When Self-Care Meets Pleasure

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This is obviously about self-care, but it goes beyond tips for finding time for pedicures and face masks. This is about pleasure and showing your body some self-care. This post does discuss sex toys, masturbation, and pleasure. It’s the best kind of NSFW self-care, so be prepared.

I was recently gifted some products from Adam and Eve, which is an amazing adult store. They have a wonderful range of products, and my husband and I rave about them to a lot of our friends. I believe that pleasure and treating your body with some extra love are a big part of self-care. I understand it’s a taboo subject that some people aren’t comfortable discussing, but I’ve talked about it before and will continue to talk about it. It’s healthy and natural, and you can’t argue with science.

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More than Dildos and DVDs

Adult stores have a lot more to offer than some may think. I was gifted a Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb that made self-care and pleasure become best of friends. Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? Well, just add a secret toy inside that fizzy wonder and you’ve found my new favorite self-care ritual.

These bath bombs smell wonderful and contain a compact sexy surprise. The one I tried had a magical and powerful bullet vibrator inside. Let me tell you, that tiny bundle of fun pacts some intense pleasure that could even challenge some of my other toys.

The Power Bullet Mini, which is what was in the bath bomb, is discreet but doesn’t sacrifice pleasure by any means. If you are new to toys, whether in the bedroom as a couple or even alone, it’s a great place to start. I can’t recommend this enough. I was excited to find this tiny bullet waiting for me once the bath bomb did it’s fizzy job.

Toe Curling Perfume

I was also gifted with Simple Sexy Love Pheromone Perfume, and I was completely surprised by how lovely it smelled. When I read that it had Sandalwood as one of the ingredients, I was worried. I never liked the smell, but let me tell you, it’s such a light and refreshing perfume. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it almost daily since I tried it out. It almost has a light honeysuckle scent to it.

My husband also really loves this perfume, and I never realized the right scent could add to our date nights. It’s infused with attractant pheromones to increase sex appeal, which I used to not really believe. Well, my husband has been a bit more handsy than usual, so I guess I’m a believer now.

These two gifts that I received also make for good gifts for others. My sister-in-law and her fiancé had to deal with distance during his time in the Air Force, so they loved these when I gifted them the same products after my amazing experience. They are tasteful and definitely have the ability to make someone smile, so why not spread the love.

Self-Care & Pleasure

When we think of self-care, there’s a laundry list of options, but few ever mention masturbation. As a married woman, I do still hear comments like, “that’s what husbands or so and so are for.” Let’s just break that stigma. It’s important to know what feels good AND not feel shame when it comes to giving yourself some love.

Orgasms are a natural pain reliever, stress reducer, muscle relaxer, mood lifter, sleep inducer, and warm-fuzzy creator. It’s science, and I’m not about to argue with proven research and facts.

Growing up, I’m sure a few of you heard the “you’ll go blind” saying about masturbation. As a legally blind woman who is no stranger to diddling, I would be a whole lot blinder if that silly saying was true.

It’s time to stop the shaming when it comes to pleasuring yourself, so let’s put that negative stigma to bed– pun intended. Knowing our bodies and what makes them feel good is apart of self-care. Masturbation is good for you. It’s like being kind to your body with exercise, except you might be naked and a lot less tense.

You Owe Your Body

If you’re anything like me, you put others before yourself. You do so much to keep everyone afloat and happy, that sometimes you forget about yourself. Self-care is important, and pleasure is just as important. That’s why they can go together so well. Think of self-care and pleasure as the peanut butter and jelly to your body, soul, and clitoris.

Your body carries you around all day and helps you handle business, so treat it to some one on one time. It’s your body, and no one can take that from you. It’s like the perfect pick-me-up for a stressful day. Give yourself some pleasure and relieve that stress.

Finding pleasure in our bodies, can help us find ourselves. I’m a very big advocate for self-love and body positivity. Pleasure is apart of that too. That sexual self-care can do so much for your self-esteem. Female pleasure is very vital, and it gets over looked too often.

Whatever mood your in at this very moment, take note. Go give yourself some pleasurable self-care and tell me if you feel better than before. I bet you’ll feel lovely, and you deserve to feel good.


13 thoughts on “When Self-Care Meets Pleasure”

  1. Love this post! You are so right about that pleasure being inextricably part of self care. We just don’t hear about it enough! So refreshing to read something that acknowledges and celebrates female pleasure rather than shaming it.🙌💛

    1. Thank you! I lost some followers, but I not going to be quiet about important stuff like this just so people follow me. 😊

      1. Whaaaat?! That sucks. Well more fool them. It’s super important that this kind of thing is more widely talked about – thank you for facilitating that.☺️

  2. I LOVE YOU! This post was spot on and I love that you’re not afraid to talk about everyday, normal stuff that’s gotten a bad wrap for some stupid reason. I think owning what you like and knowing your body is a maaaaagical form of self-care!

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