May Product Roundup

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So, May was the slowest month up until the last week. I tried some pretty great stuff this month. Be prepared for new beauty and hair product favorites. I’ve tried some pretty wonderful samples, so I definitely want to share my reviews. All opinions are honest and my own. There aren’t any affiliate links, just some recommendations.

I found an eye shadow palette that has pretty much replaced any others I was using. I also went a little off of my typical curly girl approved hair products and found some new favorites.

Let’s Get To It

Hair Products

Since my hair has turned curly from hormone changes after my hysterectomy, I’m always on the hunt for products that will be kind to my slightly new waves and curls.

1. Not Your Mother’s Naturals Curl Defining

I tried the natural line of Not Your Mother’s, because it is curly girl method approved and has great reviews. Besides the wonderful smell, I didn’t like it. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty upset that it didn’t work for me like it does for some. It weighed my hair down and made my scalp itch and have hives.

I keep reading and hearing that curly girl is the best way to go because the products are silicone and sulfate free. So, I panic if other products contain those ingredients. It’s taken me some time to realize that what works for some, doesn’t work for others. So, I wanted to try the other Not Your Mother’s hair care products.

2. Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Leave-In-Conditioner.

This line is far from curly girl approved, but it has become my favorite leave-in. It’s smells great, it’s light, and works great for summer hair. My hair is so frizzy in the heat, and this baby definitely tames frizz while making my waves and curves soft and touchable.

When I got my first haircut after my curls starting popping up, I pestered the stylist for tips, and she said I should try products with grape seed oil. She wasn’t wrong, because my hair loves this stuff.

3. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner.

This conditioner says it’s meant to soften and nourish natural, chemically processed, or heat styled hair. It also says it’s “perfect for those who regularly color, straighten or perm their hair as well as kinky, curly and wavy styles.” Reading it all sounded wonderful, so I gave it a shot!

I use this conditioner if I have to wash my hair back to back, and it really saves it from feeling dry or brittle. Sometimes, I’m sweaty from a workout and a hair refresh won’t do the trick, so I have to do a second wash. This stuff is magical.

4. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin.

I have heard good things about the It’s a 10 brand, so I was pretty excited to try a sample. I honestly still have half of the sample bottle, because after 3-4 uses, I gave up on it.

I didn’t like how it made my hair feel. It made my frizz a lot worse. I tried different ways to apply it, but I just didn’t get the results I hoped for. It smells nice, but that’s about it in terms of pros for me.

Makeup & Skin

5. Rimmel Magnifeyes Nude Palette

This palette definitely didn’t disappoint, and it has a decent amount of range for “nude” colors. For Mother’s Day, my sister-in-law bought me this, and I haven’t stopped using it yet.

This palette is perfect for me, because it gives me that “no makeup, makeup look,” and the shimmer let’s me have that pop I love. There are 12 shades for multiple eye looks and shapes. It also comes with a duo applicator.

There’s a mix of high-shimmer and matte shades. It says it’s crease and smear proof, and so far, I’ve had great luck with both. It also has amazing staying power. I highly recommend it.

6. Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser

This cleanser is going to remain a staple in my skin care routine. It works wonders for my uneven skin tone. It makes my skin feel brighter and refreshed.

I wash my face a lot. I’m either sweaty from cleaning and working out or sticky from messy toddlers, so my face gets scrubbed more often than it used to. I love this stuff because it’s oil and soap free, so it works great for my sensitive skin. It’s also made with moisture-rich soy extract. It really is a lovely cleanser.

7. Native Deodorant.

This is a natural aluminum free deodorant, and I’ve been dying to try it. I do have an issue with excessive sweating, and I’ve seen a dermatologist in the past. Finding a good deodorant/antiperspirant has been a constant mission of mine. I have super sensitive skin and have had lumps, tumors, and cysts removed from my body, so natural products are something I want to incorporate as much as possible.

I was actually pretty disappointed in this stuff and not because it didn’t work well, but because it made my underarms very sore. I had a rash in less than 24 hours of use. I tried pushing through, but it just got worse. I’ve always heard amazing things, but it’s proof that even the most recommended products don’t work for everyone.

More to Come

I’ll have another roundup at the end of June, since I have some pretty great new products to try. This month was dominated by hair goodies, so I hope to get some more variety in my products.

I’m always on the hunt for products that benefit my wavy/curly hair and sensitive skin. I definitely want to shake up my makeup game too. I hope some of these reviews helped you find some new favorites! Have a wonderful week and weekend.


16 thoughts on “May Product Roundup”

  1. Let me know if you find a leave in Keratin that works! xo

    1. I actually found a weightless dry oil that has argan and Moroccan oil by OGX. I’m still giving it a go, but so far, it’s wonderful!

  2. I am into aluminium free deodorants and that is one I have tried. I wilk be trying it for sure once mine has finished. Loving all the hair product reviews too and I like treating my hair to nice products.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try the Native deodorant but I’ve been nervous to take the leap since it’s kind of pricey.

      1. I should check that out, cause I would be so upset if I spent the 11 or so dollars on it and hated it or had a reaction like you. I tend to have sensitive skin too.

      2. That’s why I jumped on that box haha. I didn’t want to take the plunge, but it was something I was so interested in trying. It was an awful rash, and I hope you don’t have a similar reaction.

      3. Is it something they sell in Target, or is it like offline?

  4. I’m going to have to try the not your mother’s leave in conditioner on my youngest’s hair. I’m always looking for products to tame frizz and I LOVE their beach waves spray so thank you!!! I’m also excited to try the Aveeno face wash. Your face sounds a lot like mine and I’ve been wanting to try a new face wash so this is perfect!

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