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Positivity Planner: My Version of a Bullet Journal

I’ve been saving ideas to create a bullet journal for months. I’ve made attempts, but I’m not as crafty as I used to be. I just feel that I’m my best self when I’m organized. Lists help calm down my anxious feelings, so I’m always on the hunt for next level organization.

Before my sight really went, I would draw and make all kinds of crafts. It’s a little more difficult now, even with the right tools and low vision aides.

My recent bullet journal attempt didn’t go so well, but I love the idea of them. I love the layout options and the endless organization possibilities. I never keep up with a regular planner, because I get bored with the basics. I’ve been looking for pre-made bullet journals or something similar.

I stumbled upon a Positivity Planner, and I thought it was a sign. I’ve been all about a positive mindset this new year. I had to buy it, and I’m so glad that I did. I found mine at Five Below, but they didn’t have them listed online. I noticed Walmart also sells them. They aren’t extravagant or expensive, but I think they are perfect to customize and make your own. I’m not using an affiliate link or anything- I just think it’s an adorable journal and great alternative to making one from scratch.

It’s a lot more simple than a bullet journal and what I initially wanted, but it has extra note pages that I’m sure I could figure out how to jazz up. It’s a dateless journal, which I think is neat. If you forget a day or week, you can just go back in and add your dates.

It starts with a page for resolutions for the entire year that’s broken down into sections that mirror the weekly sections. This way you can see if you’re holding yourself accountable for your resolutions.

Each page leaves a space for the dates you want to fill in and has labeled sections. The left hand side starts with a This Week heading and blank space for the date right below it. The right side is labeled Reflections on This Week with a blank section for the date right below it as well.

This Week

I’d Love To:

I’m Looking Forward To:

I Need To:

Fitness Goals:

Reflections on This Week

I’m Grateful For:

I Enjoyed:

I Accomplished:

Silver Linings:

Mindful Moment:

There’s so many cool options I could put in the notes section too. I could separate and designate goals and task ideas for different months.

It also has a different positive message for each page. It’s clean and simple. It’s just what I need to try for this new year. Starting small means I could always go bigger as I get more into it.

Definitely Not a Bullet Journal

Bullet journals have so many components and monthly overviews. They are just super intense in terms of creativity and organization. This is just a cute planner with goals rather than having daily sections for to do lists and appointments.

As much as I love the idea of a bullet journal, making and keeping up with one isn’t that realistic for me. I want to start small and if I hold myself accountable, I’ll go bigger. I really commend those who have the talent to make those beautiful bullet journals. I’m going to keep my eye out for journals that are similar to this one and add my own touches.

I have a drawer full of notebooks, and I use each and every one. My love of lists is a bit much, so I’m hoping to find that perfect one to make my stand-alone go-to. This planner may be what I need, or it may be a stepping stone to something a little more detailed.

Getting Down to Business

I’m pretty sure I’ll only have time to use my journal when the kids are napping. I’m going to try and keep up with it, because I always start strong with journals but slowly taper off. I love the positive messages, and I think that will boost my motivation to stick to it this time.

Have you made a bullet journal or a similar style journal where you plan more than just your weekly tasks?

Have you bought a pre-made journal or have any recommendations?

Feel free to share your tips and ideas for organized journaling.


  1. I love this – I don’t have a specific planner like this, but I do a run down of just things that made me happy for a given day. I really like all the components of this journal though!

  2. I am not a bullet journal kind of person either. This planner looks like something I could use if I was motivated to do so. For now, given the hectic pace of life, a good old fashioned to-do list is about all I can handle. Some of the components of your planner like noting something to be grateful for and something you accomplished are really neat. That would definitely help me focus on the positive of each day.

  3. Okay, so this is fantastic! I’m not great with bullet journals, there’s too much open space, but this looks amazing. I think I might have to hit up my local Walmart and see if they have this in stock!

    XO Steph

  4. Oh my goodness! This looks awesome. I recently found out about Five Below and now I want to go get one of these. While I love my bullet journal, I also think it would be awesome to use something completely dedicated to positivity!

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