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So, Friday’s are reserved for my posts about blogging with my personal experiences, tips, and strategies. This week, I want to talk about my must have apps as well as other recommendations from the Twitter community.

I will also admit that I do the majority of my blogging on my phone. As a blind blogger, it’s actually easier for me to do everything from my iPhone then switch back and forth between my phone and laptop. It’s also partly because I could use a new computer, but mostly, I just prefer my phone.

All the Socials

This kind of goes without say that if you’re a blogger and you want to promote and share your content, you need the social media apps.

The social media apps I use the most are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. To be fair, my Facebook page for my blog isn’t really a priority. I’ve found more success with the other social media platforms in terms of blogging.

I differ from a lot of bloggers that I know, because I don’t use one app to post from; I go to each individual app and do my blog sharing. Trust me, I know there are a ton of great apps that can handle it all, but I prefer to go in and do it all myself.

I’m a bit of a control freak, and I haven’t found an app that I completely love in terms of helping me schedule and post for blog. I’m also fairly frugal, and I hate paying for apps unless I’m 100% sure it’s going to be worth it. I know a lot of bloggers who have great recommendations though, so I’m sure I’ll be trying out more apps with the rest of you.

Graphics & Pictures

When I first started blogging, I used memes as most of my images unless I took them myself. Once I realized that was a no no, I downloaded Canva. It lets me make all of my own graphics, and it has a zillion great templates for all of the social media platforms. I’m a bit cheap as mentioned above, so I pretty much only use the free images. There’s a lot to choose from, and it’s definitely worth the download.

When it comes to editing pictures, I’m not the best. I’ll try to use my low vision as an excuse, but I hate excuses. I’ve tried a lot of editing apps, and my favorites are Airbrush and Snapseed. They really help with adjusting light and shadows, and they have some nice filter options too!

Formatting & Brainstorming

Call me old fashioned, but I usually brainstorm in a notebook. When it comes to apps, if I don’t have a notebook handy, I like using my Microsoft Word app. I also found that Google Docs is wonderful for sharing and emailing questions and interview related stuff for my blog. I haven’t ventured to the other apps for note taking that I’ve read about, but I definitely will be doing that this weekend.


So, right now I’m blogging through WordPress. I’m hoping to go self hosted by summer, but I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I love the WordPress app, because I can basically do everything from it. It even tells me where my views and traffic come from, so I don’t really use Google Analytics. I have that app though, and I will be using it once I’m off of WordPress.

Apps Your Way

I don’t schedule my posts like a lot of bloggers. I write and plan ahead when I can. I like to do everything manually, rather than having an app post for me. I’ve heard such wonderful things about other apps though, so I want to branch outside of my box. That’s one of my goals for growing as a blogger as well.

I want to point out that all bloggers have a method to their writing and posting madness. Don’t get caught up if you’re not doing everything another blogger is doing. Try out recommendations, and find what works best for you and your blog. Grow and evolve your way.

Twitter Reccomendations

So, I tweeted and asked for my followers to share their must have apps that make blogging possible. This is what they had to say:


“Canva, Sendible, GSuite, Trello, Yoast, and Sales Navigator Lite for Gmail.”


“Tailwind for pinterest and FB page auto posting, Tweet Deck for Twitter auto posting, Audiance to see when to post to Twitter, Mailchimp for subscriptions. In blog, jetpack = reply comments, SEO & Yoast = Google search, Statistics, Grammarly”

Creative Chaos @Adri82967397


Beauty Bliss and Chaos @bliss_chaos

“VSCO, Preview (Instagram Feed Planner), Google Analytics the app, Trello to help stay organized.”


“Canva, Pexels and tailwind. All the socials are a necessity.”

Have a great weekend!

I hope you all found some awesome new apps to try. Feel free to share any favorites that weren’t mentioned.

-With Love,


20 thoughts on “Must Try Blogging Apps”

  1. I feel i an more of a manual person too. However, i did go ahead and start tailwind plus. I am deciding to give it go!i use a notebook too. Glad im not the only one who loves using. A notebook too!

    1. I hear amazing things about tailwind, but I’m so cheap. Maybe someday! Glad I’m not the only manual blogger. It always makes me feel like an unorganized slacker.

  2. I dont think we’re not organized i think moms r busy and its a lot for us! But tailwind is pretty good i just am hopeful to make $$ from blogging because i need to be home to do drop off and pick up from school I’d like to just come home to work 😀

    1. That makes me feel a bit better. When I was gathering recommendations, I was like dang these people are efficient! But, you’re right! I wish you all the best on your blogging journey.

  3. Thank you. I feel like i will invest in a theme soon. I know i should have already but its about $50. Ive spent quite a bit on getting my own site and the tools to go with it plus tailwind.i like do not wanna spend anymore😢 and thank you iwish u the best in yours too

    1. I have the WordPress premium account, and so far, it’s been great. The next amount of money I’m going to spend is on self hosting. Thanks! Have a good weekend!

  4. I use most of these apps too especially Twitter, Canva & WordPress! I’ve been hearing a lot about Tailwind, but it’s $10-$15 a month after the free trial ends!

    Tales of Belle

  5. Love this list!!! I use PicMonkey (and pay for it), but I’ve heard so much good stuff about Canva that I’ll have to try it. Also…your pictures are always phenomenal and I love them. I was honestly thinking about the other day when I was reading another post and I meant to tell you that I think they always look so good!!

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