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Hunky Holidays: Guide to Alone Time at Christmas

My husband and I have toddlers. Not just 1 toddler, 2 toddlers. I spend my day controlling the chaos at home while my husband works 9 or 10 hours Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. When he comes home, we kiss and share how our day went. Then, we control chaos together until the littles decide they will accept defeat and fall asleep.

Most days, we have our nights mapped out, but things don’t always go according to plan. We try to plan a date night, sort of, once a week. We wait until the kids are snoozing, and we break out snacks and wine. We also try to watch a movie we’ve been wanting to see. I’ll even admit, we schedule our sessions between the sheets occasionally. Unfortunately, we’ve had times where we had to rain check those date nights and romps.

With the holidays approaching at a ridiculous speed, I’m putting my foot down. I’m going to have alone time with my hunky husband, whether it’s horizontal or otherwise.

This time of year, we have planning and a million things to accomplish in a short window, because well, we procrastinate. Shopping aside, we have family visits, work parties, and random miscellaneous mishaps that clutter our December. I feel like date night gets put on a pause until the new year, but this year, that’s going to change.

I have a few ideas that will allow us to get cuddly without putting off the to-do list.

Take a Ride Between Errands

On weekends, we constantly have places to be, but we have gaps around mealtimes. I plan on packing a few lunches and dinners to take on rides. Once the toddlers eat, they usually nap on a ride. Then, we get to enjoy each other and cruise a bit. It’s not much, but some of my favorite moments are taking rides and having my hand in his lap. We can munch on an easy meal and catch up without running down the list of what needs done.

Cook Together

This works all year, but I cook and bake more around the holidays. Doing it together makes me a lot happier. I feel like the pressure is off if he’s in the kitchen with me. We also get to talk and have fun, since we both love cooking and sharing our food ideas.

Have A Fancy Night In

Most of our date nights aren’t going out as it is. We don’t have a sitter very often, less than 5 times a year. We already spend occasional nights celebrating a makeshift date night, but for the holidays, I’m sticking to it. I also want to step it up and get fancy. I will surprise him with getting takeout and will step up my outfit game. Once we get the kids settled, we can put on silky nothings and have our alone time. Lingerie is almost always on sale around the holidays.

Bubble Time

My husband and I shower together often, but to make our date nights even more special, we give each other baths or sit in a tub together. As a SAHM, it’s nice to have a relaxing bubble bath and not have kids eating the bubbles or throwing water everywhere. We really enjoy doing this when we get the chance.

Intimate Gift Giving

When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas this year, he just grinned and said he’d tell me later. I knew. We spent a fair amount on everyone this year, so I think rather than giving a lot of actual presents, we are going to have our gifts to each other be a little more physical. The great part about that is there are plenty of options, and it doesn’t just have to be sex. I want a massage with warm oils, plus a few other fun things. It’s fun making naughty lists to give him and vice versa. It keeps my holiday cheer intact when I’m stressed.

Holiday Party Dates

We’ve been invited to a few holiday parties, and we usually decline. Getting a sitter isn’t easy for us. The few people we trust, work a lot. Luckily, we were able to schedule in advance so we could go to a big Christmas party for my husband’s job. I’m very excited. We are going to make a date of it, because if we are already attending, why not go all out and get dolled up. I have this wonderful dress and a fabulous red lipstick. We can flirt and be merry. I think no matter what parties you are invited to, make the best of it and turn it into a date night. Dance, make plates for each other, sip a little wine, but most importantly appreciate the time together.

Wrapping It Up

We are terrible at wrapping gifts. We wait until Christmas Eve, and we are lucky we don’t wake the kids with the swearing and tape throwing. This year, I’m making cookies and homemade hot chocolate. We will also have cheese and a snack tray for easy food cleanup while we are surrounded by toys. I’m going to put on some sexy pjs, and show my husband that this Mrs. Clause is getting gift bags and bows for those awkward shaped presents. With less gift wrapping time, I can wrap myself around him and enjoy Christmas Eve.

I love my husband, but we tend to argue a fair amount during the holidays. We are stressed and over worked. Things feel out of control more times then not. I really love those moments where I get to breath and just hold his hand. I think I’m going to spend December working in little ways to spend more one on one time with him.

We love our kids and give them every amount of free time we have, but I think its important for the parents to have some time together too. This year, I plan on making the most of our date nights and not having so much guilt about not always including the kiddos.


  1. I love this!! It is so easy during the normal day to day chaos of life to concentrate on others and your spouse gets moved to the end of the list, the holidays are sooo much more stressful. I read this and started writing out my own plans! Thank you for this! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for relating! My husband is my best friend, but we are like strangers in the madness of holidays, so I want to make sure I find ways to have us time. Hope you get some alone time too!

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