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Subscription Boxes: Fine Chocolate Club

So, you can get a subscription box with just about anything now a days. You can get everything from beauty products to food delivered to your door. It’s pretty indulgent, and these boxes have versatility. You could use them as a form of monthly self-care, or they could make a very thoughtful gift.

Every month you receive new fine chocolate bars from the top makers around the world, including LetterPress, Amano, Dick Taylor, and more.

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, and I’ve already started to plan what I’m going to get my mom and grandma. Then, the greatest thing happened- I was gifted a box of chocolates from Fine Chocolate Club. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

This isn’t just any chocolate though. It’s fancy, decadent, and delivered to my door. Before I could even get the details completely off my tongue while on the phone to my mom, she was asking if she could have the Fine Chocolate Club subscription for Mother’s Day or her birthday. There goes my surprise, but I’m thrilled she wants to try it.

I will admit that I’m a chocolate lover, but I’m a bit picky. I’m not a huge fan of plain, run of the mill milk chocolate. I like dark chocolate or chocolate with nuts, caramels, or fillings. This box changed my views on chocolate, because the milk chocolate was anything but boring. I’m pretty obsessed with the Brown Butter Milk Chocolate bar by Fruition, and small batch chocolate is pretty lovely.

I have to also say that size matters. This box came with full size candy bars! I felt like I was trick-or-treating in the rich neighborhoods when I opened it up. I was fairly giddy.

I’m a sucker for a good dark chocolate, and the percentages didn’t disappoint. The chocolates were all beautiful and tasty. At first, it can seem a bit pricy at $59.99, but if you go here and use my code HOUSEWIFEHUSTLE, you can get your first month free. If it’s free, there’s nothing to lose. Definitely give it a taste, because if you don’t want it for yourself, it makes a wonderful present for the chocolate lovers in your life.

Remember to check it out here and use my code HOUSEWIFEHUSTLE for a free month. Enjoy!



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