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Hashtags and Likes

The image has a picture of a laptop, cell phone, notebook, stick notes, and paper clips arranged in a work space manner. Under the image is a white title box. The subtitle is highlighted in orange and says, “social media for bloggers.” The main title is under it and in the same orange font says, “hashtags and likes.” The url for Housewife Hustle blog is under the main title.

Something very strange happened to my Instagram these last two weeks. My numbers went nuts. I’ve been posting about my blog steadily, but I’ve also included a few new body positive posts. You can also read about some of my new content here. The common factor of the posts and pictures with much larger numbers was specific hashtags.

Now, I’ve said a ton of times that I’m not an expert blogger, and I’m feeling my way through the blogosphere like a lot of you. I will say that I have been using hashtags to drive traffic to my posts, and it’s really upped my numbers.

Hashtags are important because they increase visibility so you can cast a net out. They connect you to specific audiences and can create followers. Hashtags can also connect your followers with each other, and the growth keeps happening.

Don’t You Mean the Pound Symbol

Yes, I still refer to the hashtag # as the pound symbol most of the time. It took me a decent amount of time to even figure out the power of this mini tic-tac-toe board, but let me tell you, it has force behind it!

I have a recent Instagram post that has over 12k likes. My Insta is averaging a little over 6k visits a week. That might not be big for some, but I just broke the 1k mark for followers. I owe the jump in numbers to the mighty hashtag.

Not Just For Instagram

Instagram was the last social media platform that I joined as a blogger. Honestly, I didn’t hear good things about it, so I avoided it until I decided to see if it was really as bad as people say. Besides having just as many creeps blocked as I do actual followers, it’s pretty fun. It has also brought a nice chunk of traffic to my blog.

I started using hashtags on Twitter and Pinterest. Once I put them in my pins that linked back to my blog, my views and traffic went up even more. I’ve neglected my Pinterest the last few weeks, but without posting as regularly, I’m still getting 28k monthly views. Now, that’s a fraction of what it was at, but I think it’s pretty good for not engaging like I was.

There’s always going to be some algorithm or code to crack as a blogger. I don’t really use keywords or work on my SEO like I need to. I keep saying I’ll just sit down for a few hours to figure it all out, but then life happens. I know I’ll set it as a serious goal and do it soon, but working my way up with research on things like hashtags is a start anyway.

The popularity and trends behind hashtags are always going to keep changing, so you need to do a bit of research on what’s popular in the moment. There are hashtags for pretty much anything, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and flooded with what to put.

Hashtags I Always Use

There are three hashtags I use for almost every Insta picture, tweet, and pin. These are the ones that describe me and what I do.

  • #momblogger
  • #lifestyleblogger
  • #blindblogger

I am a mom and lifestyle blogger who is legally blind. These three hashtags extend my posts to the reach of bloggers who have a similar niche or label as I do. I like building a following as well as follow others who do what I do. It’s nice to have common ground with those I engage with. I could also just put the standard #blogger too.

I try to add in the hashtags that best describe each individual post. I write about parenting, disability and mental health awareness, body positivity, workouts, style, and beauty. Occasionally, I also write about blogging in general. For all of these, I have my favorite hashtags.


  • #momlife
  • #momlifebelike
  • #toddlermom

Disability/Mental Health Awareness

  • #disabilityawareness
  • #invisibledisability
  • #invisibleillness
  • #accessibility
  • #mentalhealth

Depending on the disability or mental health issue, you can be specific, these are general ones. Some of the ones I use often that are unique to my disability and mental health are:

  • #blindness
  • #retinitispigmentosa
  • #whitecane
  • #anxiety
  • #eatingdisorderrecovery

Body Positivity & Workouts

  • #allbodiesaregoodbodies
  • #effyourbeautystandards
  • #bodypositivity
  • #curvyandfit
  • #honormycurves
  • #bestrong

Recently, I’ve been trying to show that it’s okay to workout and still love your body. I don’t workout to try and get to a specific size. I workout to be healthy and feel good, so it’s important for me to have my readers see me in a realistic image and not just all posed after a workout. There’s a binary, and I like to illustrate both.

Style & Beauty

I’m learning the ins and outs of the style and beauty hashtags. I recently did a post about blindness and makeup, so trying to figure what hashtags to use was important.

  • #beautyblog
  • #styleblog
  • #plussizefashion
  • #fashionforall
  • #beauty
  • #style

Keep in mind, I’m a curvy lady, so I try to reinforce that with my hashtags, so if someone is searching for that specific branch of fashion, I’ll be lumped in with that.

Top Hashtags for Bloggers

Of course, a lot of the hashtags I shared are ones that I use often. There are some pretty basic blogger hashtags that are popular and can help grow your likes and visibility on social platforms too.

General Hashtags for Bloggers/Writers

#bloggers #blogging #bloggingtips #problogging #blogpromotion #bloggerlife #bloggersgetsocial #bloggerproblems #ontheblog #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #thegirlgang #wordpress #instablog #dreams #writersofinstagram #writingprompt #instapoetry #writerscommunity #writersofig #writersblock #writerlife #instawriters #wordgasm #creativewriting #poetsofinstagram #words #wordporn #writer #writersofinstagram #writing #writingcommunity #write #writers

Research & Go

There are hashtags for travel, beauty, food, fashion, and so much more. Whatever your specific corner of the internet is, search for the most popular hashtags. Trends will change for each season and year, so hashtags aren’t something you can do a one and done search type of deal.

There are also hashtag generators that I’ve heard about, but I prefer some good old, organic scroll and research. Happy hashtag hunting!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite hashtags to use!



  1. Thank you for sharing about hashtags! I am so confused by them lol but I think I will go back through some of my pins and add some to see if that helps! Thanks so much!

  2. I like the #MillennialLifeCrisis. Hasn’t really caught on yet but I still use it anyway – because you get to do what you want with social media – am I right? Lol

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