Coffee Talks: Loving Valentine’s Day

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Every time Valentine’s Day creeps up on us, I see the same old complaints on social media. So many people loathe love day. A lot of people talk about how it’s pressure to spend money or that it’s a slam to the single people. I think both are a bit off. I mean, yes, capitalism has taken hold of pretty much every holiday, but there’s so much more to February 14th than flowers and candy.

It doesn’t have to be all about romance.

Even when I was single, I found ways to celebrate it. Love is love and doesn’t always have to be geared towards a partner. Why not love yourself? Why not love your pets or family? There’s so many options when it comes to love. For me, it’s kind of a gushy version of Thanksgiving. I eat things I probably shouldn’t, and I celebrate how grateful I am for the ones I love.

I know it’s supposed to be about romantic love, but who the hell cares? If you don’t like the expected version of Valentine’s Day, make it your own. There’s so much you could do if you don’t want it to be about a significant other. Spread the love around.

  • If you have pets, get them their favorite treats, or go to a dog park.
  • Visit family and take baked goods or sweets.
  • Take your mom or grandma some flowers or a card.
  • Have a dinner with friends.

Let go of the past or negative associations.

I totally understand that some people have bad memories associated with this holiday because of past relationships. I get it! I had a long term boyfriend once buy me a discounted movie for $7, price tag right on the front, and a candy bar. He ate the candy bar, by the way. It wasn’t the money he spent that bothered me, it’s that he didn’t care. I don’t let my past relationships define me, so why would I let them ruin an entire day. Who has time for that type of negativity?

Make it your own.

Even as a married woman, my husband and I don’t go all out. We aren’t big on gift exchanges anyway. We’d rather make a big meal together and give small thoughtful things. We also love to involve our kids. Once the evening is coming to an end, we may add in some romance, but we make it a family occasion for the majority of the day.

Before we had kids, we would visit family and show our appreciation in small ways like bringing someone coffee or lunch. We’ve never broken the bank just to show each other or others we love them. We always made the day our own. We don’t get reservations for a fancy dinner. We just find simple ways to show our appreciation for each other and our families.

Be Positive.

I know a lot of people who talk about Valentine’s Day like it’s doomsday. I just don’t understand why you have to put so much effort and negativity into hating something. Even if you don’t want to celebrate, why make your own day bad? Why put down others for enjoying the day? Let it go. Learn to love yourself and let others go about their day.

Fun Ideas for Everyone

  • Have a cozy fire. Whether you live in a cold or warm area, make a fire and cozy up. Make s’mores with the family or cuddle up with a loved one. Fire places or fire pits could both come in handy.
  • Make your own candy. Whether it’s with friends, family, or as a couple. Spend some time making candy and taste testing together.
  • Take a class. Check into local places for cake decorating, dancing lessons, and paint nights. Find a class to take, and learn something new.
  • Wine/Bar crawl. I’m sure there will be anti-Valentine’s Day and pro-Valentine’s Day events going on with wine and bar crawls. Go out with friends, as a couple, or go meet new people. Anti-love or not, enjoy it rather than bashing it.
  • Go to a comedy or burlesque show. Laugh it up or enjoy some sexy, skillful dancing.
  • Hit up an adult store. Embrace your sexual side and go to the sex shop. My husband and I aren’t shy about taking a trip to the adult store. We get a babysitter for two hours, and make it a date. There’s everything from lingerie to lotions.
  • Enjoy a spa day. Whether with a partner, or alone, enjoy a day of pampering. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you choose to have a relaxing day at home with a bubble bath and bubbly.

Feel free to share your ideas for Valentine’s Day, and try to be more positive this year.

-With Love,


25 thoughts on “Coffee Talks: Loving Valentine’s Day”

  1. Yes!!! All of this! I don’t know why people feel the need to be so negative towards a day and potentially put a downer on others! If they put the effort used to moan about it into following your fab tips they could end up enjoying it!
    We’re not big Valentine’s people, we just get a heart shape cupcake for eachother or bake if we have time as usually we’re working but it’s nice to celebrate love, like you say, even if you’re single too!
    Such a nice positive post!

    1. Thanks so much! I know so many people who just get so grumpy on Valentine’s Day, and I just see no point in it.

  2. Last year I sent V-day grocery shopping with my partner because I was too stressed to do anything else! 🛒 And I couldn’t have been more happy to spend my evening with him that way lol! 😂 I haven’t even thought about what we’re going to do this year 🙈

    1. That’s lovely. I adore spending any time with my husband, so we try to make the best out of everything, even grocery shopping. 😊

  3. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! I love having a day that celebrates love. Even during the many years I was single I loved the sheer romance of it, and the chocolate could do no wrong. Of course, I’m a closet romantic so it makes me sad when people grumble about Valentine’s Day, as if romantic love is the only kind of love there is.

    1. We make it a family holiday. We get the kids candy, and we watch movies and just hang out. We will make a big dinner too. It’s just going to be a cozy night in.

  4. I love this! And I also love Valentine’s Day. There was a time when my husband and I would go out to dinner. But the last few years we’ve made French bread pizzas with pepperoni hearts. We have a blast as a family doing it and loving on each other. By the way I LOVE your mention of the adult store. No shame here! My husband and I often give each other a $30 allowance for 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! That sounds super fun. I’m working on a post about sex and why there should be no shame. 😊

  5. “If you don’t like the expected version of Valentine’s Day, make it your own. ” Girl, you know it!

    I sort of might have a potential valentine but I’m honestly not sure. And even so, he’s long distance so I’ll still be physically alone. I have a post coming up about being single/alone on Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna go ahead and link to this post!

    XO Steph

  6. I love Valentine’s Day for one reason. CHOCOLATE! LOL My hubby waits until the day after and buys me lots of yummy chocolate on sale! Hey, I don’t mind at all waiting a day. As long as I get the good stuff!

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