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Mondays Love to Hate: The Week Before Christmas

It has begun. The stress and cheer combination of the week before Christmas. It’s a magical cluster of a week. I love to hate it.

There are so many aspects to these next 8 days. I haven’t wrapped a single present. To be honest, I still have a few small gifts to still pick up. Usually, I end up handing out gift cards because, I run out of ideas and time. I love getting gift cards, but I hate giving them. I just need to get it together.

We have a million things to do, plus, my husband’s holiday party for his work is this week. Here I am, blogging and not taking a second look at my lists. I guess it’s the calm before the storm.

Next week, I won’t be blogging or on social media much. I want to take the holidays to enjoy my family rather than my devices. In these next 8 days, I have to-do lists for my to-do lists, because I’m a procrastinator this year. Half of these duties will bring me festive cheer, but the other half will make me wish it was January already.

What I Love

  • Finishing touches on the house. I love decorating. I love the small seasonal changes that I get to make to our home. We bought this house a little over a year ago, and being able to hang what I want, is still sinking in. The week before Christmas, I switch some of my basic winter decor to Santas and sleighs. The stockings are hung and all the decorations are polished and ready. It gets super festive without looking like Christmas threw up all over our house.
  • Getting the kids excited. I love telling my kids about Christmas and how it’s more than just presents. We aren’t very religious. My husband and I grew up in very different religious backgrounds, and neither of us had a choice. When I studied religions in college, I realized that I wanted to teach my kids the main lesson that all religions teach- be grateful and show kindness. I love this time of year, because we show our kids how to give back to the people they love. We teach them that if you’re good and kind, then goodness comes back around. We don’t give our kids a million gifts. We give clothes, a few toys, and things to learn with. We sort of go off something they need, something to read, something they want, and something to wear. Nonetheless, getting them excited to see their family is my favorite part.
  • Planning is soothing. Rather than getting things done like I need to, I love to sit and plan it out first. It soothes my nerves. I have meals, gifts, and outfits to plan. What food am I going to make to bring to my parents? What gifts do we get spouses of siblings? What am I going to wear to this party? These are all questions that I can do lists for. I love it. It gets to be a bit much, but sorting out all of the questions and planning is a controlled chaos that I enjoy during the time crunch.

What I Hate

  • Christmas cleaning. Even though we spend the holidays bouncing from house to house, I have to get our place in order. Yesterday, I went through the entire toy room and cleaned out all of the broken toys. I always clean and make room for new things. Even if we aren’t home much, coming back to a clean house is nice. The days of running are so stressful, but if I have little to do once we are done, I can relax. It’s like spring cleaning except holiday edition.
  • Staying healthy. It’s so hard to find the time to workout this week. I already had to skip a day last week, so I feel out of whack. I had to deal with being sick, so I hate not feeling as healthy. I like planning our meals, for the most part, but it’s easier to eat with convenience in mind this week. Sticking to my healthier ways is more difficult when I don’t have energy to workout and there’s a cookie tin on my counter. I just have to force myself.
  • Last minute shopping. I said before that gift cards are the easy way out, but I’m not a fan of calling in my defeat and handing them out. I just want people to enjoy their gifts and not think I’m lazy. Waiting last minute to shop is my fault, but I never know our budget until closer to time. It’s just a back and forth of saying we will get gifts next time we go out, but then, we never do. It just keeps getting put off until it’s too late to do it online. No amount of lists can soothe the panic that sets in once the weekend before Christmas hits. Wish me luck!

The Takeaway

Here it is, 8 days before the biggest holiday of the year for us, and I have 6 people to still shop for. Luckily, 4 of them are getting gift cards. I still have to wrap my kid’s gifts and plan the pies for dinner at my mother’s. I love half of what I have to do and loathe the other half.

It’s my own fault, but I have to buck up and get to it. I should be cleaning and working out at this very moment. Before I sat down to write this, I ordered 2 last minute gifts and paid for expedited shipping- no, I’m not proud. Don’t tell my husband. He won’t read this, because he doesn’t have the time.

I love this time of year, but the urgency of getting things done makes me nervous. We always pull it off though. Hope your week before the Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year is filled with peace and happiness!


  1. I’m right there with you. I love decorating and making my home smell like cookies, but hate the shopping. I’m crying because I still have two young kids to shop for and absolutely nothing is wrapped. Actually, we don’t even have wrapping paper. Good luck to you, and happy holidays!

  2. Staying healthy is my goal for this week as well as packing and finishing cleaning my apartment. I leave for the US to spend the holidays with my family on Sunday. Too many things to do, so short of time.

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