Coffee Talks: Loving Yourself with Sips of Positivity

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While I was sipping at my coffee this morning, I was thinking about how I’ve let my workouts and “healthy” eating become a small obsession. My ED is peaking through and grasping at anything to send me down that path again. I’m fighting it the best I can, but I just want toast and cold medicine to soothe my achey soul. That’s when it hit me.

I love myself, and skipping a workout won’t make me feel any less like it used it to. Hell, I don’t have to workout at all, because working out shouldn’t be because you hate your body, and that’s why I started in the first place. Sure, it helps with anxiety for me, but sometimes the small amounts that it helps are worth going back down that disordered path again.

It also dawned on me that even though the whole family is sick and my husband works a lot of overtime, I should be positive. So many good things are coming. There’s always a reason to be grateful, and sometimes patience is all it takes to help you get to that moment.

Slow Change

The new year doesn’t always bring about the instantaneous change, like I daydream about. That doesn’t mean that things won’t turn around when they are going in an unfavorable way though. I need to just breathe, and I know I’m not alone.

I know it’s cliche to say, chin up, because it’ll get better. It’s really very true, so I’m determined to get out of my sick funk. I’m feeling a little better, and my kids are slowly feeling better too. It’s just a rough patch. Everyone has rough patches.

We are supposed to get some type of snow storm this weekend. I’m two parts excited and one part nervous- I hope there’s no ice like they said there could be. I’m just sitting here with my coffee trying to tally up the things that I should smile about.

  • We are through the worst parts of our cold.
  • We all love snow.
  • We have the groceries we need, so we shouldn’t have to go out.
  • My husband is working overtime, and that means more money.
  • We have a bunch of birthdays coming up.
  • My grandma has surgery to remove as much of her cancer as possible, and we will be getting more answers on a diagnosis.

There’s just a lot of things that are coming our way, and there’s a bigger positive side than a negative one. So, why not look at the good rather than the bad? I swear coffee gives me wisdom, annoyingly peppy or not, it makes me happy. I’ve had so many positive thoughts and affirmations come my way on this cold afternoon.

There’s A Lot to Smile About!

I am learning, slowly but it counts, to accept my body. I need to accept my curves, so I can embrace them. Once I get to that, I can love myself. I’m on the right path.

Eating disorders don’t just disappear, and even though I’ve been in recovery for a few years, I’m still trying to navigate the acceptance of my curves. I’m learning that I shouldn’t punish my body for being something that it’s not, and that’s a major feat for me.

My daughter will be 2 years old in a month, and she’s the perfect blend of me and her father. She’s healthy, smart, and growing up well.

I’m not a braggy mom, but let me just brag a second. My kids aren’t perfect. No one’s are, but my kids are the greatest source of happiness in my life. I’m so proud of the people they are growing into. My daughter hasn’t had any health issues and is learning at a brilliant rate. Honestly, I’m so proud and lucky to be their mother.

I’m turning 28 years old, and I finally became the woman I wanted to be. It’s time that I’m happy with my self, and I’m so lucky to be surrounded by an incredible family and support system.

I spent my teen years trying to copy other people’s happiness, because I thought I needed a certain type of relationship. Also, I thought I needed to look a certain way. Turns out, I just needed to figure out what made me happy. I can’t say I don’t completely care what people think, but for the most part, I don’t really care what they think. I found happiness my way.

My family is in a good place. We have a wonderful home. My husband loves his job, and it’s a place he can work until he retires. We have everything we need, plus love.

The biggest thing I remind myself when I’m feeling down is that I have everything I need. Sure, I’d love to hit the lottery and wipe away debt and spoil my kids and husband with a ridiculous amount of fun stuff. But, realistically, we have everything we need. We are full of love, and that’s all I could have hoped for when I started my family.

I’m Okay with Cheesy.

This post is almost too twinkles and rainbows for even me, but the point is that I have so much to be thankful for. It’s crazy that drinking coffee and mulling over my grumpy thoughts this morning has turned into a positive afternoon. It’s not always easy for me to pull myself out of those low moments, but I think I’m going to thank my coffee.

Have you ever had coffee talks with yourself?

Is the new year going the way you’d like?

What are some of the positive ways you look at things?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

-With Love,


13 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Loving Yourself with Sips of Positivity”

  1. Such a great and positive post!! I always try to find the good in things so you making a whole post about that is great! I hope your family gets better quickly

    1. Thanks so much! I love your blog, so that means a lot that you commented. Have a good weekend. 😊

  2. It’s not easy for me to sit there and gush about positive things, either. I don’t consider myself a super positive or optimistic person. But you’re right, there are things to be thankful for, things to be happy about. I just have to remind myself and be willing to see it and think about it. Drinking coffee is kind of like a meditation, and I love that.

    I try to look at positive things by how they made me feel. I try to remember the emotions I felt and recreate that. It helps the moment seem more real and tangible than if I were to just try to list things, sometimes.

    1. You have to do what works best for you. It took me so long to think positive, but lists help me when my anxiety overwhelms me. I definitely agree that coffee is like meditation. Glad we could connect, and thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the positivity radiating from this post. And I don’t find it cheesy at all – I think so many people are struggling right now with post-holiday blues, so others will for sure benefit from reading this.

    In particular, I love how you articulated your feelings on working out. “Working out doesn’t make me love my body. Working out shows me the strength that I’m capable of. I love my body as is, and working out is just a way to be a better and healthier version of myself.” This is honestly the best mindset to have and I hope others will read this and feel inspired reach their fitness goals because they want to become stronger.

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words. Post-holiday blues are no joke, and we are definitely feeling it. I just want to try and stay as positive as I can and show that it’s okay to be depressed, but finding the positive will pull you out of the dark. I hope I can keep up with the positive mindset about everything including the body stuff. I never want to promote an emotion or headspace that I’m not actually in, so it’s always a work in progress. Thanks again!

  4. First, I’m so glad you are happy and found a way to look on the bright side. That is awesome!

    A couple of things you wrote made me chuckle. “for my age” when you are 28…oh my dear, it’s good to feel good about your body image OF COURSE. This was just funny to me because “for my age” sounds like something an old lady says…like me at 43! HA, I know, ladies my mom’s age call me a spring chicken. I just chuckle whenever I read comments by 20somethings and 30somethings about being old(ish) or what not. So funny!

    “too twinkles and rainbows” is a term I have never heard. I love it! I may have to use that (if my “old” brain can remember it).

    Lovely encouraging post, Jenni. I definitely would have deep thoughts with my coffee if my house was not awake and obtrusive when I’m trying to drink it. Maybe one day!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been called old my kids, so it was a silly thing for them. 😊

  5. I love the idea of coffee talks Jenni! We have daughters about the same age. Molly will be 3 Feb 3rd. I can’t believe it! Peppa Pig bday party planning in the making.

    1. Awe! My little girl loves Peppa. We found her the cutest Peppa Pig dress. Hope she has a great birthday.

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