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My Ultimate Birthday Wishlist

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My birthday is a month away. Every year, something happens that makes my birthday suck. Someone’s usually sick or there’s a snow storm. Sometimes, people forget. Whatever the reason, my less than stellar birthdays don’t change that I love to celebrate. I love everyone’s birthday! I love getting gifts and making people feel special.

  • Birthdays usually come in clumps for our family. My daughter, father, grandfather, sister-in-law, and good family friend all share February as a birthday month. The other popular month for our family is June and my husband, son, mother, and other sister-in-law share it. There are a few other months with clumps of birthdays too.
  • This year, I decided to make a list of things I would buy for myself if I hit the lottery or something. These are not gifts I actually want people to buy me- I’m awkward when receiving gifts. A new coffee cup or body wash is cool with me. I love getting a few practical things I love and always use. I don’t usually ask for specific things or pricey items. I don’t like when people spend a lot, but if I had a fair amount of disposable money, I could go to town on things I’d get myself to make up for all those years of bad birthdays.
  • The majority of our money goes to the kiddos or groceries. As parents, that’s how it’s supposed to go. Sometimes though, we talk about what’d we do if we had a huge, random amount of money. I don’t think I’d buy too many big ticket items other than a new house and furniture, so I’m going to list some of the things that I would want.
  • Fashion Always Makes Me Happy
  • There are non-clothing items I want. I don’t own a blender, and I want one so I can make smoothies. I also want a new mixer. The one I have is from the 80s, and it has the beaters that attach. I want a hands free mixer, since I bake a lot. I need new room darkening curtains for my bedroom. I can think of a bunch of stuff I need for around the house actually, but if I could just shop for myself for a day, I’d probably skip the home items.
  • I also love beauty and hair products, but gift cards make those types of gifts easier. Gift cards to Ulta or Target are my favorite way to shop for beauty and hair products. I hate giving gift cards, but I do enjoy getting them. Although, I spend a lot of them on the kids.

    The items I decided to put on here are from Amazon, since I’ve had some pretty incredible luck buying clothes from them. My reasoning behind wanting clothes is that I have a new sense of confidence. I want to build my wardrobe with things that make me feel even more beautiful. If I had a bunch of money to burn that was only to be spent on me and not my family, I’d up my style game.

    Lock and Love LL Womens Hooded Faux leather Jacket

    $ 44.95  $ 59.95

    I have read such amazing things about this jacket. The camel color is beyond beautiful, and they have so many other options.

    Michael Kors Women’s Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch, Color:Pink (Model: MK2741)


    For under $100, this watch has my heart. There’s another one I equally love that I’ll post right under this. I have adored rose gold MK watches since college. They are the ultimate accessory in my opinion.

    Michael Kors Women’s Darci Rose Gold-Tone Watch MK3192


    The look of this watch steals my breathe away. It’s a little flashier than the leather strap one, but it’s just as amazing. Maybe it’s just my obsession, but I can’t say how much I love this enough!

    Verdusa Women’s Waist Knot Leopard Print High Waist Wrap Split Skirt


    This skirt is everything! I have this newly found confidence, and I feel like this skirt would make me feel gorgeous.

    Michael Kors Womens Jet Set Item Tote, Brown (Acorn), 11.4×25.4×38.1 cm (W x H x L)


    I know. Another MK item. As a mom, I don’t have a lot of designer things. To be honest, I sold or gave most of mine away. This tote, in this color, just melts my soul. I used to have one with the MK logo all over, but I love this color. When I was younger, I wanted to flaunt my designer stuff, but I think being subtle is a big key to style as you get older. I will have this bag before I’m 30.

    Allegra K Women’s Round Toe Block Heel Ankle Booties (Size US 7.5) Burgundy


    I love suede and velvet boots. I love burgundy and blue. I love pops of color and different textures. These boots are stunning, and if I could shop for my birthday, I’d definitely buy these.

    There’s Always More

    I could shop on Amazon or any store online for hours if I didn’t have a set budget. I’m faster when I’m actually at a store, because I have kids. When they are cart commanders, I try to shop as quickly as possible.

    Thinking of a dream birthday list, I’d say I covered most of want I’d want. I need a new purse, since mine is barely hanging on. Although, I would love a canvas tote with my blogs name on it, and I could get that done for a great price. I always love shoes too. There’s just so much more I could add, but these pieces sum up my wish list fairly well. I will probably keep this as ideas for Mother’s Day too. Wishlist or not, I’m determined to snag a few of these this year.

    If I could plan my birthday where there would be no hiccups, I’d definitely get these as gifts. I know, it’s greedy, but it’s my pretend lottery birthday.

    I’d wake up, have coffee, and be able to take a bath or shower without kids playing in my bubbles or peeking through the curtain. I’d be able to do my makeup without rushing. Then, we’d go for a mountain ride and Mexican food. I’d stop in and visit my family and in-laws, and I would end the night with a few friends hanging out at our house with the kids in pjs. That sounds like the best day.

    What do you want for your birthday? Feel free to share some of your ultimate gift ideas for yourself. It’s the one day a year that’s for you.


    1. For mothers day this year… You obviously know the ONE main thing I would love. Very doubtful. And for the birthday.. Same thing really. But I’m happy with gift cards to Bath and Body Works, Ulta, Starbucks.. Etc. Even I’m happy with just candles galore 😂

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