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7 Healthy Habits to Start this Spring

The center picture is of a vibrant bowl of salad with grilled chicken and pomegranate seeds. Right beneath the bowl of salad is a title section. At the top of the title section is the number 7 in a pink circle. Right below the number 7 is the rest of the title in a white box that reads, “healthy habits to start this spring.” Beneath the title is the link for Housewife Hustle.

When it comes to adopting healthy habits, everyone tries at the start of the new year. There’s nothing wrong with that, but most people don’t stick with it because of the stress from getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. Spring is the perfect time to work on those healthy habits to add to your daily routine.

For me, I needed to find things that I enjoyed and combine those with things that are healthy. You won’t stick to a routine if you’re unhappy, so I want to share 7 healthy habits that have made me happy, and spring is a great time to start.

Exercise Your Way

When I started my workout journey, I was always dreading waking up early. I had tried gyms and workout groups. I tried to exercise every way I could think of. I never wanted to actually follow through with it.

Once I realized that you don’t have to wake up before the sun and leave your house, I found a way to workout that I liked. Now, I really enjoy working out at home and on my own terms. There are so many apps that help when I’m at a loss for what to do. You can read about my favorite ones here. I also don’t feel so judged when I’m home.

I really enjoy being outside, and with warm weather being right around the corner, our family plans on going hiking a lot. It’s fun for everyone, and it’s a way to add in exercise.

Cutting Out Added Sugar

I know, typing that makes me groan. At first, I thought I was a healthy eater. I will admit that I love sweets, but I don’t overindulge by any means. I still wanted to look for the added sugars in my food that I wouldn’t miss and that I definitely didn’t need. It’s not an extreme thing to do like going straight to clean eating, but I knew I wouldn’t back-peddle with baby steps.

I started cutting out the sugar I put it my coffee and tea. Let me tell you, I cringed for a few days, but now, I don’t miss it at all. I feel more awake, and I don’t go for more when I start to crash. I don’t drink sugary drinks like sodas or energy drinks anymore.

I also stopped eating white bread. I try to eat sugar that’s more natural too like what is in fruits and honey. Even the smallest changes have showed results, so it pushes me to get even healthier.

Cook at Home

My husband and I use to eat out constantly, even though we both are pretty decent cooks. We were just always on the go, so we did the quickest thing.

Once babies came, we ended up cooking more and more. These last two years, we learned to meal plan throughout the week. Now that our household eats healthier, we plan much healthier meals. We saved so much money in the process, and I can honestly say that grilled chicken salad night is probably my favorite.

Portion Control

When I’m hungry, I’m hunnnnngry. This girl can eat, so I knew that I needed to work on following serving sizes and portion control.

This may sound nuts, because it’s a prepackaged food, but Lean Cuisine Marketplace has helped me. Before you question a microwaved meal, let me dish.

Check out this article for a lengthy explanation on the healthier versions of these meals. Now, they are made with real organic ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no GMO ingredients.

I like that it’s portioned out, so I don’t get out of hand. I will say I’m not a fan of the pizza or sandwiches, but those aren’t as healthy as the other meal options anyway. I’ve tried every frozen health meal on the shelf, and this one actually tastes pretty great. I know frozen meals are not the key to being healthy, but sometimes, it’s convenient. Convenience, as a mom is nice, so I’m all for these when we aren’t cooking.

Magic of Water

I know it’s been said a zillion times before this post, but water is magic. Drinking enough water was the biggest issue I had. Once I started tracking my water to make sure I drank enough, everything felt better.

Staying hydrated is the best healthy habit to adopt. I swore I “hated” water growing up, but now, I find that phrase ridiculous. Drink it. Your body needs it.

Health Care is Self-Care

As a SAHM, my self-care is always lacking. I know a lot of people think that moms that work at home have a lot of free time, but that’s not true at all. I’m always running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everyone is happy and taken care of. Trying to take care of myself comes last, but on my health journey, I’ve learned that I matter too.

I take small steps towards self-care each week. Whether it’s switching out an intense workout with some relaxing yoga or getting a bath when my body is feeling sore, I’ve been trying to find manageable self-care. It’s a work in progress, but the key is “progress not perfection.”

Sleep to Survive

I have severe insomnia, so this is the most challenging healthy habit I’ve had to adopt. I’ve been medicated for insomnia in the past, because of my blindness and anxiety, falling and staying asleep has always been an extreme challenge.

Doing all of the steps I mentioned before have actually greatly improved my ability to get a restful nights sleep. I’m also a big weirdo and only need about 2 hours of sleep to function really well, but that’s not healthy. So, I try to stick to a healthy routine, which genuinely helps my sleeping ability. Your body can’t heal and do all of its magical wonders if you don’t sleep the right amount.

Hustle for Health

These 7 steps have made me so much healthier and happier. I feel better all around. I’m sick less often. I don’t feel exhausted. My anxiety is improving. There are just so many benefits to changing your routine to adopt some healthier habits. Spring is the perfect time to do that!



  1. So, so, so relatable! You are so right, it’s hard to jump back into healthier living when trying to get back to regular life after the holidays. I always have such high hopes of being able to do that but it rarely happens. There’s something so invigorating and motivating about spring and since it’s been pretty warm in South Carolina lately, I’ve been feeling the spring inspiration. I could not agree with you more about exercising. I used to DREAD waking up to exercise and that was ultimately why I stopped for so long. But knowing that it doesn’t have to be early in the morning and that I can do it in my own time frame has helped tremendously. I’ve always struggled with portion control so I’ll have to check out the Lean Cuisine meals. I’m always looking for convenient meals, especially since we’re so busy right now with baseball and t-ball. And you really nailed it with the water and self-care. This is the perfect post on healthy habits!!!

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