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Career and Passion Collision

From the time I could hold a pencil and spell, I knew that writing was my dream job. It has been my number one passion my entire life. Motherhood has been the only thing I love more than writing, but now, the two co-exist beautifully.

Somehow, I’ve managed to add blogger to my SAHM job title, and I’ve never been this happy. Even though I’ve had this blog for close to a year now, my recent mental health break brought a lot of realizations my way.

When I started this blog, the name was just a phrase I threw around when I was on the phone with my mom. Now, I genuinely live the housewife hustle. I manage to run our household and write on the the side.

If you would have told younger me that I was going to be a writer beyond my drawer full of notebooks, I might have shit my pants with excitement. I was always told that trying to be a writer was like trying to be a famous rockstar. It does take work and a lot of it, but somehow it just dawned on me that I doing it.

I know it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, but in all seriousness, it took me needing a breather to notice how far I’ve come. Also, toot too.

Not Measured in Numbers

I’m not saying I’m a famous blogger or a big time writer, but what I noticed was that I have a real audience. Taking a break is terrifying in the writing world, because you could lose a lot when you’re not constantly posting and sharing. You could lose readers, engagement, and views. Just typing that makes my stomach feel like it’s going to fall out of my butt.

My daily views did go down a bit on some posts, so I tried to stay active on my social platforms. That’s when I saw the continued support. It’s amazing that we can give each other time to sort out our health and our lives and still be there for one another. It’s the most humbling feeling as a writer. It’s a feeling of success.

I successfully managed to have people read what I write and come back for more. I don’t care if you blog for money, hobby, or a combination, that is a wonderful feeling. So, with that epiphany, I’m back!

Time to Grow

Besides this blog and my social media accounts, I have been working on a project that is very close to my heart. It has to do with self love and body positivity. I won’t give too much away, but it’s something I’m going to take my time on. Once it’s ready, I’ll make a big announcement on here and my socials.

Even though I haven’t been posting regularly, I’ve been working out the kinks of my blog and planning for what’s next. I’m still dealing with the ups and downs of life and my family’s health issues, but I feel rejuvenated and inspired. I’m going to be scaling back but growing at the same time- bare with me.

Every other Friday I feature a blogger that I find lovely, and the off Fridays are when I try to post about blogging itself. I’ve decided to now feature just one blogger a month on the last Friday of every month, but it will be more in-depth than 3 questions and some link shares. I’m excited to grow this feature by making it less often but on a bigger scale to really showcase some amazing writers.

Products & Reviews

Over the last few months, I’ve been more active on Influenster and been sharing my reviews of products I really love on here. I want to keep updating y’all on some great finds, but kick it up a notch.

I promise I won’t make a new mini post for each and every thing I like. I do want to start doing roundups though. As a parent and lifestyle blogger, there’s so much variety in what I want to share, so I’m excited for that. That lifestyle category is like a big, fabulous umbrella in terms of a niche.

When I told a college professor that I wanted to blog, I constantly heard her say I wouldn’t be successful until I had one specific niche. I’m so happy she was wrong, and I adore that lifestyle tag because of its versatility.

I’m a scatterbrained person to some, but to me, the system in my head makes sense. My other blogs didn’t succeed, because I wasn’t as passionate and couldn’t stay consistent. I was pigeon-holing myself into a niche I grew tired of. Now, I feel that passion and drive everyday.


I know that consistency is a chunk of what makes a blog succeed, but I am also a big advocate for putting your mental health first. I have taken two small breaks from my blog- both less than two weeks. I needed to rest my mind from the pressure I was putting on myself. I needed to rearrange my hustle so I felt motivated rather than overwhelmed.

Writing is my passion and my job, and when that collision of love and work happens, it needs to be organic. Forcing myself to do things has never ended well, so I wanted to breathe and remember why I love this.

Life happens, so consistency can be a challenge. It’s important to put your mental health before everything else though. If you’re mentally thriving, your blog will thrive. With all that being said, I’m back and extremely grateful for everyone who has supported my journey.


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  1. Lovely post. Housewife hustle is an excellent term for it haha. I love it. It’s good that you know when to have a breather too. Having social medias, blogs and videos puts a lot of pressure on us to be consistent. I know I feel like that with my drawings. You’re doing great

    • Thanks so much. I try to remind myself we are all in this odd world together, so we can support each other. šŸ˜Š

  2. Yay! You picked such a great name! It’s so great that you managed to find something you love to do. Excited you’re back and look forward to your future posts.

  3. This is the first post I’ve read on your blog, and I have to say I really enjoy reading your writing! It’s clear you’re passionate about what you write and I even laughed out loud at one point. Keep it up xo.

  4. I’m happy to watch your success as a growing blogger! You’re a good writer, and you have an important voice in the parenting community. Keep it up!!

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