a reaction, I suggest looking into allergy shots. I’ve been getting them for over a year and it’s drastically improved my reaction to pollen. Pine still gives me a headache and I start to get a bit congested, but it’s not as bad as before. And I can get through pollen season without a dose of steroids now!

    XO Steph

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    • Thanks! I used to get shots when I was younger. I grew out of most of my allergies, but pine still bothers me. I’ll definitely have to consider something to help. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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