I am by no means a makeup guru, and I try to stress that when I talk about makeup. I’m simply a woman who loves to learn more about makeup as I get older. I love a new lipstick or blush. I love doing a simple face to run errands, and I love going a little more in depth for date nights. So basically, makeup is love.

Keep in mind, I am legally blind, so my techniques and strategies work best for me because I can’t always see what I’m doing accurately. I use my fingers to feel almost everything, so my brushes and sponges don’t always get used. With that being said, I want to show the products I use for my quick makeup routine. I throw these on when I need to make a quick run to Walmart or something.

I love drugstore products, because they work well for me and are easily attainable in terms of price. A few of my favorites are Almay, NYX, and Elf. Favorites or not, I do love trying new products. I also enjoy trips to Ulta and have had good luck with the Ulta Beauty brand.

I promise I’m not trying to sell anything in this post, I just want to share my quick routine and favorite products. I will link them to the brands page so you can see your options and price points though. I am not using affiliate links and will not profit from this post.

This picture below is me right out of a shower. I’m fresh faced, wet hair and all. I usually let me hair air dry unless we don’t have time, so then, I use a diffuser for my wavy/curly hair.

The products that I use when we need to make a made dash out of the house are shown in the picture. They are used fairly hard and are ones I buy on repeat if available. I will talk about the blush palette and color choices I use later on.

Products Shown:

I always use primer, and I usually decide to skip the BB Cream I have from Maybelline. I’ve never been a fan of full coverage foundation. I really like my freckles and skin, with the exception of my under eye area and occasional blemish. So, I love using just primer when my skin is cooperating. If I could find a foundation that doesn’t feel heavy, I’d give it a try.

I like Almay products because they don’t irritate my sensitive eye area. I’ve never had an issue with their products, and I’ve used a wide range of them. I love the variety of eyeliners they have too. I used to use the amethyst color but lately, I’ve been sticking to browns. I always try to match my mascara and eyeliner color. I try to use browns or black browns rather than just black. It always looks a bit harsh on me.

My dark circle corrector is the lightest shade they make and also referred to as brightener illuminator. I have very fair skin, so I always get the lightest or second lightest shade.

The Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Tint Pen is a makeup newbie’s dream! It’s three pronged and makes shaping brows so easy. I love it. I have the medium brown option. I can’t rave about this pen enough. I’m still learning how to do my brows, so it’s been a great starter option for me. I highly recommend it if you want to start your process of brow shaping and filling.

When it comes to leaving the house quickly, I always swipe on a little blush and highlighter. It makes me feel less naked and more put together. I found this Ulta blush palette, and haven’t used another option since. I will probably use it until it’s completely out. It has a mix of cream and powder finishes, which I think is great. Unfortunately, I bought it on sale not knowing they weren’t going to sell it anymore, but I’m sure they have a lot of other great blush options.

You can see the highlighter that I use the most is Sherbet. I mix my blush colors up a fair amount so they have pretty even wear and tear. I like Glamour, Paradise, and Tulip the best. I’ve also used these with my shadow palettes too.

My routine starts with primer and filling in my eyebrows. Then, I use concealer under my eyes and around my eyebrows. After that is dry, I do a light swipe of eyeliner and mascara. This mascara doesn’t clump often, and I like the way it makes me lashes feel. I finish with a little bit of blush, and I put highlighter under my brows and on the highpoints of my cheek bones.

It’s not a very glamorous look, but I like the way it makes me feel. In natural light, the highlight catches just right. I will sometimes use my setting spray from Elf if I remember, but when I’m in a rush, I usually leave it off.

The picture above is what I look like once everything is applied and my hair is dry. For me, this looks natural and effortless. I can do a smokey eye and get dolled up, but I don’t really want to put in that kind of time when we are just going out for milk and bread. I want to be able to get ready quickly, but I do like having a little makeup on.

Occasionally, I’ll put on a bright lipstick to make everything pop, but I also just pair it with tinted chapstick from time to time. This is my busy mom makeup routine. Remember, it’s always okay to love the way you look. Don’t let others make you feel less beautiful, whether you wear makeup or not.

Feel free to share some product suggestions or your routine. I’m always looking to learn more about makeup, and I love seeing your gorgeous faces.

Have a great week!


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