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Hey everyone! This is the first post in my new series where I feature bloggers that I think other people should check out. I love supporting other bloggers, and I think it’s an important aspect of being in this writing community. Without further ranting on loving everyone, I want to introduce a blogger who not only inspires me, but she is also very supportive and genuine.

Jess runs Empowered People “Empower” People. Her blog is positive and has great tips for blogging and life in general. I have to say that I’m not a very openly religious person, but I adore this blog. Embracing your faith is a very powerful quality, and I admire all of her posts whether they are personal or aspirational for blogging. Let’s get to some questions!

Questions for Jess

1. At what moment did you decide to start a blog? Did it just happen over night or was it a process?

The moment I got sick and tired of my day job! I’ve always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and honestly, I was just ready to start living that life of being my own boss. It definitely didn’t happen overnight. Blogging takes time … lots of time! So it’s definitely been a process.

2. If you could name 3 goals you have as a blogger, what would they be?

My 3 biggest goals for my blog are currently:

– expand my networking skills

– continue to generate more traffic to increase my revenue

– make a full time career out of blogging!

3. If you could go back and give yourself any advice before starting your blogging journey, what would it be?

My strongest advice: if the goal is to monetize your blog, don’t waste time by hosting a blog on a platform with sooo many limitations. Invest into being self hosted!! It’s worth the money and time.

Some Must Read Posts

Who I Am Behind My Blog I love when bloggers put themselves out there. I totally understand and admire those who wrote with anonymity, but there’s something about a straight forward blogger. Jess is a wife, mom, and 100% relatable. When bloggers show they are just like the rest of us, there’s a bonding that can happen with readers. I love it!

15 Ways I’m Trying to Become a Better Person This post is very inspiring. I’m always trying to make sure I’m my best self. I love her list on how she wants to improve herself. It’s a great idea to set a personal goal list like this. Such a wonderful and positive idea!

22 Things Every Mom Needs to Hear The title should say it all. This is a great post. I’ve already gone back and read it during a few rough days. It’s short, sweet, and an amazing pick me up for moms!

Follow Her

Jess on Twitter

Like I said, if you haven’t found her blog yet, go give it a read! She’s wonderful.

Thanks guys!


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    1. I followed her initially by putter her name into my search bar for my reader. Sometimes, my WordPress doesn’t show follow buttons.

      1. Thanks for trying to follow me! I found you and followed you !! ❤️ looking forward to reading your posts and connecting !

        Thanks again Jenni Boo! 🤗

  1. Reading this post and dedication to me made my eyes watery Jenni !!! 💓 I love you endlessly and I am so very blessed to be connected to you here in the blogging community !! Thank you for appreciating me and all of my hard work. People like you INSPIRE me to keep blogging !! XOXO !! 😘😘

    1. I love your blog and all of your messages. You’re a wonderfully inspiring woman! International Women’s Day was perfect for sharing your blog. Thanks for always being lovely! I love and appreciate you! 🥰

      1. Thank you so much !!!
        Believe it or not but this is the first time ever that I’ve ever been featured on anyone else’s blog unless it was for an award so this really means sooo much to me!! ❤️

      2. You deserve to be featured a billion times, because you’re amazing. 😊

      3. You’re just as amazing !! ❤️ I know you aren’t religious but you really do have the sweetest spirit! Thank you for being so kind!

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