A Goal for Every Month

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It’s time for everyone to be posting about their New Years resolutions. There will be a lot of “new year, new me” phrases going around, and that’s fine by me. I’m in love with the idea of starting fresh and being better for the new year, and I want to have a lot of goals. I don’t just want my goals to be something I can finish and move on from. I want them to be ever evolving.

So here I am, thinking of something that I want to do each and every month for the next calendar year. I want my goals to be realistic, but I always want to put in effort and not just pick simple tasks. It’s also important to me to not just move on from one month and goal to the next. I want my goals to build off of each other.

For example, a big goal of mine is to grow my following, so one month I want to really focus on engaging my readers and another month I want to focus on finding new blogs to engage with. I don’t want to not engage the other months of the year, I just want each month to be a marker to motivate me and remind me that I need to put in the work.

2018 was the year I started my blog, so a lot of the goals I have in mind are centered around my blog and writing in general. As a mom, my other goals will include my kids and our family. I’m really looking forward to having a goal for each month, but I’m also nervous about holding myself accountable and continuing with these goals throughout the entire year. It’s easy to start strong and fade off a few months in. I just need to be positive and remind myself that it’s all going to be worth it.

January: A Month of Body Change

Working out and losing weight are always goals of mine. As someone who has dealt with relapse and struggles from my eating disorder, I want this year to be different. I want to have year of change when it comes to my body but not the typical change.

Learning to accept and embrace my body is important to me. So, I want to learn how to ease myself away from diet culture and being obsessed with weight. It’s an up and down journey, but I want to focus on my mental health a lot more. Weight is just an arbitrary number after all.

February: A Month of Self Love

My birthday is February 10th, and I will be turning 28 years old. My daughter’s birthday is also in February but towards the end of the month. I want to teach her it’s important to be good to yourself. Now, I’m not one to be shy when it comes to getting older. I also really love birthdays and celebrating people.

Unfortunately, most of my birthdays don’t ever go like I would hope. Last year, my friends and husband rallied to fix it last minute, but for once, I’d love to be surprised and have people go all out for my big day. I don’t want to remind people it’s my birthday.

I spend so much time trying to make everyone else’s birthdays magical, so I get a little disappointed when they don’t do the same for me. Usually, my husband is sick or working overtime on my birthday, and my family aren’t exactly big on birthdays. I’m not saying I’m going to take a month to celebrate myself, but I think I will work on small ways to pamper myself. Rather than try for a party, I will take more bubble baths, and I will focus on small ways to make myself feel good. I might buy a new dress or try out some new lipstick shades. The little things add up and make me smile.

March: A Month to Engage

When it comes to blogging, I love engaging my readers. I love when someone comments or shares on one of my posts. Likes and shares are nice, but comments and feedback are so meaningful.

I want to focus on my readers, and if they have blogs, I really want to return to the favor. Supporting those who support me is kind. I want to go the extra mile and show my appreciation. I try to do follow Friday’s on Twitter and include those who I engage the most with too. It’s important for me to show my appreciation as well as engage on their platforms as well.

April: A Month to Organize

We live in Pennsylvania, so when April hits, I try to slowly get my house summer ready. I start organizing and spring cleaning. Then, I go through the kids toys and clothes as well as my clothes. I want to work on getting the house organized and clutter free. Since we bought this house last year, we’ve accumulated a lot of junk.

I’m a big cleaner, so this isn’t much of a challenge, but I want to include the kids in my goal. I want to show them easy ways to keep their rooms clutter free. As toddlers, they love to push a broom around and be silly with me while we dance and clean. I want to start showing them little ways to stay organized. I want to reorganize their totes and bins and show them that cleaning up doesn’t have to suck. Color coordinating is going to be the basis, and I think they will really get into it.

May: A Month for Growth

Growing my followers is always a goal, but I don’t want to just set a specific number to achieve. I’m pretty sure my domain will need renewed in May, and I’m thinking about going from my WordPress premium account to Bluehost. I really like WordPress, but I think I’m ready for the switch. It’s been a long time since I’ve used Bluehost for a blog, so I have a lot of research ahead of me. I think it will help with my traffic.

I also want to grow my followers on my social platforms. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest and Twitter, but I haven’t been giving my Pinterest as much love as I should. I really want to work on the growth of those.

June: A Month for Family

June is a busy month for us. Both my husband and son have birthdays, and my husband’s birthday usually falls on or right around Father’s Day. My mother’s birthday is also in June, as well as my sister-in-law. We end up spending a lot of time and money on family in June.

I want to take the kids on a day trip to the aquarium or to do something fun. Birthdays or not, this month shouldn’t be about giving presents or visiting family. I want to mix it up. I would love to have a big nerf gun birthday BBQ for my son. There’s usually great weather, so there is so much I want to do with the family. I know I’ll need to plan ahead. Stay tuned for some fun party posts!

July: A Month for Content

I have been known to panic when a post doesn’t get as many views or likes, so I make a few more posts than normal to try and bulk up views. Then, I get in my head and think that quantity will beat quality, and that is not the case. I want to write good posts that are relatable as well as entertaining, but it’s easy to get defeated when you start to obsess over the numbers.

It’s time to remind myself that good quality takes time, and posting twice a week is enough. If I can plan ahead, maybe I can do 3 posts a week. I just want to find a balance with writing good content and spending time with my family. I don’t want to become exhausted trying to juggle too much. As a SAHM, I made a promise to myself to post what is good, and then set my phone down. I want to be present for these moments while my kids are still young. I have to remind myself that quality is the best route.

August: A Month to Focus on Other Bloggers

I love the blogging community I found on Twitter and my WordPress reader. I’m still trying to crack the code on Pinterest groups and Facebook, but the bloggers that I do follow, I adore. This month is when I want to take some time to find new blogs and show everyone love.

