Coffee Talks: Steaming Up Spring

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Warning, this post is NSFW. There will be some discussion of sex and sex toys. This is definitely an adult related post.

With that being said, it’s time to get steamy for spring, because love is in the air! I genuinely enjoy love and all that mushy goodness. I will admit, this spring has me feeling a bit sexy and feistier than normal. Not sure if having my hormones finally in check after my hysterectomy has amped things up, or if it’s my overall amplified body confidence.

My husband and I stumbled onto a fun way to enjoy our date nights. We stayed up after the kids went to bed one night and were searching for something on TV. We came across those late night infomercial type shows, but instead of blenders or random appliances, they were selling sex toys.

Good Vibes

We have a great sexual relationship, and I’m the furthest thing from shy when talking about it. Sex is healthy, and I think that it’s an important subject to talk about. Even though I’m a mom blogger, it’s a topic I’m not afraid to conquer. Like I’ve said before, how do you think I became a mom? I’ve also posted about it here and here.

I’m an open-minded person, and I also understand that not everyone feels comfortable talking about sex. It’s all good. Don’t push yourself if you aren’t comfortable. This post might not be for you, so come back another time.

So, during this half hour infomercial, the hostess, who’s wonderful and keeps it lighthearted, showcased some pretty neat toys. If you’re wondering if I bought one, you bet your booty I did!

At first, I was giggly at the thought of ordering a vibrator or toy the same way I late night shop for crockpots and air fryers. Those shows rope you in though, and this was no exception. It just had good vibes, pun intended.

Adam & Eve

The products shown were from Adam & Eve Adult Store. There was just one hostess, and she made it so comfortable like I was watching HSN. She wasn’t robotic in anyway, and she made sex and sex toys seemed normalized, which I totally think should be the standard anyway.

Bedroom Adventures

We aren’t new to sex toys as a couple. We’ve always been very adventurous. Our sexual chemistry has been intense since the beginning, and we learned early on that toys weren’t just for solo acts.

Now, my husband and his buddies at work have shared notes about this same topic in the past. A few of the guys he works with are barely drinking age, but they are all in relationships. They all have this idea of “who needs sex toys when we have penises.” My husband just laughs and tells them to be adventurous. Aside from those few younger fellas, most of the couples we know all down for a trip to the adult toy store.

I have a sex book or two and some vibrators. We’ve tried rings, lubes, and edible oils. We love foreplay, and the sex store is like an adult candy store. When I realized we could shop online and it be just as fun, I was hooked.

It didn’t take long for my husband to pull out his credit card. It made date night extra fun, because we could talk about what we wanted out of toys. We could read reviews and really browse with freedom.


We have our favorites that we’ve tried over the years. One year, we had remote controlled vibrating panties, and they were awesome. Although, don’t try walking up stairs or pouring drinks while your sneaky partner sees how impactful they can be. Overall, they were a blast! We have a few favorites I want to share. These aren’t affiliate links or anything, they are just recommendations of a few toys and things.

Butterfly G Spot Kiss – So, this is the one I ordered from the TV. Listening to the explanations and reviews made it seem like it couldn’t be passed up, and I definitely recommend it.

10 Function Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties – The title alone makes me want to try this version. They have a few more functions than the ones I’ve had, but I know what I want next.

Good Head Tingle Drops – These are pretty fun and versatile. We bought them on a whim but ended up really liking them and the flavors aren’t overly sweet or waxy.

Steaming Up Spring

We talked it over, and we want our spring to be full of romance and steamy date nights. It’s hard to be spontaneous when you have toddlers, so we don’t mind planning our sexcapades. It gives us something to look forward to when we have stressful days.

We are going to tune into that show whenever we have a date night where the kids actually cooperate and go to bed. Once the living room is ours, we can play, browse, and get down to some getting down.

If you haven’t checked out those informercials or even the online adult store, you definitely should. They have discounts, free couples gifts, and a lot of great deals. We like our toys, but as a frugal mom, I love coupons too!

With all that being said, I hope you have a steamy spring regardless of whether your a toy fan or not. Sending good vibes and lots of love!

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  1. omg i need some vibrating panties !! Thanks for sharing ! I questioned whether they really worked or were just gimmicks

  2. I just love you! You are so open and honest and it’s so refreshing! I’m going to suggest a late-night browse of Adam & Eve to my hubby and see what we can find. Although I have to say I’m quite intrigued by the panties. They sound like they’d be fun!

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