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Coffee Talks: Get to Know Me with Movies

For this Coffee Talks, rather than rant about something that happened, I want to share some of my favorite movies. I always see “get to know me” tags and fun ways that bloggers share parts of themselves with their readers, so I wanted to do a few upcoming posts that share things about me in a different ways.

I could just list off a few facts, and we could feel like that awkward first day of school, but I want to mix it up. I want to start with sharing my favorite movies. I think favorites say a lot about people. I’ll probably do a post about my favorite musicians and books too. Get ready to know me, y’all!

Don’t Judge

I have to start by saying don’t judge my movies. I get some odd looks when I list my favorites. I get it though, I tend to like the movies that someone’s older, stoner brother would watch, but I’m absolutely okay with that. These movies make me smile, and I can always watch them over and over again.

Pool Hall Junkies

This movie is about a group of friends and two brothers who play pool and hustle for money. It has an amazing cast, and I love the soundtrack. I’ve never been good at pool, but it makes me want to try. Plus, I adore Christopher Walken.

Dogma – or Kevin Smith anything

I saw Dogma when I was little, because my brother is a big Kevin Smith fan. Now, he’s probably one of my favorite directors. He also writes and acts, so I’m a tad obsessed.

This movie is a favorite because I love anything with lore, legend, history, and religion, because it fascinates me. God is a woman in this movie, and the cast is wonderful.

All I Wanna Do

This is the ultimate female empowerment movie. I saw it as a teenage girl, and it was everything. It’s about a girls school in the 1960s, and how the girls decided that they have power over their futures.


Who doesn’t love this movie? I mean, Paul Rudd! It’s my go to movie when I’m having a “blah” day. It always makes me smile. Even though I can’t relate to rich, elite high schoolers, it’s one of my favorite feel good movies.

I also think Brittany Murphy would have done even more amazing things. I cried when she passed away, and I hope people keep her memory alive. Her laugh was infectious, and she was one of my first crushes.

Idle Hands

Ever since I was younger, Devin Sawa made my heart skip a beat. This cheesy movie is one that my big brother showed me, and as corny as it is, it’s a favorite. My husband thinks it’s awful, but I love it. It has zombies, cursed hands, and Seth Green.


I grew up when skateboarding was the ultimate cool past time. My circle of guy friends skateboarded, my big brother skateboarded, and I attempted it. This movie is a bit hokey, but it still makes me laugh. It’s about 4 best friends who go on a road trip and follow a pro skate tour while trying to get noticed and sponsored.

Son-in-Law or anything with Pauly Shore

I love Pauly Shore and pretty much all of his movies. Son-in-Las is my favorite though. It’s funny, and I love the big city to country “transformation” that he goes through. It’s heartwarming and a funny movie, so it’s a win from our whole family.

The Other Woman

I think Leslie Mann is one of the best actresses, and this movie is amazing. If I cry and laugh during a movie, it’s a winner. I love that they handle cheating with women putting the ball in their court. The first time I saw it, it reminded me a bit of First Wives Club, and that made me smile even more.

The Banger Sisters

Goldie Hawn is another gem, and Susan Sarandon is a bonus. I love the story, and how Goldie Hawn’s character isn’t ashamed of who she is. I like that it shows former “groupies” as strong women, because the term isn’t seen in a positive light. The movie is fabulous, and I watch it every time it’s on.

The Duff

When I first saw this movie, I related to it on an extreme level. I was the writer in my friends. I wasn’t the “hot” one. I was the duff, and this movie made me love myself even more. It’s a movie that celebrates who you are and has the best message.

There you have it.

Those are my favorite movies. To be fair, I’m a big movie watcher and could give you all a very large list, but I have a to-do list that needs conquered. So, I’ll leave you with these favorites, and I hope they can show you a bit of who I am.

I love comedies more than any other genre. I avoid scary movies unless they are campy, because I’m a giant wuss. I do like romance, but if there’s comedy, I like it even more.

I do tend to favor raunchy or “stoner” comedies. I think fart jokes and Jay and Silent Bob are hilarious. Classy, I know.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite movies. I feel bad, because I get tagged on Twitter for this stuff sometimes, but I don’t usually have the time to do all of them. Well, now it’s time to share! I hope you check some of these out if you haven’t already seen them.



  1. Clueless was the only one on there that I’ve actually seen. I heard Keanu Reeves on the Late Show saying that they’re making a new Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which is pretty cool.

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  2. I have so many comments! I loved Dogma!! There was something so bizarrely interesting with great messages, I have to watch that again. I could watch clueless over and over and you are so right about Paul Rudd. He is so darn cute and there is something about him that is so appealing. The Other Woman is hysterical and a great movie. Based on those choices of yours, I now have to watch some of the others on your list. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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