Being Blind and Using Makeup: Tips, Tricks, and Makeup for All

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As a woman with low vision, I hear a lot of surprised reactions when people find out that I love beauty and style. Just because people with visual impairments can’t see well, doesn’t mean we don’t still enjoy feeling beautiful or love beauty products in general.

It’s not complex or revolutionary- blind people can do their makeup and pick out clothes on their own. It might not be the same process or as easy as it is for the sighted, but don’t count us out of the beauty world!

Tricks & Tools

I didn’t learn how to do my makeup growing up. I watched my mother, who is also blind, get ready to go dancing with her girlfriends sometimes, but I figured out how to apply most of my beauty products on my own. To be honest, I still don’t know all the ins and outs of makeup, because I’m pretty set in terms of my routine. I do want to keep learning and branch out though. It’s just easy to keep doing the same makeup routine.

For example, I don’t use foundation. Instead I use tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Sometimes, I even skip those all together and just use primer. I don’t use a bronzer, and I rarely use lip liner unless I have a liquid lipstick that desperately needs a helper. A full face isn’t something I tend to do often. Although, a full glammed up face is something I want to learn.

What I do is watch and learn from a variety of places online, and then I figure out what works best for me. My favorite tools are my fingers, because I use my hands like eyes sometimes. I feel where things go rather than see. Although, I do own brushes and sponges and use them too, but the majority of my application process is with my fingers.

I can see a bit, and I’ve talked about the way I see before. My visual field is like looking through a straw, but at the end of that tunnel is almost like broken glass. I have no peripheral vision, and I also have a lot of floaters. Honestly, I don’t see color as others would either, but I still find a way to make it work.

I do use a magnifying mirror when doing my makeup. The only time I find myself needing the eyes of someone else is when I ask my husband if my eye brows are even, but that’s about it.

Products Galore

I have a lot of makeup, but I also have a handful of favorites that I use regularly. Not only am I a bit cheap, I have to find makeup that is sensitive enough for my eyes, so the combination of budget and sensitivity can be tricky sometimes.

I love Almay, Rimmel, and Maybelline products. I use a decent amount of them, and my new favorite eye shadow palette is Rimmel Magnif’eyes Nude Palette. It has the right amount of shimmer and gold tones for spring too.

The products in the picture above are pretty much what I use if we are running errands. I switch out eye shadow palettes occasionally, but I’ve been using this one for a week or two now.

Step By Step

When it comes to the application process, it’s fairly simple and just like a sighted person. I just poke and touch my face a bit more.


First, I put on my primer. I put two or three pumps on my fingers and spread it around my face until it’s all covered. After my primer, I do the same thing with my BB cream. It’s not full coverage, but it blurs and minimizes the appearances of my freckles and uneven skin tone areas. Some days, I skip the BB cream though.


While my primer and/BB cream is drying, I use my pronged brow pencil to darken and shape my brows. I try to tweeze the unibrow and all the unruliness that isn’t where the hair is supposed to go, and then I fill in.


I start with my eyes, and I put concealer on the lids and under the brows. Then, I put my highlight shade under the brow and in the corner of my eye. Next, I cover the center of my lid in my base color, which is usually a neutral tan. Sometimes, I mix it up and do something that isn’t necessary neutral. Then, I add a dark shade to the outer edge. Finally, I blend.

When I do my eyes, I line the top lid after I do my center/base color, and I also line the bottom then too. I do a few swipes of mascara after all the shadow and liner is on.

The last step to my eyes is putting concealer under my eyes and cleaning up any shadow that is out of place. I use q-tips or wet a brush if I have too much of a mess. Usually, the concealer takes care of any little smudges.

Blush & Highlight

When I put on my blush, I do use a brush, and I smile and hit the apples of my cheeks. I use a fan brush to highlight the tops of my cheek bones. If I’m feeling fancy, I put highlight in a few extra areas.

When everything is applied and I’m feeling good, I finish it all off with setting spray. And there you have it, a blind lady’s makeup routine!

