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Coffee Talks: Home Remedies

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So, I’m a big weirdo and will spend too much time on Pinterest reading about home remedies for anything you can think of. I’ve tried more of these “remedies” than I’d care to admit. To be fair, I’ve found some amazing and helpful answers too.

Cold Sore Conversation

I think my home remedy obsession started in college when I was trying to fix a cold sore. I’ve been getting these things on my lip since I was little, and my dad and brother get them too. I get them when I’m really sick, stressed, or sunburned- the 3 S’s of doom. I will admit that cold sores are my nemesis and can ruin my life for the time that it resides on my face.

I know that all of this sounds a bit dramatic, but I was tortured in high school about my cold sores. I was called a slut, and I even had guys throw condoms at me once in the cafeteria. I was just always picked on, so I would literally miss a week of school if I got them.

When I discovered Pinterest and home remedies, I tried them all. Once, I even tried poking a hole in the sore and dabbing on acetone/nail polish remover. Yeah, don’t ever do that. I ended up in the hospital. To be fair, I found my favorite remedies during my crazed journeys of trial and error.

Lysine, ice, and Burt’s Bees peppermint chapstick solved all of my problems. I bought a bottle of the lysine supplement pills in the vitamin isle. I took two anytime I could feel one coming and I’d hit that spot with my favorite chapstick. I would also hold an ice cube on the spot until it melted. The sore would never open. I went almost 4 years without one. I will say, talk to a doctor before taking Lysine. Whether it’s a vitamin or not, it’s not safe for everyone, so please talk to a doctor.

Then, this past week decided to happen. Right before Easter, when I had been feeling super cute and confident, a massive cold sore decided to ruin all of my good vibes. I won’t lie, I cried. I was out of lysine, and ended up spending the ridiculous amount of money on Abreva, which works but for the cost, it doesn’t work fast enough.

Cold sores aren’t the only thing I have remedies for. I’m fairly cheap, so if I can find a way to make something go away or fix it without spending money, I’ll start digging in my pantry. That’s also the entire reason I have so many pins on Pinterest.

Sick Days

When I get a sore throat or any kind of cold, I have my little remedies that make it all better. Whether they actually work or not, they make me feel better. So, that counts as a remedy for me.

  • Honey
  • Vick’s Vapor Rub
  • CBD Oil

I swear these three things are my magic go to. If I have a sore throat, all three help. I put Vick’s on the bottom of my feet and then put socks on, and I swear it makes my cough and congestion better. Honey in everything also soothes my sore throat and cough. I usually put it in coffee and tea. CBD helps me rest and relax and gets rid of that annoying headache that happens from coughing.

Frizz for Days

My hair is a mix of straight underneath with curls on top. It’s gotten wavier/curlier as time goes on. It started with my hysterectomy, and I’m always trying to find ways to care for it. I grew up with stick straight hair, so it’s still pretty new to me. Regardless of curl pattern and all that jazz, I’ve always had frizz.

I’m high school, I would wet my hands and try to smooth the hair in the girls bathroom in between classes. When my curls started popping up on my head, I went to Pinterest- of course. I found a zillion ways to fight frizz, but only two have worked for me.

  • Homemade spray made with conditioner (curly girl approved) and water.
  • OGX Coconut Milk Serum– I know most OGX products are CG approved, but I still love them.

If my hair isn’t cooperating, I spray it with my homemade spray until it’s slightly damp, and then I smooth a little of the serum on it. Works like a charm.

Momma Remedies

As a mom, I’ve stumbled onto home remedies for my littles. I know what lotions soothe their sensitive skin the best. I know that warm milk and a little bit of cinnamon help them sleep when they are restless. I use vapor rub on their feet like I do mine. I’ve just developed a go to routine of finding things that we already have at home, and making them work for what I need. Now that I’m a mom, I’m just a lot more cautious and overall smarter about what I’m doing.

Growing up, my grandparents had two things they used for every ailment, cut, burn, cold, or whatever. They used this weird un-labeled jar of salve that my Pap kept in his sock drawer and Benadryl. I swear, if I spent a weekend at my grandparents, I was either tired from Benadryl or smelled like their salve. Thankfully, they don’t give those out like candy anymore.

I’d love to hear about any home remedies y’all swear by! Momma loves her remedies and research!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. I have to admit I’m wary of natural remedies, but mostly because I grew up with a traditional Chinese dad who preferred to turn to traditional Chinese medicine even though he’s a pharmacist (or maybe because he is). I remember it all smelled funny, most of it tasted awful, and he always made funny faces while taking it, so we stopped telling him when we didn’t feel well. But now that I’m married to a cancer researcher who tells me every time something has been linked to cancer, I’m thinking I should really give them a try!

    • I was always skeptical, but when I talked to my family doctor, he said as long as I’m not poisoning myself, I should try some natural options. I still prefer the natural way, but sometimes, medicine is needed.

    • They are awful. My doctor told me about Lysin, and it saved me. This last one I was out, but I got more and it definitely shortened healing time.

  2. This is great and good for you! I really need to spend more time on home remedies because I like the old-fashioned way and a little leery of all the chemicals in products we put on ourselves. xoxo

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