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Coffee Talks: Workout Apps

My health journey just keeps on trucking along. Now that I’m a brand ambassador for Just Strong, I don’t feel as awkward sharing my fitness journey.

I am by no means a gym type of girl. It’s not that I have anything against the gym, but I have a few factors that make getting there difficult. I’m blind and don’t drive, plus I have two tots under the age of 4. So, home workouts are the best way for me to exercise. I also realized that I hold myself more accountable when I’m at home.

I’m a very routine person, so adding workouts into my daily routine keep me on track. My anxiety has always helped me stay with a routine, because if I skip something, I just feel off.

Finding What Works

When I first starting working out last year, I just did basic exercises that I already knew from workout tapes and gym class. As time went on, I realized that part of working out is research. I thrive on research! I needed to find ways to target different areas, and I needed more all around knowledge. So, like any average mom on a mission, I went to Pinterest for answers. That’s where I found some great posts on the best way to go about my workouts.

Pinterest Takeaway

  • Target different body parts/areas on different days.
  • Rest days are just as important.
  • Mix up routines.

Once I soaked in the basic concepts that I already kind of knew but needed refreshed, I started looking at videos and pictures that broke down exercises step by step. I realized that I saved more than I actually did.

I needed something more to keep me from saying, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” Then, I saw an ad for a workout app. The one advertised cost money, so I decided to have a new mission to discover free workout apps that I would actually use and stick with.

App Challenge

Last year, I really liked the idea of 30 day challenges, and I found some great, free apps that were exactly what I wanted. They had demos and explanations of each exercise, so that was pretty helpful too.

30 Day Challenge Apps

Female Fitness – Abs Workout – At first, I only cared about focusing on my belly, because it’s what I hated the most. I loved this app and still occasionally go back to it. It also has morning and night time stretches.

Lose Weight in 30 Days – This app was one I found when I realized I can’t just focus on tummy stuff everyday. This app does have a premium option. It basically has everything from workouts to meal planning. It really helped me expand my workouts when I was getting started.

Wanting More

I loved completing all of the 30 day challenges that those apps had, but I wanted more. So, I started doing yoga like I did back in college. I still need a new mat since by dog ate mine, but I make it through.

I also recently found a new app that isn’t all about 30 day this or that. It’s been my new go-to favorite too.

Workout for Women: Fitness App has been awesome. It has so much variety, and I love the levels they offer. If I’m still pretty sore by the next day and it’s not a rest day, I go down to beginner level or just do a 7 minute workout. It keeps me active without hurting myself. I’ve already sent this app to a few friend, because I really love what it has to offer for home workouts.

Weights with Hubs

I’ve been switching up my workout days to Monday-Friday and resting on weekends. With this, I’ve been adding in some weights. My husband knows more about weights and lifting, so he’s been helping me. It’s been like a workout date. We get sweaty and then hit the shower together. So, if you have any great apps that have weights included in the workouts, send me some recommendations.

I have some hand weights and bars with weights we can add too. Now that I think about it, we have a fair amount. I need a ball and bands still though. I’m just excited to add weights into my routine.

Cheap & Anti-Social

When it comes down to it, I could pay for apps and classes. I could invest in some group workout programs. I’ve been invited to a bunch. To be honest, I’m just cheap and an anti-social homebody. Not being able to drive and get a sitter is a bit of an excuse. I really just prefer to save money and stay home.

I love the workouts I do at home, and now that I’m expanding it, it’s getting even more enjoyable. I love being able to include my kids. I love working out with my husband and planning our weekly meals together.

If you’re an app person that works out at home like me, feel free to share your favorite apps and workouts. I also just added a new health and wellness board to my Pinterest, so check it out. I love to connect with people on there too.

Also, keep in mind as a brand ambassador for Just Strong, you can use my discount code JENNDUN10 to get 10% off great workout clothes. Having comfortable workout clothes helps me get in the mood for my workouts, so I’m happy to be working with them.

Have a wonderful week!



  1. I really need to get back to working out! I’m going to check out these apps because I hate working out in front of other people. Thank you for the suggestions!

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  2. Great post! I’m also a Just Strong ambassador, though I haven’t really jumped in since I bought my hoodie (which I love!). These are really nice-sounding apps that I’ll have to check out. I’m also a huge fan of Beachbody On Demand, though it is expensive for a yearly subscription. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I have been on a fitness quest since December and you’re right, research is part of it. I am learning as I go along because I never really like exercising prior but I’m improving. I know running 3x a week for 30 mins is not enough for me to tone, nor 7 mins a day of with an app workout. I have to combine a few exercises to get result. I’m still learning. I love reading others’ journey so I can learn from them as well. Good luck on your fitness quest. I write about mine on my blog as well. I prefer free and no equipment exercises. Youtube has so many exercise videos to offer as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I usually did free weights at the gym for upper body but I miss all the leg machines. I have an exercise ball at home that I love- you can do upper body on it and abs is great with it, and I use it for wall squats! Now that I’m getting back into working out and since I prefer to stay home I’ll have to check out these apps! Xx Alicia

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