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Spring Style Favorites

The image has a cream colored title bar section towards the bottom. The subtitle reads “sunshine & style” and is followed by the main title “spring style favorites.” At the bottom is the link for Housewife Hustle. The picture above the title section is of a closet filled with clothes.

Now that April has begun, I’ve been looking through my closet. I try to push the heavy winter wardrobe towards the back and bring my sunny day favorites forward. I’m not a mega fashionista by any means, but I have favorites for spring.

As a mom, I love an easy outfit, but I also love a good pair of heels and to get dolled up. Most of the time, I pair my jeans with almost everything, but this year, I am pushing myself to wear more skirts and dresses. I love to mix feminine and edgy when I’m picking my outfits. I’m also someone who wears dark colors, but I’m going to add some pops of bold colors this year.

Being a fuller figured woman has me feeling some type of way this year. I was scrolling through Pinterest for outfit ideas last week, and almost every plus size spring look had a jacket, cardigan, or multiple layers. Um, maybe it’s just me, but as a thick woman, I sweat easily. I hate layers most of the time, and if it’s warm outside, the last thing I want to do is cover up.

I know there are unwritten rules that say girls with curves should wear black, no stripes or bold prints, and cover up. No thanks! I’m going to be beautiful in crop tops, stripes, and all of that spring fashion goodness.

I will rock the occasional fringe and layered shirt. I will also mix in some of my favorite booties as well as buy new ones. Sharing my style ideas for the season helps me to buckle down and figure out what I need to add too.

Florals & Prints

Floral prints, whether “in” or not, are always something I reach for in spring. I love florals, and I actually wear them all year long, but I try to stay brighter in the spring.

Stripes are also a print I love to wear. I love navy stripes, and even though I’m a curvy girl, I rock horizontal stripes all the time. I love a good navy striped shirt.

I also ventured into polka dots recently. I found this cute, cropped wrap top from Victoria Secret that I fell in love with. I layer a tank under it, and that’s about the only layering I can handle. As a chesty lady, I gotta keep the girls in place, so tanks help a lot.

A few weeks ago, I ventured into a print I love, but I didn’t own- snakeskin. A blogger that I love makes clothing, and she designed this incredible snakeskin skirt, so I had to order one! Snakeskin is a trendy animal print for spring right now, and it’s so fierce. Head over to her blog post about the specific skirt I bought here- The Perfect Skirt for Every Woman this Spring.

Denim Baby

I live and breathe in denim. I wear jeans all year long whether they are a cropped skinny in spring or a pair of denim cut off shorts in the heat of summer. For me, jeans are my comfort zone. Once I find a pair of denim jeans, shorts, or skirt that fits just right, you’ll never see me in anything else.

Feel That Flow

I love jeans, don’t get me wrong, but I need some flow when the sun is beaming down on me. I love dresses and skirts, but I do need to start wearing some bottoms with flow. I’m always worried about fit and not appearing bigger than I actually am, so I used to avoid flow. This year, I want to combine form fitting with flow. Whether the top flows or the bottom is breezy, I’m going to make it work.

Color Time

I love soft pinks and rose golds. I love yellows and mustard colors. I love lavender and heather grey. I love all these colors, but I usually wear navy, black, grey, maroon, and dark green.

I’m going to push myself to wear more color this year. I’m going to try and see the beauty that I have in all colors and prints.

Shoes are Magic

If you’ve seen a few of my style posts, you’ll know I’m a big fan of shoes. Shoes are magic, and I believe they can make most outfits perfect. I have more shoes than I care to admit, but I will say I need more spring oriented shoes.

No Flops For Me

I have maybe one pair of flip flops, but I prefer wedges and sandals. I also love peep toe booties, and I plan on grabbing a pair or two to add to my collection.


When it comes to accessories, I usually keep it simple. I have a rose gold bar necklace that I wear most days. I also have a silver and gold handmade bangle that I wear a lot. When I want to feel extra sassy and glam, I wear my statement diamond ring that my husband got me for Valentine’s Day. The one accessory that I will own multiples of is sunglasses.

I may have my few pieces of staple jewelry that I enjoy, but I will buy a few new pairs of sunglasses every year. For me, sunnies aren’t just fashion. With being legally blind and having my eye disease, my eyes are super sensitive to bright lights. I usually try for oversized sunglasses too, so I know I’m protected.

I recently got two new pairs from ILYMIX. They have some pretty trendy and cute glasses. If you click that link you will also get 70% off. You can head over to their main website here and use code HOUSEWIFEHUSTLE for the same deal too.

This post contains affiliate links and discount codes. I will earn a small commission from sales from ILYMIX, but all opinions and images are my own.

More to Add

I know I want to bulk up my spring and summer wardrobe. I need some sundresses and skirts. I’d love a denim skirt and a skater style skirt. I will definitely be wearing my snakeskin skirt a lot.

Target has some of the cutest peep toe booties right. I’ve also found great shoes at Walmart. I’d love a designer pair, but as a parent, I try to shop smart.

I’d love to hear your spring favorites! Have a wonderful week.



  1. Jenni, thank you so much for purchasing the snakeskin skirt. Your support truly means the world to me. Creating this skirt specifically for you brought me so much joy. Also, I can’t wait to see what you pair it with!!

    Thanks again darling

    Erica Raquel

    • Awe, thanks! As soon as our weather stays consistently warm, I’m wearing that baby! I’ve pranced around in my house with it on, and my husband loves it! Thanks for making me feel beautiful!

  2. Goooosh you are so beautiful and I LOVE your style! You always have the cutest outfits and the most amazing pairs of shoes. I’m that person that wears the same 10 (ok…if I’m being honest like 5 or 6) outfits over and over and over. And most of them are black. I need to start expanding my wardrobe. You’ve inspired me to add some color and definitely some cuteness into my life this spring! Where do you buy your clothes? I think that’s one of my biggest problems is that I have no clue where to even start….especially in a one-income family.

      • Seriously? Well now it’s time for me to go shopping and find some cute clothes! Thank you!!!

      • Yeah! The stripped shirt is actually from Victoria Secret, but the rest are from Target and Walmart. I love Target’s new jeans for curvy ladies. I use to go out of my way to wear American Eagle and other “nicer” brands when I was in school, because I got called poor. Then, I grew up and realized those kids sucked, and I’m going to wear what I want from where I want. 😊

  3. Uuuuugh kids suck! I just bought a really cute pair of white shorts and a hooded dress type thing from Walmart this morning. I’m definitely going to have to check out Target’s jeans because I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me just right. Thank you, lovely!!! 😘

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