I’m a tiny force on the blogosphere, but I’m still a force. To have a successful blog doesn’t always equate to big numbers or big dollars. To me, having repeat readers, engagement, and genuine content are what make you a blogging force. My numbers may be micro, but I push myself. I engage with my readers, and I stand behind my content.

Confidence did not come easy for my and my blogging attitude. The idea of stepping onto any social media platform terrified me, and I still have days where I’m overwhelmed by those social powerhouses.

I’m not a very social person until I’m very close with you. I get nervous and awkward very quickly. I can be shy and have been told I come off bitchy. A lot of my peppy cheer and conversations were me trying to “fake it until I make it” sort of thing. I kept pushing myself to stay positive and be social. Once I got past the fret of whether or not people liked me and my blog, I soared. Getting through that stage kind of gave me the nerve to handle myself on social media.

I’ll admit I didn’t join any social platforms for my previous blogs, and there’s a reason they didn’t last. It’s so important to spread the word- your word! I assumed that social media would be filled with trolls, dick pictures, and mean girls. I was very wrong. I mean, those negatives do exist, but they are just a blip on the the vast social spectrum.

I was blinded with support once I started to reach out. I found other bloggers and made connections. Opening up and stepping into the blogging community has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s okay to take baby steps, but take a step.

  • Start Small
  • I already had a personal Pinterest, so I just turned it into a business account. It was so easy and simple to follow the directions with claiming your website and turning a personal account into a business account. It only took a few clicks.
  • Pinterest Tips

    • Make your own graphics. Vertical, eye catching, and easy to read are the criteria I use. I use a free app called Canva to make my graphics.
    • Use hashtags. I didn’t do this at first, but since I’ve been using hashtags, my monthly views have gone from 18k-51k.
    • Pin everyday. I try to pin every single day. Even if it’s only 3-5 pins, I stay activate with it.
    • Pin in multiple boards. I never did this until I created a board for my blog. I repin to multiple boards. This post will be pinned to my blog board and all of my group boards that it applies to.
    • Join groups. I love having group boards and collaborations. It helps stay engaged, and it grows your following.

    Expand Your Social

    I was hesitant about Twitter, but it has been a close second favorite of mine. I met a lot of amazing bloggers through Twitter. I can self-promote and expand my support of other bloggers and writers. It can also be hilarious and relatable.

    Tips for Twitter

    • Share your posts. I know a lot of bloggers who don’t really share their posts, but I enjoy doing it. Self-promotion isn’t bad if it’s done right. Don’t promote on other people’s stuff. It can get tacky pretty quick.
    • Engage in tags and connect. I love being involved with tags and talking to people on Twitter. There are some incredible, hilarious, and genuine people on this platform.
    • Follow RT accounts. I love finding new bloggers from Retweet accounts. These accounts allow you to share recent posts and share social links. They can be super beneficial.

    Twitter RT Accounts I Love:


    The Clique

    The Blogger Gals

    Blogging Bees RT

    I have a Facebook for my blog, but I guess I keep it mainly for my friends and family. I know the majority of them won’t just type in my blog URL and go, so I make it simple for them. I don’t have a ton of tips for Facebook, because it’s not one of the platforms I use to bring a lot of traffic.

    Tips for Facebook

    • Make a page for your blog. At first, I just posted links in my personal profile. Once I created a page for my blog, I was able to get more traffic than just my Great Aunt and God-Mother.
    • Join group pages and follow other bloggers. To be honest, I only follow a few group pages on Facebook, but when I get traffic to my blog, it’s from them. They are actually really fun too.

    I will be straight with you, I just joined Instagram like 2 weeks ago. It still overwhelms me. I try to keep up with hashtags and reminding people the link to my blog is in the bio. I’m not the best person to give advice on Instagram, but I can share some of the lovely bloggers who blog about blogging. They have great advice, and we all have to start somewhere.

    Check out these bloggers:

    Ell Duclos


    The Newbury Girl

    It’s easy to follow directions and imitate, but the key to blogging is being genuine. I could have looked through the bloggers’ posts above and explained Instagram better, but it’s important to be honest and not steal content. Don’t lose your individuality trying to copy others. It’s important to not lose yourself for a goal. The best way to make your goals happen is too keep them your own. Don’t try to be another blogger. Be yourself. Take advice and learn, but evolve your blog into a better version rather than a completely different one.

    Follow Back or Not

    I don’t just follow everyone back. I started out following everyone who followed my Pinterest, but I had to go through and do some cleaning. I don’t do instant follow backs for a reason. I want to read and follow content that I enjoy. I want to give actual support to the blogs I love.

    If someone makes me uncomfortable, I also have no issues hitting that block button. I follow great people and amazing bloggers. I know I can’t connect with a thousand people all at once, but I’d rather follow people I enjoy and can relate to. It’s how I built the connections I have. It’s okay to say no and not follow someone.

    The Takeaway

    When it comes to social media, I’m still learning. I’m always working on growing my following and improving my blog. I read tips and advice just like someone starting out, and I have no shame in that. I want to continue to be the best version of myself and the best blogger I can be. It can be overwhelming trying to stand out in a sea of bloggers, but if you want it, you can make it happen.


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