Colors & Textures

I mentioned that I can’t see color very well. As much as I love red lips and my giant lipstick collection, I have a hard time seeing the differences in most reds. My husband helps me pick out a lot of my lip colors.

Eye shadow is an area I’m picky with, but I’m learning to explore new colors. I own a lot of nude/neutral palettes. Also, I love plums and amethyst purples. I have hazel eyes, and those colors always make my eyes pop. However, I have been gravitating towards rose golds and pinks lately too. Even if I wear color or a metallic, I try not to go crazy. I’d love to have a dramatic smoky eye, but I need to learn a bit more about blending and application. I don’t want to look like a raccoon.

Asking for Help

I’ve thought about taking a class so I have help learning how to do more with my makeup. I’ve watched tutorial videos and been through the makeup corners of Pinterest, but I really need to have it all in front of me to touch and feel so I can get used to it that way.

I don’t have a issue asking for help, but I don’t really know any makeup mavens personally. My family and few friends aren’t major makeup experts. They tend to have routines similar to mine if any at all.

I also hear a lot of, “you don’t need makeup.” Let me just say, no one needs makeup, but some of us genuinely enjoy it. Loving makeup doesn’t mean I’m trying to hide my face, so that assumption about makeup lovers needs to disappear. I hate when people say “that’s too much makeup.” Mind your business, please. What makes some happy, doesn’t have to make others happy. Just be kind.

Seeing Beauty

I can see beauty, but I don’t see it the same of course. Because of my blindness, beauty is different for me. I see beauty in a way that’s hard to describe. Of course, personality and a someone’s character are a major part of their beauty, but when it comes to the bare aesthetics, it is obviously not the same for me.

I don’t know if I’d want to see like everyone else. For years, I struggled with body image, beauty, and eating disorders. I used to blame my vision, because I couldn’t truly see how I looked.

Now, I see that my eyes aren’t to blame. It took some time, but I love myself. I love my face, and I’m learning to love my body. Beauty will always be more to me. There’s a bigger picture at hand, and blind or not, I’m going to keep wearing makeup and seeing beauty my way.

Calling all makeup lovers: share some of your favorites and tips! I’d love to hear from y’all.

-With Love,


This is my before picture. There’s no filter, just me after a shower.

This is me after my makeup routine. It needs improvement in some areas, but I still really like how it makes me feel.

19 thoughts on “Being Blind and Using Makeup: Tips, Tricks, and Makeup for All”

  1. I love reading about you!! And you’re so right, no one needs makeup but it’s a fun way to express yourself and I’ll admit I feel more confident and put together with a little makeup. My brows a must, every day as I over plucked in the 90s! Lol

    1. Haha I totally understand what ya mean! I love makeup, and I could care less with someone says about me wearing it. It makes me feel pretty and powerful, and that’s the best combination!

  2. I did chuckle at plucking the unibrow…for so long I thought that was a struggle unique to me so I’m always so happy to hear other women being so open about it being a thing.
    I’m not a big make up person in general but occasionally I like to have some fun with it and I’ll just sit in my room with some music on (and no intention of leaving the house) and put on some make-up. I did once master the smokey eyes with instructions on some smokey eyeshadow palette but I’ve forgotten it already (something along the lines of use the dark almost like an eyeliner and then the light on top?)

    1. Oh, I have a fairly thick unibrow that I have to tame. I have no shame in the weird things my body does haha. I want to learn more about makeup, but I never go anywhere fancy.

  3. I can’t believe that how blind women apply makeup is never something that’s crossed my mind before! It was really interesting to read, and I hope you do learn more as it’s obviously a big interest of yours.

  4. Great post girl!!
    You are truly a beautiful person both inside & out !! Xx

  5. Jenni after reading your post I’m deeply inspired. I admire your enthusiasm and motivation, and most of all the love and kindness you show yourself. You are really great. I’m no makeup expert or professional, but I am a makeup enthusiast so if I could help in any way I’d be so happy to do so.

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  7. You’re so beautiful and I’m inspired by your determination to keep going without allowing anything stop you from achieving your goals. I loved reading this post♥️

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