Finding Followers: Tips for Growing Your Audience

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Rather than showcase a featured blogger for #followfriday, I wanted to talk about finding followers. Recently, I’ve gotten a few comments and dm’s asking how I’ve grown my following in social media and on WordPress.

The answer to that question is I follow other bloggers and content creators. I never grew a following the way I have with this current blog, but I genuinely believe my followers come from supporting other bloggers and just being over all genuine and relatable.

Where To Start

I began Housewife Hustle on WordPress as a free blog. I started checking out the Reader section and starting searching words like mom, beauty, style, and parenthood. From there, I discovered some amazing blogs. That led me to finding that those blogs had social media accounts. So, I made social media accounts.

The other blogs that I had in the past never had social media accounts. That was a major reason they weren’t able to go. I wasn’t promoting them or following anyone else. The only thing I was doing was writing, publishing, and hoping for the best.

Once I started working on self-promotion, engagement, and following others, my audience continued to grow. Then, I started looking at who other bloggers followed, so I followed them too. I found some amazing bloggers in my niche, as well as people who posted about other things I’m interested it. I don’t read books the way I used to since I lost a lot of vision, so I read blogs. Filling up my own personal reader with blogs that I enjoyed helped me grow, and it’s amazing to support the blogs that I love as well.

Social Media Blogosphere

I get a lot of followers from posting in Follow Threads on Twitter. I don’t do the whole “follow for follow” thing, but those threads help me find blogs I haven’t seen yet. They open doors to new people. It’s important not to just share your links and expect others to jump on your bandwagon though. You have to also support your fellow bloggers. You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you, but you should at least support the blogs you enjoy.

I’m always on a hunt for new blogs. It’s fun participating in threads and tags. I always say I’m “creeping” on my fellow bloggers followers, because I scroll through the people they follow. Usually, if I love what someone writes, they also follow people who write things that I’ll enjoy. It’s like a big circle of awesome writers!

Pinterest and Tailwind

I know that Pinterest is apart of social media, but I have to say that it can be a blogging powerhouse for traffic and growing your audience. If Pinterest is coupled with Tailwind, then your audience can explode beyond self-promotion on social share threads.

For more details about Tailwind and how it can help you with traffic and Pinterest, I have posts that go into more detail. I also discuss the pros and cons showed my own personal experiences.

Tailwind Trial: Increasing Traffic with Tailwind

Tailwind Pros and Cons for Bloggers

Engage to Grow

If you don’t engage with readers or other bloggers, you’re not going to grow your following. People love to talk, so you have to talk too. Commenting on other posts that aren’t my own is a great way I meet new bloggers and gain followers. Discussions are important, and it shows people you’re not a dick.

Yes, I said that. Being personable is a big reason that my audience steadily grows. I’m open to discussions and engagement. You can’t just share a link or post and expect people to engage without doing anything in return.

Being engaging and creating an open discourse is a great way to grow your following. That’s where a good chunk of my followers come from. I’ll comment on a post I love, and then, I’ll stumble on to other blogs and those other bloggers find me as well. It’s like a support group or that circle I mentioned above.

Self Promotion

I promote my own posts on social media. The majority of my followers are from Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I promote my posts and always share my links. It’s a great way to show you’re confident in what you write, which draws followers in.

I will admit that I don’t promote exactly the same way as some bloggers. I don’t share my links in other people’s comments or posts unless they are specifically asking for a link. Honestly, I just feel a bit rude going, “hey, love your post. Go read mine.” I know some bloggers who do it, but it’s not something I’m a fan of. Although, I usually go look at their link, so I guess it works for them.

Be Yourself

Growing an organic following isn’t always easy, but the main strategy should always include being yourself. Open up and be relatable. People respond to real. People want to read and follow when they share something in common. I will admit I tone myself down at times, but I don’t want to be too much for my readers. The amount of swear words and sarcasm that flows from my fingers is a fraction of what would happen if we were to interact in real life, but I don’t want to scare any of you off.

Being yourself also means don’t plagiarize. I see those big time bloggers growing followers by the hundreds, and I’m so proud of them. There are moments where I wish I was growing that quickly. I know it’s hard not to compare, but keep being original.

Copying what they are doing isn’t blogging, it’s plagiarism. We all have some sort of niche or brand, but you don’t need to imitate others. It’s okay to write about similar topics, but copying isn’t a good look and will lose you followers.

I actually saw a blogger that I follow but doesn’t follow me, have a post nearly identical to one of mine a few weeks ago. It’s easy to write about similar issues when we are in the same niche, but then, I read her post. It was almost verbatim to mine, including her subtitles and graphic. I was hurt. Copying someone else is wrong, so please don’t do it.

Grow, Baby, Grow

I’m trying to grow like the rest of you. It’s important that I steadily gain new followers since this blog is my job. Because I engage, promote, and stay true to who I am, that’s something that appeals to an audience. In my experience, engaging and having good content in your voice is the best way to find and keep people reading a blog.

Hope these were some of the answers you were looking for. Have a wonderful day!


20 thoughts on “Finding Followers: Tips for Growing Your Audience”

  1. You make such a good point here! I order to grow your own following, you have to put in the effort with other people. I found your blog through another blog I follow. It’s like this massive web. The more you connect with others, the better connection you’ll see on your own blog. Some people don’t understand that side of blogging lol I certainly didn’t when I started up this blog. I never knew I’d spend hours each day reading other blogs and commenting on them. But it’s totally worth it!

  2. Love all these tips. I have just started, so this is amazing info to follow. Thank you!

  3. This is great advice. I blogged for over three years before I figured a lot of this out. I don’t use social media but interacting with others in the community is very important.

    1. Thanks! Glad you can relate. I was hesitant about social media at first, but I met some amazing people there.

  4. Love this! I haven’t told family or many friends that I started blogging so I don’t promote my blog on social media. I had a Twitter account that none of them knew about which I loved being able to say what I wanted without a family member freaking out and telling me I shouldn’t say that… but some stuff happened and I had to deactivate my account unfortunately.

    1. I’m sorry. My family could care less about my blogging, and I’m very forward with them if I mention them. It can be a tricky thing to navigate though, so I understand. I wish you all the best!

      1. Thanks, I’m not really blogging to get popular or a huge following. I just like writing, it’s therapeutic for me.

      2. That’s always great though! I started writing as therapy, but I also want to build a brand and spread awareness. I’m excited to follow your blogging journey. 😊

  5. I read this and got really intrigued. Taking time to follow other bloggers, look for others like me takes as much time as writing an actual blog. I find myself spending an hour writing a blog then an hour on social media commenting on other blogs, reading what other people have to say, and catching up on comments.

    My blog is more like a diary for me. I write so that I’ll remember what happened and can look back and see later on. I hope that makes sense. 🙂

    Thank you for writing this and pointing it out. You’re awesome!

    1. Every blogger operates differently, so I totally get what you’re saying! Thanks for sharing. 😊

  6. Great tips! My blog is still in its early stages so I’m definitely going to take your advice on how to grow my following.

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