Honestly, I love supporting others with the same dreams and goals as myself. I used to think everyone would be in serious competition and be mean but that definitely is not the case. I’ve been so blessed to find some amazing blogs and from that, friends. I will always promote my blog and my efforts, but I believe I need to spend more time celebrating some of the wonderful blogs and bloggers out there. Community can help build everyone up, and that’s an important value I’ve learned.

September: A Month to Expand

Someday, I want my blog to make money, like a career. I have made a little here and there with affiliate links and such, but I want to expand. For me, my fear is holding me back. I’d love to do sponsored posts and try out products. I’d love to expand my blog, but I have to conquer my nerves.

I need to start with research. Every time I start reading tips and ways to go about turning my blog into a career, I end up getting overwhelmed and stop. I don’t want to dive into something and fail, and I don’t want to disappoint my husband or people who support me.

You don’t always succeed right away, and I know there will be plenty of bumps along the way. I just need to set time apart to really research and plan my strategy. This year, I really want my blog to be something more, and that is probably my biggest goal. It’s not so much about a dollar amount; it’s about proving I can do this for a living. I want to contribute to my family.

October: A Month to Decorate

I love to get my house decorated for fall. I’m already excited to go to pumpkin patches and spend time decorating with the kids. I like to organize all of my decor and make sure I have all my seasons in order to where I can easily get to them as time goes on. For us, decorating means organizing the basement to find and keep things in order.

I also want to do some DIY craft projects to hang in the kids’ rooms. It’s important for them to love decorating and having fun getting into the spirit when the holidays and seasons change. I love the feeling of a freshly decorated house, and I don’t want the kids to see it as a chore.

November: A Month to Give Thanks

I’m a very appreciative person, but I want to do more posts about being grateful. I have an inspiration category on my blog, and I really want to put it to good use. Of course I know you should show thanks and gratitude for more than just November, but I want to really celebrate when the time comes. I have so many ideas in mind, and I want to involve my family as well as the blogging community.

There’s so much that can be done in November in terms of blogging. I want to share recipes, beauty, and decorating ideas from other bloggers. Also, I want to show everyone how grateful I am to be apart of the blogging community. I want to feature traditions and share recipes from my family. I’d love to highlight some of the wonderful people in my everyday life.

December: A Month to be Festive

I wanted to do blogmas this past year, but I had so much going on with my family. Honestly, I don’t ever want to take time away from my kids, but if I have all of my ducks in a row, I’d love to participate in the upcoming blogmas.

This year, I had so many great ideas, but I couldn’t find a way to write everyday without taking time away from my kids. We had also just found out my grandma has cancer again, and my grandpa had a bad fall and needed to be in an assisted living facility. I want to get a good writing schedule in order and try to make it happen this year. This is the year that I want to show my family that I can do this for myself as well as for them. I want to make them proud of my abilities.

Never Ending Goals

My goals aren’t just numbers I want to hit and then move on. I want to keep evolving and improving. It’s important that I don’t focus purely on stats. I want to have goals that will build off of each other. Also, I want the focus to be on the quality of what I publish. I want to do so much with my blog and my life in general.

Having this blog started out as a way for me to escape the stresses of everyday life. When I really started to write again, I had found out I needed a hysterectomy. It was difficult, because I wanted a bigger family, but at the same time, my health was the first priority. I need to be around for my kids. So, starting my blog was a way to cope with my depression. Writing has gotten me through so much.

I still have bad days. We all do. I have days where I don’t want to write. I have days where I want to stay in bed. My kids and my blog motivate me to overcome my anxiety and sadness. They help remind me that I am important, and I have a purpose. I want this year and my goals to reflect my love for my family as well as my love for writing.

It’s been a battle for years when it came to my writing. I’ve been told I’m not good at it. I’ve been told it’s only a hobby. My degree has been mocked, and people have laughed at my dreams. I know deep down that this is what I’m meant to do. This is what I love and who I am. This is the year I’m going to embrace it!

Feel free to share your goals for the year! I always look forward to hearing from you all!

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  1. I really like how you’ve planned the year out like this. Great categories that still give you room to be spontaneous. I’d like to do something like this! I feel like it takes me way longer than I’d like to create each post I write.

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been working on this for like two weeks. I kept changing my mind, but finally, I just decided to go with my gut. I can write quickly, but I want more substance that I’ve been putting out. I’m very opinionated, so it’s easy to rant. I’m going to try to pull away from rants a little bit.

  2. I love the idea of different focuses each month! Then it doesn’t seem like you have created an impossible list for the year. My focus this year, as I just launched my blog the end of October last year, is to focus on writing more and interacting more within the blogging community. I follow a bunch of different blogs and I love them all so I really want to connect and share my thoughts on their posts. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year and good luck!

  3. I love this idea. It helps because it’s more general and more obtainable. That way you can do several different things in one month to complete each goal. I may have to follow along!

    Teri – MillennialAdulting.life

    1. Thanks so much! I hate setting super specific goals and putting numbers to everything. I just want to grow and improve in general, but I also want to stay motivated. I needed to find a happy medium. Best of luck! 😊

  4. I absolutely love this! It makes it seem so much more manageable to have it separated by month, good luck and I can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  5. I love how you’ve broken down these monthly goals and have a focus for every month! ☺️ I totally understand posting more when views are down since I tried something similar last year!! Can’t wait to see all you accomplish this year! 💕

  6. I have never thought about spacing them all out, your a genius lol. I may actually keep a resolution like this. I always overwhelm myself and by mid January move on with life. Good luck, will definitely be coming back to hear how your doing. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much! I love lists, so this was fun for me write out. I’m looking forward to following through. Thanks for the support!

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