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Coffee Talks: Get to Know Me with TV

So, I decided to do another “get to know me” post. This may be the last one for awhile, since my plate is filling up with post ideas. This time, I want to talk about TV shows that I love. Some, I’m not so proud of, but I like what I like.

I hope this helps you to get to know me a bit better than just listing facts. I also have a few award nomination posts coming this week, and those always have some great questions that help people to get to know each other, so stay tuned for those.

TV Time

When I was younger, my favorite shows were typical teen favs like Degrassi, but I have a few shows I’m a bit embarrassed to say I watched and loved. So, I’ll go with those first.

The Man Show

This was a half-hour comedy show that had Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. There were partially dressed women jumping on trampolines called “juggies,” and I probably shouldn’t have watched it at that age. I thought the show was hilarious though.

Bad Girls Club

I never missed a season of this show. They would put self-proclaimed “bad girls” in a house to live together, and there was plenty of drama. It had cliques, fist fights, and usually a random girl that gets along with everyone.

It was the first reality show I really obsessed over. Growing up, I was a bit of a fighter. I didn’t like bullies, and once I realized I could fight back, I did. I’m not proud of all of it, but that show was a guilty pleasure, because I could relate to some of the situations.

Dance Moms

I loved this show, and I’m not going to lie about my excitement that it’s coming back. I’m not a fan of how hard Abby was to the girls on that show, but I love dance. Some of it was scripted, so that makes it less awful I guess. Giving up dance when we moved around a lot was hard on me, so watching this show was fun.

I actually didn’t know about this show until college. I had a media class that was apart of my women’s and gender studies minor. We had to write papers, and I was assigned to watch it. We had to write about the impact of the show and gender stereotypes. Of course this show had more negative than positive, but that didn’t mean I was sucked in after I finished that paper.

Shame Free Shows

My next round of favorite shows don’t carry any shame or embarrassment. They are just wonderful shows I have a lot of love for.


My son is named Dean because of this show. My husband and I have seen every episode made. We have merch and books from this series. It’s last season ever is approaching, and we are excited to see how it ends.

Hart of Dixie

I’ve seen every episode multiple times. I even got my husband into it. I’m sad they didn’t get more seasons, because I love Rachel Bilson. There’s something entertaining about small towns and shows about them.


This is another small town kind of show, and I own every season. I love the actors, drama, and action. It’s like a modern day cowboy versus outlaws, and we rewatch the entire show once a year.

The list goes on.

I have a lot of shows that I like, but the ones above I’ve seen every episode made to date. Of course, there are others I have enjoyed watching or am still watching.

I may not have the same dedication to TV like I did in college, but we do a lot of pausing with toddlers running around.

I want to first share a list of shows I watched and loved growing up, and then, I’ll share the ones I’m watching right now or when I get the chance.

Growing Up

  • As Told by Ginger
    Ah, Real Monsters
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    Anything on the Food Network

Older & Now

As I got older, I watched less TV. When I went to college, I got back into TV between classes. That’s when I caught up on stuff my friends watched in high school. So, I want to list some of the ones I’ve enjoyed pretty much this last decade.

  • Jersey Shore & Double Shot of Love
  • Sex and the City
  • Diesel Brothers
  • Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters & Dark Waters
    Pretty Little Liars & PLL: The Perfectionists
    Are You the One
    Ex on the Beach

Jumbled Genres

There you have it. I love all genres of TV. I love everything from trashy reality shows to fishing and outdoor type shows. I’m more dedicated to some than others.

Navigating TV isn’t always easy when you have little ones. I also see my fair share of Blaze and the Monster Machines, which is my daughter’s favorite show, and UmiZoomi, which is a math show that my son loves.

In our house, you never know what you’ll watch, but I hope this helps with getting to know me a bit better.

I do have some award nomination posts coming this week, as well as an announcement about a brand I was working with. Stay tuned, and have a wonderful week!



  1. I loved Rugrats growing up. It’s fun to go back and watch things like that and Animaniacs and realize they’re just as funny to an adult as they were to a kid. There’s so much adult humor that was way over my head back in the day.

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